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For those of you who are contemplating a high fruits diet, or a high vegetable and fruits diet, you might have questions about what exactly does it mean when you say ‘high fruit’? Independent, government and University research has been conducted rather extensively on many health issues, with conclusive results that always point to including far more fruits and vegetables into the diet than the previously suggested number of 5 a day. Eat as much as you can and then eat a little extra, like fresh vegetable juicing with a little apple and lemon added in.  When it comes to recommending fruit juices, personally I like to steer clear of those, simply because fruit contains too much natural sugar. Health is waiting for you, and as a matter of fact, it will even come running to meet you when you change a few old eating habits to renegade new healthier ones with your fruit and vegetable diet.
Ashton Kutcher and Steve Jobs have made the news in the past for following a fruit only diet. All of these diets are variations on living off of mostly fruits (some include a few vegetables).
Without the protein we need everyday, and if other nutrients are not in balance, the body’s homeostasis becomes disturbed. The body does a great job of processing carbohydrates, but if you eat sweet fruits all day long, the pancreas has to work even harder.
Ashton Kutcher was recently hospitalized for pancreas problems while following an all fruit diet for his portrayal of Steve Jobs, who died of pancreatic cancer. Not everything about nutrition is there or maybe missing some things or wrong at least partly as learning is a process and people learn more overtime. I constantly craved strange things like milk and chocolate, and the effort didn’t even pay off.
I have recently started the Perfect Health Diet which follows the Primal blueprint but includes some other staples and it is the best thing for me.

No, I don’t think that limiting your diet to one specific type of food is ever a great idea. I started this blog in an effort to inspire the consumption of local food and local wine on the North Fork of Long Island.
I was always a cook at heart even though my education and career took me in other directions. Let us know next time you stop at a farmstand and pick up some really beautiful locally grown or harvested goodies and SEND ME A LINE!
When fruit is juiced, it’s like taking a highly concentrated dose of sugar, or fructose; and this is not very healthy for a person. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Not only did I weigh myself, I measured my waist circumference as well as skin fold fat with some calipers.
Prior to that I would scoff (just a little) at people who talked about cravings, assuming they just had poor willpower.
The ‘5 a day’ phrase was coined some years back in order to encourage people to eat at least 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day. Eating only carbohydrates made of mostly sugars and fibers can run a toll on the blood glucose levels. There is very little protein to help keep you fuller longer, and there is little to no fat to keep you satisfied and happy. However, it was the most painful weight loss, because I was constantly feeling hunger pangs, even after I just ate an all-fruit meal.

Today that phrase has been outdated, along with the previous 2005 government’s daily dietary recommendations for fruits and vegetables. Well, in my humble opinion, it’s about time some adjustments are being recommended, although this is common sense, but let’s hope that people will take note and change their diet. Sticking to this diet has actually caused me to develop anorexia (of which I am recovering from). New terminology and phrases have replaced the old, most likely in light of the serious health problems that are plaguing western nations such as the U.S. So my suggestion would be: Yes, an all-fruit diet would be okay for short-term weight loss, but it has consequences if you stick to it for too long.
And for foodies who want the inside scoop on the North Fork food scene, stay tuned to Seasoned Fork and stay hungry! Cancers, diabetes and heart disease, serious illnesses that a vast majority of people living in the U.S. I seem, since I eat a lot of fiber, to spend a lot of time in the restroom, just as this says.

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