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In my opinion, kettlebells are easily one of the most effective tools for fat loss there is, when used properly. Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi spoke about how success in football always came to down to executing fundamentals.
Yes, of course, there are many other exercises, combinations, and programming to achieve the goal of fat loss. Actually, you could focus on just one of these exercises and achieve incredible fat loss with the kettlebell swing.
So, let me give you 3 simple programming ideas for fat loss with kettlebells, using just the fundamental exercises. This is performed with one moderate weight kettlebell and moving from exercise to exercise without rest.
In case your not familiar with it, the Tabata is done with 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds (4 minutes total).
You could keep the exercise the same in the 1st Tabata or you could rotate different exercises within.
Let’s not forget that there are endless opportunities with intervals and the variables can be changed to make things easier or harder, depending on what you want and where you are.
The double whammy of strength training and cardiovascular conditioning with the kettlebell make this one killer combination. In the interest of keeping things very simple here, the easiest way to use density training is by adding more volume in the same time, as in the snatch test example. Keep the given time period short, say 5 to 10 minutes, depending on what you’re doing.
You will rest approximately 5 minutes before you do the next phase of your training session. Next time you do this, you’ll try to best your rep count in the 10 minute time period.
Like other training approaches, use it for a specified time period (a periodized approach) and then adjust your program as necessary to meet your changing training goals. These 3 examples of metabolic conditioning with complexes, interval training, and density training are just a few very effective ways to use a kettebell for the goal of fat loss. Look for more programming ideas, methods, and strategies coming and be sure to enter your email to get updates. About Scott Iardella, MPT, CSCS, CISSNWith a one-of-a-kind background as a strength coach, athlete, and former physical therapist, Scott is known as a fitness innovator and a scientist in the area of strength and performance training. The summer is sadly now over but that’s no excuse to give up on your health and fitness! Over the course of the coming 4 weeks I’m rounding up as many people as possible to join me online to perform a total of 16 kettlebell workouts, and to produce some truly great body transformations.

As I can’t be with you personally, I cannot be held responsible for any problems or injuries that may occur.
Starting Monday 5th October 2015 we will be performing a Kettlebell Workout 4 days per week for 4 weeks and only resting on, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Each workout day I will be posting my personal workout feedback and adding support and feedback for everybody on Facebook and in the Comments Section below. We continue to complete the workout schedule until the last workout day on Friday 30th October 2015 when you will have lost fat and reshaped your body! Share with as many people as possible that you are taking part in this challenge, this will hugely increase your chances of success due to the excessive accountability. Each day post your workout feedback on my Facebook Page under the correct image or in the Comments Section at the bottom of this page. The Fat Loss Kettlebell Challenge is taken from my new 12 Week Fat Loss Kettlebell Program. The Goblet Squat is performed for 15 reps and then the Regular Row is completed for 15 reps on each side.
Each exercise is completed one after the other without taking any rest in between exercises. You will only achieve a fraction of the results if your nutrition is not clean and natural. To help reduce the potential of injury and to get the most from your workout I highly recommend that you warm up before each workout. Research shows that accountability is the best method for ensuring you follow though on any goal. Don’t forget to visit each day and post your workout feedback, I’m always there if you need me! This program uses some very fundamental kettlebell exercises like the Swing, Lunge, Squat and Row, as well as some bodyweight exercises. Yes, and if you are performing the workout first thing in the morning then you will need to warm up for longer. Your nervous system will be so revved up after the workout that stretching immediately will not make much difference.
Yes the Squat Thrusts are tough Gail but great for your abs and mobility as well as your cardio and legs. Thanks for the great feedback Carmenisa, I look forward to hearing all about your fantastic results. Day 2 of Week Two done; the Squat Thrusts were difficult, had to take a breather in between the 20 reps. Felt strong after the weekend and really kept the pressure on, minimal rests, between exercises!

Keep working on your mobility Lashan and perhaps see a massage therapist to help loosen things up a bit for you.
It’s a total body move that burns TONS of calories, engages the entire posterior chain (muscles in the back of your bod), and will get you into amazing cardio condition, all at the same time. At BEST they don’t get all they could out of the move, and at worst they seriously injure themselves. Thing is, the technique IS tricky … but if you know the proper progressions, you can make the move safe, and INCREDIBLY productive for fat burning, as it should be. Got a new video that takes you though a simple progression to learn the swing (or refine your technique if you’re already doing the exercise).
And if you like the video, you can find 33 new KB Challenge Workouts for Fat Loss and the full FVT Kettlebell Basics Workshop videos on sale HERE. This is just a quick example, but the key to safe and effective KB training lies in progressions like this one. That’s why if you’re looking to lose fat with kettlebells and stay injury – free, you should seriously consider investing in my friend and KB expert Forest Vance’s full 33 new KB Challenge Workouts (along with the full workshop coaching videos). Grab your FREE 7-day kick start guide and discover how to harness the awesome fat burning potential of the kettlebell today.
He’s recognized for engineering powerful, no nonsense training programs that increase strength, build muscle, and enhance athleticism while preventing wasted time and frustration with ineffective or irrational exercises and programming.
Please take care and listen to your body, if in any doubt please consult with a medical professional. You will learn the most important and effective kettlebell exercises and create a superb foundation for all future kettlebell training. Rest at the end of the entire circuit for 90 seconds before repeating the whole process again for a total of 4 circuits.
Personally I have been using a paleo style nutrition plan for myself and all my clients for the last 9 years and with huge success.
By posting your workout feedback each day it improves your ability and motivation to finish the 4 weeks. I recommend following my Mobility Exercises and completing the exercises for each joint of the body from Neck down to Ankles. A passionate professional who’s dedicated to helping people fulfill their potential through a foundation of strength. Take extra rest if needed and try and improve on each workout as you move through the program.

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