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You can download them for free in word and excel formats and print unlimited number of copies. From the 13th December 2014 it will become your legal responsibility to action food allergen labelling law and provide the correct allergen information about ingredients in the food you prepare and serve in your shop.
The change in the food allergen labelling law means you and your staff will not be able to say that you don’t know what allergens are in the food you produce anymore.
3) Keep your staff trained and informed to be able to offer your customers guidance if they get confused or unsure about the food allergen labelling. Friars Pride, as your supplier, is ensuring that all the ingredient declarations on products we sell are correct. At the moment, most of the products have been updated to meet the Food Allergen labelling law. When selling and advertising gluten free products, please take extra precautions in making sure that the product is in fact free of any traces of gluten. You must ensure you have strict process in place when preparing the food to ensure no cross contamination occurs.  You must be able to prevent cross-contamination as much as you can. Below is a chart listing various foods that are either highly beneficial, neutral or deleterious for the respective blood types.
Just because the sizes are getting larger, doesn’t mean you and your meals need to as well! Ok, so now that we know the correct serving sizes, how do we make the smartest choices and stick with it?

Measure out your food. Having a general idea of a portion size ( ie tennis ball, deck of cards, etc) can be helpful when you are first learning the basics or when you are dining out.
These cool PowerPoint Templates are designed professionally to include foods and their calorie values.
Use them as checklists or consult your dietitian with them of creating your own food chart in accordance with your BMI.
FSA (Food Standard Agency) suggests “Before ordering please speak to our staff about your requirements.”  You could also label your menu with details of the allergens each of your menu options contain. If you change a supplier or switch to a different product, make sure you go through the labels on the packaging and update the information on your menu. The one above has been taken from the Allergen information for loose foods fact sheet which you can download in the link below. We are gathering the information from manufacturers, to meet the timescale of the 13th December 2014. Remember, the portion (the number of servings you consume) will depend on your gender, weight, age, goals, etc. Even though an item is sold as a single portion, there might be multiple servings within that one package. Here you will find all the information you need to determine the serving size of that item.
This might be tedious, but it can really help you stay accountable and focused on what, how much, and when you are eating.

These can be found anywhere (Target, Walmart, online, etc.) for a reasonable price and are great for food that are easier to measure when weighed (meat, nuts, etc) than in a cup or spoon. If you are eating from a package with multiple servings, avoid eating straight from the package. Serving sizes at restaurants and fast food joints are usually TRIPLE the correct serving size.
You can use these templates for knowing approximate calorie values of various foods in raw or cooked form.
Be careful and take your time when choosing your foods and how much you will really be eating. Print these templates and of course do not forget to keep a copy of them to note approximate intake of your calories daily. Whip out those measuring cups and spoons; you might realize you were actually consuming multiple servings worth!
This will help prevent overeating and help you learn your body’s signals of when you are satisfied and content…plus the right portions for your body!

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