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The UK’s NHS (National Health Service) now says that an adult over 65 should be getting 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, as well as 90 minutes of muscle strengthening exercise every week! This is a guest post by James Darnbrook, who is sharing his thoughts on keeping things fresh and making changes that will keep you motivated in your exercise regime. The reasons for this are numerous; more exercise will stop you developing illnesses that commonly affect older adults, it may help you live longer and it will definitely increase your quality of life.
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Depending on how often you incorporate balance workouts into what you are doing and how different your workout is each time, you should feel and see a difference.
Owner and trainer of Fuller Fitness specializing in performance training and post rehabilitation. This is a wonderful way to burn calories and help in weight loss as it helps in stimulating real life movement of running or walking. The weight of such an equipment is not distributed evenly unlike in other machines where there is no equal distribution of weight.
The head of Gym Free Trainers, A Liverpool Personal Trainer Company agrees whole heartedly.

Lee, our Liverpool based personal trainer has three key changes you should make to your exercise regime to help you have a healthier, happier, longer life. How about taking up an old hobby?” If you used to play a lot of football, or were a regular on the golf course but have got side-tracked in recent years now is the time to go back to it. Your bench press in the shed or the steep hill outside your house are more unforgiving, and these can lead to injuries or burnout. The key is to never say no, and maybe get yourself a personal training like Lee (Personal Trainer Liverpool). You’ll achieve improvements in your performance, how you feel and what you are able to do in everyday life and not just the gym. It works good as continuous endurance training but one which is done in lesser time and with less intensity.
For maximum effectiveness, you need to bear your weight as you walk or run on the treadmill.
Thus, in this workout the body has to work hard in order to stabilize itself and also to counterbalance weight of this ball. Lee says, “4 hours is about right for people over 60, if you’re between 50 and 60 it should be even more. Taking up a form of exercise you already know is good for you mentally, because you know what to expect. Gyms offer you the chance to build slowly, and as such are perfect for older adults that are looking to re-engage with regular exercise.

Whether you need to get inspired again or are diving into working out for the first time, these exercises will get you fat-burning in no time.
It’s exactly the same physically, your body knows the movements required and knows how far too push it and this lowers the chance of getting injuries. If, you’ve never used a gym before then a personal trainer like Lee in Liverpool, may also be a good idea.
As your front foot lands on the ground, you should slowly lower down your knees to lift from the ground. They are a cheap way of gaining the help and expertise to put you on the right track.  They can tell you which machines to use, how you should structure your work out and more importantly, why you should do these things.
You should not be taking it easy or resting as you workout.Keep changing the intensity for most effectiveness.
Ensure that your torso stays upright at this point – you will feel the burn at this point.

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