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Jumping rope is a total body exercise as it involves your legs to jump up and down, and your arms and shoulders to control the rope. Now that we have discussed how to begin a successful rope-jumping fitness routine, we will go over the steps required to perform the move successfully.
Stand straight with your feet together and the handles of the jump rope in each hand the rope itself should be behind you.
With a smooth motion, rotate both hands in a circle in order to swing the rope up and over your head, and then back down to your feet.
Keep the rope rotating over your head and back under your feet while bouncing on the balls of your feet to jump over it.
Once you understand the basics of rope jumping, you can combine it with various other exercises to create a well-rounded cardiovascular workout. Jumping rope is a great way to increase your cardiovascular endurance and tone the lower body. Amber Sluiter is a North Carolina based freelance writer specializing in fitness, nutrition and alternative medicine.
In comparison to a decent quality rower, treadmill or elliptical the spin bike wins when it comes to price. That said, I recommend spending the slight bit extra to get yourself a belt driven spin bike as opposed to a chain driven spin bike.
No maintenance and no noise are the two biggest benefits you’ll find by choosing belt driven over chain driven. If you live in a shared house or condo your neighbours probably wouldn’t appreciate being woken by your 5am interval workout on the treadmill or rower.
Rowers, particularly in condos are extremely noisy (I’ve lived next to someone who used a C2 rower daily!). If real estate in your house or condo is in high demand you’ll find a spin bike takes up far less space than a elliptical, treadmill or rower. Treadmills and the elliptical both consume far more space length and width wise, while a rower requires a lot of length to be set up properly (you’d want to allow a bit more than 3 metres). High impact cardio, particularly when performed intensely in interval form is a killer on the joints.
You may not see this as being a big deal but when you’re performing intense cardio workouts 3x+ per week the extended recovery times from high impact cardio are a killer.

We’ve established that high impact cardio, although fun and effective for fat loss increases pressure on your joints as well as your risk of injury.
And as it gets easier you can easily adjust the resistance, once again applying progressive overload and continuing to burn calories and build cardio endurance and leg strength. Join 4,294+ other go-getters and get FREE updates on how to build muscle, shred fat and cultivate an unbreakable mindset.
Over the past 5 years I have completely transformed my body without any confusing phony workout routines or expensive supplements that the fitness industry thrives on. I'm here to help you transform your body and mind to become the best version of yourself possible using proven, easy to follow methods. You don't need steroids, you don't need to spend 2 hours a day in the gym and you don't need overpriced supplements. What I loved about this workout is that it kept me mentally engaged the whole time and did not allow me to become bored. I found this workout to be challenging, so if you are not comfortable with the paces please change them to fit your current fitness level. About 4 years ago, Arjun Kapoor who makes his debut with Yashraj Films Ishaqzaade, was obese at 130 kilos.
They pics look like 2 different guys but wow hard work nd true determination really pays off !
Fat Loss Kettlebell Swings – Weights work outs are greater than other forms of resistance training since they assist you to exercise more muscles as you balance and stabilize the weights.
Contact us Fat Loss Kettlebell Swings – All of the our weight-loss tips is establishing targets and striving to quickly attain them. Jumping rope not only improves your endurance, it also helps develop strength in your legs, arms and stomach.
In fact, you would have to run an 8-minute mile in order to burn more calories than jumping rope. Take the handle of the jump rope in each hand and stand on the center of the rope with your feet side-by-side. This will increase your body’s core temperature and prepare your muscles for intense exercise. Standing on the balls of your feet, jump 1 to 2 inches into the air so that the rope can pass beneath them.

Below is a sample workout combining rope jumping with several other moves to get your heart rate into the fat burning zone and tone your entire lower body.
A good quality jump rope can cost less than $20 and is small enough to fit into a purse or gym bag. Without giving acting a thought, Arjun assisted Nikhil Advani for Kal Ho Na Ho and Salaam-e-Ishq. The tips of the handles that do not have the rope attached should be facing toward the ceiling. Place your left hand flat on the floor with your right elbow touching the inside of your right foot. When you feel an intense stretch in your hamstring, return to the starting position and switch legs. Raise your right arm up and over your head to the left while crunching your upper body to the left as well.
As with any fitness program, if you experience any pain while performing the move, stop immediately.
Arjun lost 40 kilos of weight in 5 years and was eventually signed by Aditya Chopra for Ishaqzaade. Making easy goals will not help you shed pounds, having something to function towards help keep you confident and motivated. Jumping rope is an effective cardiovascular exercise that can be performed anywhere with a very inexpensive piece of equipment- the jump rope. To avoid injury, only do this when you are fully comfortable with the mechanics of rope jumping. Place your right hand on the outside of your right foot and stretch your hips toward the ceiling. Jump only high enough so that it does not cause a harsh impact to your ankles or knees when you land back on the floor.
Hold for a few seconds then rotate your upper body so your chest is aimed toward the ceiling and your right arm is extended overhead.

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