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Researchers even believe that some people who are not diagnosed with celiac disease do still have some measure of gluten intolerance which causes a variety of symptoms that includes poor digestion, bloating, gas, irregularity, rashes and more. While a gluten free vegetarian diet may seem challenging at first, there is a fantastic variety of vegetarian recipes and food choices still available that are delicious and nutritionally adequate.  Depending on the how restrictive the diet, some may need more fortified foods to support healthy living or a supplement to ensure adequate nutritional intake of B and D vitamins as well as others.
Bruschetta al pomodoro should be just fineBeing a vegan or vegetarian in Italy can be a little tough. Around late summer of last year was the start of digestive ailments, then finally asked my doctor if it could be Celiac disease.

And heavy cream sauces, of the kind you have to be careful of in, say, France, are very rare. In Italy, you might be more tolerant than you thinkIf you consider yourself lactose-intolerant, you might find that you can eat dairy items in Italy that you can’t back home. Wheat is, after all, in all the main staples of Italian food, from bread to pasta to pizza.
Bruschetta al pomodoro should be just finebruschetta: A traditional antipasto, this is toasted bread rubbed with oil, garlic, and with a variety of toppings to choose from.

If you’re vegetarian, you have lots of options, the most simple of them the classic pizza margherita (tomato sauce and mozzarella). Just ask.grilled vegetables in the contorni section (see above) Have you traveled to Italy on a restricted diet?

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