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One of the main reasons I chose to grow these plants is because anything that eats insects is in my book a great thing.
Climate conditions for growing carnivorous plants: as already stated they like plenty of sunlight.
Allowing your plants do to die back in the winter will ensure a healthy growth in the spring.
Unique Garden Paths It is time to build a garden path and with so many construction options it is hard to know where to start. Like other carnivorous plants the Venus fly trap has a set of exacting but simple growing requirements. During their period of winter dormancy many of the traps will begin to fade and turn black. Although these insect eating plants grow quite slowly, re-potting is recommended every couple of years to maintain vitality. Venus fly traps come from areas experiencing a zone 8 climate and as such can be grown outdoors all year in a zone 9 garden. The Venus's-flytrap, an insect-eating plant, has pairs of leaves that look like toothy jaws.
One of the best known of the meat-eating plants is the Venus's-flytrap, a perennial of the sundew family, Droseraceae. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies.

Although they are not quite the monsters that science fiction portrays carnivorous plants are finely tuned killing machines. Not only does make for a more pleasant living environment when it is insect free, it is actually quite entertaining watching the plants eat flies and insects. Compared to the cost of insecticides and fly spray the insect eating plants soon pay for themselves.
Natural pyrethrin or not, the fact you have to cover goldfish bowls and remove other pets from any room being fly sprayed suggests chemical methods of insect control are detrimental to good health. During the summer months the plant must not be allowed to dry out, and sitting the pot in a water bath is a good way to ensure ample moisture. They like ample amounts of sun, and a lot of sappy growth is an indicator of insufficient sunlight. Artificially promoting growth over the winter months will eventually weaken and potentially kill the plant. So I began with extreme paths and worked backwards until I came across a design that I could manage.
You can follow along with his free daily newspaper on Homesteading or you can join the discussion on Facebook or Twitter. Each variety of these insect eating plants has very specialized ways of trapping a particular insect group, and some even target slightly bigger prey. My children have been keeping a track of all the flies eaten and checking on the plants is one of the first things they do when they get home from school.

There are even some reports of people and animals contracting neuro-muscular degenerative diseases from contact with pyrethrin (which attacks the nervous system). Do not soak the pot too deep in water (about 1cm is ideal for most small pots) as this will rot the soil. In the winter the plants will go into dormancy and can handle a frosty out-door environment. When an insect or other small animal alights on a lobe, the jaws fold together and trap it. They feed off the nutrients from the trapped prey to supplement the traditionally poor soil that they grow in.
Carnivorous plants do not require fertilizer, and in fact applying fertilizer will probably kill them. These unusual plants are most often found in moist and nutrient-poor habitats, such as bogs.
They do like water, as the majority of them (certainly the ones native to New Zealand) are swamp plants.

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