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Feel free to drop news, links, gossip or questions that me and other Leangains practitioners can engage in. Participants must have actively participated in an intermittent fasting pattern of eating for at least 1 month prior to taking the study.
I asked Alan for permission to publish the article on my site, as I had a few comments on the content therein, and housed no doubts that our readership would be interested in taking part of it all. Intermittent fasting and body composition: After over a decade of research, where are we today? The most extensively studied IF variant is ADF, which typically involves a 24-hour fasting period alternated with a 24-hour feeding period.
WDF involves one to two 24-hour fasting periods through the week of otherwise maintenance intake in order to achieve the deficit. TRF typically involves a fasting period of 16-20 hours and a feeding period of 4-8 hours daily. Aside from Ramadan fasting studies, there’s a scarcity of human TRF research in the peer-reviewed literature.
As for TRF programs in the lay press, Hofmekler’s Warrior Diet (15) published in 2002, was perhaps the first popular diet book to expose the general audience to TRF for weight loss.
Only 12 of the 40 publications included in this review directly compared IER with CER: the lack of direct comparison makes it difficult to determine whether IER is superior to CER, or for whom. This high-quality T-shirt features a durable and simplified version of the Leangains logo and is made from 100% cotton. My memory is a bit hazy on why I took it offline in the first place, but I'm pretty sure it had to do with myself and others posting too much nonsense there.
This is basically an online version of the event I've been competing in* where anyone can submit their results and compete with others. I guess largely because there's only so much to say about the topic and because I feel like I've said most of it. Once your understanding of nutrition is complete, more or less, you reach a point of radically diminishing returns - at this point, expanding your knowledge further in this realm, won't make an iota of difference for your level of fitness.

The article appeared in the December edition of the Alan Aragon's Research Review (AARR) which I have been a subscriber of since the first issue. You'll find that most of my thoughts doesn't have to do with the article itself, but rather with some of the statements and issues raised. If you enjoy reading about nutrition and exercise with a scientific twist, check out Alan Aragon's Research Review.
In the literature, the broad categories that I call linear and non- linear dieting have been called daily caloric restriction and intermittent caloric restriction, respectively. Complete compensatory intake on the feeding days (to offset the fasting days’ deficit) does not occur, and thus total weight loss and fat loss occurs on ADF. The most studied form of TRF is Ramadan fasting, which involves approximately 1 month of complete fasting (both food and fluid) from sunrise to sunset. Stote et al (13) compared 1 versus 3 meals per day in eucaloric (weight–maintenance) conditions for 8 weeks and surprisingly found 1 meal resulted in fat loss and lean mass gain, while no significant improvements were detected in the 3-meal group. What separates this protocol from others is its attention to macronutrition, and its administration of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) during the fasting period. Importantly, they compared the effects of intermittent energy restriction (IER) to continuous energy restriction (CER) on bodyweight, body composition, and other clinical parameters. The authors speculated that this might be attributable to ketone production in the fasting phases.
These studies didn't have a suitable control group, as the participants served as their own controls.
Since I don't have the same time or mindset anymore, I think I can handle it just fine now. Unless you're going to make inferences based on animal studies, there's only so much you can extrapolate from the human experience and write about. The ongoing interest in IF is not surprising, given its mystique that’s wrapped in ancient spiritual origins, all the way to its modern applications to clinical and aesthetic goals. They have also been called continuous energy restriction and intermittent energy restriction.

An important detail here is that at 3 months, the 70% of the fasting days were completed in the WDF groups while the DER group achieved their targeted caloric deficit only 39% of the trial. As a matter of trivia that you might enjoy, Hofmekler and Berkhan’s were recently referenced in the peer-reviewed literature (17). Their review included 40 studies in total, 12 of which directly compared an IER with a CER condition.
No different effects on thyroid, cortisol, and sex hormones were seen between IER and CER, though the authors concede that there’s insufficient research comparing neuroendocrine effects of the two diet types to draw definitive conclusions in this area.
However, this effect was somewhat immaterial since it failed to translate into superior improvements in body composition or greater weight loss. Thus, you can't say that it didn't translate into "superior improvements in body composition or greater weight loss" - it might have done so for that that group, even if that conclusion can't be drawn from the collected brunt of data. It's easy enough to make and sell T-shirts these days if you're willing to skimp on quality, but I can't have that. The Leangains logo is complex (detailed) and won't survive many washes on a T-shirt manufactured via traditional channels.
After all, the question is not whether IF works – it obviously does, as does any mode of caloric restriction. Due to overwhelming demand, I won’t be able to accommodate everyone in a timely fashion. The question is whether it works better than conventional dieting for improving body composition, and if so, to which contexts can we apply it.

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