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Posing in a very sexy photo-shoot for the December 2008 issue of British Elle magazine, Kate Beckinsale opened up about Hollywood’s obsession with size, her body image, current diet and exercise habits. Kate Beckinsale also confessed that she hates exercising in public, and that is why she has her own gym in her garage at home and many different exercise machines. EXERCISE PLAN TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST FOR MEN free fingerprint security app for iphone Gimmicks here we plan.

She downs up to 12 cups a day of green tea laced with the herb Coleus Forskohlii, which she says cures her insomnia.
Kate Beckinsale’s diets “Kate isn’t into fad diets, but she does believe in the powers of green tea and herbs,” says a source. She has been seeing every so often either hiking or walking, outside, in beautiful Los Angeles.

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