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On Say Mmm you can use our free meal planning calendar and keep all your recipes and meal ideas in one place. A low carb paleo meal plan is the best for diabetics, it benefits everyone but a low carb paleo lifestyle especially benefits those with diabetes and other ailments, diseases. I have experimented with many different diets, without a doubt low carb paleo is the best for diabetics.
I am convinced that ALL of my ailments were due to my high inflammatory, high carb meal plan combined with a sedentary lifestyle.

In brief, I was a chronically sick, obese, drug and insulin dependent diabetic taking (4) shots of insulin a day…just to survive.
If you suffered like I did, just know that you could have a physical rebirth… like I did.
Over 70% of parents have some sort of stress associated with dinner time, and 47% of that comes from deciding what to make. There are thousands of recipe ideas for when you need a little inspiration, and you can autocreate shopping lists from your meal plan.

Our premium Say Mmm Plus plan also has some extra features like calorie counting and cost tracking for meals. Just keeping a list of your ideas helps you remember and decide what to make, and putting your ideas into a plan helps you stay organized and be more efficient with your time.

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