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Research shows that when used as part of an active lifestyle, Power Plate may have a significant impact in the reduction of body fat. With the Power Plate machine, you get a full-body workout incorporating stretching, balance, core, strength-building and massage in as little as 15 minutes. Power Plate technology engages 95 per cent of your muscle fibre, compared to just 20 per cent if you worked out in a conventional gym. The first time Judy Wanjuki stepped into Workout Express gym, she was getting ready to start the Fat Loss Laboratory weight loss program. For close to three years, I struggled with acid re-flux and hyper-acidity, which caused constant intolerable pain in my stomach. I had also started to feel uncomfortable in my own body because of how big and heavy I looked and felt.
I recently began exercising and was pleasantly surprised to find that I was not panting as much I used to. My heart used to beat so fast and hard I thought it would pump right through my chest or out through my mouth. Of late when I meet people I haven’t seen for months, they openly express their surprise at how I have ‘shrunk’. My daughter reckons that I’m looking younger and more and more like her, which excites her because she says I will look more like her big sister.
One is required to follow the programme until they reach their weight goal, after which you are transitioned back to normal eating using a process called re-feeding. The third phase of the programme is the rest of your life – lifestyle, in which we give you the broad principles on how to live so that you are able to keep the weight off for good. The first step to joining the programme is through a free, private consultation with a Fat Loss Lab agent to help you make a well-informed decision. When we last spoke to Judy Wanjuki, she was getting ready to start the Fat Loss Laboratory (FLL) weight loss program. I believe my weight started escalating due to the use of a particular family planning method. I also felt hopeless because I didn’t believe I had it in me to lose the extra weight and achieve a healthy BMI. My greatest support has been my family; starting with my husband who whenever we take the kids out does not order anything or will only take a cup of tea in solidarity.
My weight loss journey is going great so far and I love the transformation and my renewed zeal for life. She lost weight on a nationally televised reality show and then gained most of it back because she unhappy with the outcome. When I recently met with Bimbura Mbarak for a follow up interview on her weight loss progress, she was in an ecstatic mood. Reaching 68 kilos would be a great achievement for her, if only to be able to see what she looks like weighing less than 70 kilos. Now aged 30 years, Bimbura who is an Event Management, Ticketing and PR professional is not new to weight loss programs. However, despite losing the weight, she was not so thrilled with the results, prompting her to gain back most of it.
With the decision to put the weight back on, Bimbura embarked on a weight gain journey, stuffing herself with junk food to fill out the hanging skin.
But despite her previous not-so-fulfilling weight loss experience, she still yearned to shed the excess weight. Besides being on the Fat Loss Lab program, Bimbura has also been attending the gym three times a week. When she embarked on the weight loss journey on April 10 2014, Bimbura’s body fat percentage (the amount of body fat as a proportion of your body weight) stood at 55.5%, making her obese. For Bimbura, losing weight is not just the reading on the weighing scale; it’s about her health too. Her positive transformation may sound easy, but things were not so rosy at the beginning of the program.
By week three, Bimbura says her water intake had greatly increased and she no longer felt the need to snack. Her energy levels at the gym have increased too despite the food restrictions in the FLL program.
The best thing about being in the program is being able to eat a wider variety of food and learning new recipes. Having lost 9.2 kilos in 5 weeks, most of it body fat, Bimbura feels extremely motivated and is tempted to change her target weight from 68 kilos to 65 kilos. She has tried various diets and fitness regimens to shed excess kilos but failed miserably each time. Her weight started to escalate after engaging a hormonal birth control method, which she later discontinued, but the weight remained. Judy’s weight has affected her health too as she constantly suffers from acidity and constipation. She hopes to achieve her ideal weight of 60 kilos and maintain it, but despite all the time, money and effort she has put in engaging various workout regimens and diet programs, nothing seems to work. All her hopes of finally shedding excess kilos along with the emotional and physical baggage it comes with rests on Fat Loss Lab, a medical programme which balances hormones to enable the body to burn fat. The eating plan seeks to get a specific balance between your important weight influencing hormones – human growth hormone (HGH), serotonin and insulin.
If followed correctly, the food eaten (as per the prescribed eating plan) triggers your body to start producing a higher amount of HGH and serotonin and lower amounts of insulin. Judy is confident that this program is the silver bullet she has been looking for to deal with her weight issues. Judy who started the program weighing 86.5 kilos hopes to shed 26 kilos to reach her ideal weight of 60 kilos. The programme is followed until one reaches their goal, after which one is transitioned back to normal eating using a process called re-feeding.
The third phase of the programme is lifelong, during which one is given the broad principles on how to live and keep the weight off for good. The first step to joining the programme is through a free, private consultation with one of the agents so that you can make a well-informed decision. Desperate to shed off excess kilos, Bimbura joined a weight loss program on national television and lost 32 kilos in 3 months, but she quickly piled 26 kilos back.
For many overweight people, shedding excess kilos is the ultimate achievement, and with good reason – who doesn’t want to look and feel great about themselves.
But weight loss is a daunting task, and many will make several attempts at it, trying one unsuccessful diet after another, and tirelessly making it their ultimate New Year Resolution year in year out.

While striving to acquire a healthy BMI and a high self-esteem, courtesy of a good physique is great, many people with body weight issues get so pre-occupied with losing the weight that they rarely stop to think that they may not like the end result after all, especially where too many kilos are shed over short periods of time. Bimbura feels uncomfortable around ‘normal size’ people, and finds it difficult to find clothes that fit in clothing stores.
Bimbura confides that even though she was desperate to lose weight and feel ‘normal’, the hanging skin made her feel even worse about her body. With the decision to put the weight back on made, Bimbura embarked on a weight gain journey, stuffing herself with junk food to fill out the hanging skin.
Despite her not-so-fulfilling weight loss experience, she still yearned to lose weight, albeit through a method that would not leave her with an aftermath of lose-hanging skin. A ray of hope appeared when a colleague handed her a flier containing information about Fat Loss Laboratory, an individualised and medically monitored weight loss program that prides itself in being able to balance hormones resulting in rapid loss of fat. Convinced that she had found a weight loss program with an antidote for hanging skin, Bimbura decided to enrol. So she has just the right eating plan and the right gym, but when all is said and done, Bimbura, a self-confessed sugar and junk food addict, says this journey will not be easy. Swahili food, she says, is rich in sugar, fats, starch, coconut milk and other not-so-healthy ingredients.
She has done it before and lost up to 32 kilos, but can Bimbura lose her targeted 46 kilos and keep it off? If there is one consistent point of controversy in the health field right now, it’s carbohydrate intake. I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and is ready to make 2014 one of the best years yet. An interesting study in this month’s Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research suggests not. First, I want to extend heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the victims in last week’s Colorado shooting. This excerpt from Drew’s newly released book explains the motivation behind his little experiment.
According to Men’s Health, it takes over 22,000 crunches to burn just one pound of belly fat.
Performing 22,000 crunches is not only an inefficient way to see your abs, it’s also an inefficient and potentially dangerous way to train them. As you can see, these are tough… But you can also do them from your knees to make them a little easier. This is a question that gets a lot of attention by fat-loss gurus and educated professionals alike.
Whenever their dad takes them out for a treat, they bring me coke zero so that I know they were thinking of me.
Once it is triggered, there is an efficient breakdown of white fat in the body and return to skin elasticity. You see, I have been trying to lose weight since 2006 after the delivery of my third (last-born) child.
In the six years I have been trying, there is nothing I haven’t done; from going on internet sourced protein and smoothie diets, to attending the gym (where no one advices you on the right way to exercise or what to eat so in the end it is fruitless and expensive!) and taking supplements, the list is long. I felt horrible, unfit and unhealthy and my confidence was waning despite being a naturally sociable person. I used to feel sluggish and would take forever to drag myself out of bed but that has now changed. My friends and colleagues too have been making many positive comments about my transformation. My children encourage me by telling me that my food looks and tastes good, while my mum and siblings are excited for me.
She previously took part in a local reality TV weight loss show, and successfully lost 32 kilos in 3 months. While she looked and felt smaller, she says the rapid weight loss had left her with huge folds of sagging skin. Therefore, when she learned about Fat Loss Lab – an individualised and medically monitored weight loss program – through a flier handed to her by a work colleague, she was quick to find out more and try it. And with current readings on her body composition (visceral fat, body fat and muscle mass), she couldn’t be happier. What’s more, she has moved away from eating so late at night, ensuring she eats her last meal by 8pm, an achievement in itself for someone who comes from a household where dinner at times is served as late as 11pm.
My self-esteem has been at an all-time low because of people’s negative comments,” says Judy who works as an administrator in an international school in Mombasa. Judy who discovered Fat Loss Lab through the internet says she was even more inspired when she met someone who had successfully lost weight through it. The plan is based on results from specific blood tests done to monitor your major metabolic organs – liver, kidneys, thyroid, cholesterol, sugars and properties of your blood. HGH, which is also the anti-aging hormone is chiefly in charge of the breakdown of white fat in the body, while serotonin controls your ability to feel positive and control cravings. The idea behind the programme is to make your insulin levels (blood sugar levels) low and stable. Once it is triggered, there is very efficient breakdown of white fat in the body and return to skin elasticity. I had low esteem issues and really admired people with normal weight,” she says, adding that her worst experience was being teased about her weight while in nursery school.
She also does not take it kindly when people talk about her weight and dare those close to her mention it.
Determined to do something about her rapidly increasing weight, she joined a reality TV weight loss program and lost 32 kilos in three months – a great achievement indeed. While describing how bad it was, she pinches and pulls the skin just above her breasts to show how far the lose skin could spread when pulled. In just one and a half months, she had gained 26 kilos, filling up skin that had been left sagging by drastic weight loss. But what drew Bimbura to the program was the idea that it would help her tighten and tone her skin during the weight loss process. But not before employing back-up means to ensure there would be absolutely no hanging skin this time round.
Workout express employs the use of Power Plate, a revolutionary fitness machine that offers acceleration training. She is especially wary of her relationship with food, thanks to her Swahili culture which she says has been a great contributor to her weight issues and an even bigger impediment to her weight loss battle.

She singles out foods like Pilau, Kaimati, Halua, Viazi via Karai… to be particularly high in calories.
After all, you know what they say: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The massacre was probably the most horrific since Columbine, and all of us here at FocusNYC and FPTI are thinking of you. Thanks to Brent for sending me THIS ARTICLE, which discusses research showing that cooking food increases its energy value. This type and magnitude of repetitive spinal loading has been shown to damage discs and result in low back pain. If you don’t have one, pick up a pair of Val Slides and their booties HERE and use those instead.
Slide out only as far as you can go without arching your back, and let your elbow bend on the non-sliding arm.
The funny thing is, there’s discrepancy among all of them, as both empirical and laboratory evidence have produced mixed results. And although there has been some evidence suggesting that training in a fasted state results in a higher percentage of fat used for fuel, I always recommend eating before training in order to have the energy to work as hard as possible and maximize EPOC, or the amount of fat burned after the workout. By April 5 2015, the mother of three had managed to shed a good 8.8 kilos, in a record 5 weeks.
I’m growing in confidence everyday as the excess fat burns off and more psyched than ever to get to the finish line.
A good change from before when I was constantly reminded how big I had grown. My weight loss journey is also an encouragement to many friends who have had the same struggle because they now see the possibilities through my journey. With the excess weight beginning to affect my health, even my mother became a prayer intercessor. I’m not really a foodie but being in the program has made me want to try out different things with my meals. If she didn’t like her body before the weight loss, she detested the ‘apron’ of skin she was left to deal with after. Workout Express gym where she exercises employs the use of Power Plate, a revolutionary fitness machine that uses the principles of Acceleration Training to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration.
After all, she has steadily been losing the bad weight (fat) and gaining the good weight (muscle) since joining the program.
Her weight yoyos between 85 to 87 kilos, and no matter what she does, 38-year-old Judy can’t seem to shake it off.
When that happens, the body is signalled not to wait for the next snack, drink, meal for energy, but rather burn fat.
At the end of the programme, a monitoring blood test to show changes you have made is conducted at Ksh3,000. An Event Management, Ticketing and PR professional, Bimbura has always been overweight, an issue she says causes her to have a low self-esteem. The Power Plate uses the principles of Acceleration Training to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration.
But because of a recent study published in PlosOne, we now know just how inaccurate it can be.
The results of a recent study in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism suggest the same. The only hype here is the truth, so let us be your one-stop shop for cutting-edge fitness information that gets you results. The doctor had previously explained that the acid reflux was related to my weight, but even after changing my dietary habits and joining the gym, there was no improvement, not until I started Fat Loss Lab.
My only problem is the frequency of trips to the fundi, and the fact that some clothes cannot be adjusted! I’m not complaining though, this is a great challenge. You are required to weigh every meal with precision and I did not think I would ever get used to it. What particularly drew Bimbura to the program was the notion that it would help her tone and tighten her skin as the weight dropped off. Reducing excess levels of body fat reduces the risk of certain conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. People with larger quantity of visceral fat (above 9) may be exposed to increased risks of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. The programme fuels the body to burn its own fat for energy, and that’s why it is a fat loss programme,” Clara a Fat Loss Lab agent who lost 35 kilos through the program explains.
It triggers not just more muscle fibres but the whole body to engage during every exercise positions on the Power Plate, causing muscles to contract and relax up to 50 times per second. The other challenge has been the temptation to cheat, especially when my house help makes chapati. She prepares and packs my food in the morning and if I’m running late in the evenings, she will even call to alert me that it’s almost 9p.m. While her body was lighter, Bimbura was physically and emotionally weighed down by huge folds of sagging skin the rapid weight loss had left her with. It is said that 25 minutes of training on the Power Plate is equivalent to 90 minutes of conventional strenuous exercise. They have almost been my downfall. I am thankful for coke zero and provitas, which I keep close at such times!
Instead, I wanted arrowroots (nduma), avocado, ugali, maize and beans (githeri) none of which are allowed in the program.
If she didn’t like her body before the weight loss, she now detested the ‘apron’ of sagging skin she had to carry around. Further, 97 per cent of muscle fibres work during a Power Plate training against 40 per cent in a traditional workout. I also bake a lot and it’s tempting to have a taste, especially when my family is indulging. She has been such a wonderful source of support, responding to my texts promptly whenever I have any questions regarding the program.

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