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I have been making this incredible smoothie with all the power ingredients I could find and let me tell you this one is a keeper. This smoothie has good carbs, perfect amount of  protein, great amount of vitamins, antioxidants and good healthy fats or what I call the perfect meal.
Blend it al in a blender and trust me after you drink this you will fill happy as a camper and will be running laps ;). A little bit about the ingredients: Acai berry contains antioxidants and amino acids that improve the digestive system, helping your body to get rid of waste and improve the function of your metabolism. I’ve also written about the the Benefits of the Coconut Oil, this oil is perceived by the body as an energy source and not as fat, it is digested quickly before it has the chance to stick to your thighs. You already know why I drink Whey Isolate Protein, because it is considered the best protein absorbed by the body, it is also rated as the highest quality protein. Organic Eggs is also a great source of protein and they also help to speed up your metabolism.
And of course I am sure you already know about spinach and bananas ?? – now go play and enjoy your fat burning smoothie!

So I’ve made this a couple of times now (minus the egg), but last time something weird happened… maybe it had to do with the coconut oil getting too warm in my house (as it had turned clear), cause once I blended it all up, the consistency was like fluffy whipped cream! I moved it to a cooler room (could have been near 90 where it was), but it looks normal again so I think it’s fine.
Dark chocolate is extremely healthy, and together with the other components it will make a fruit chocolate smoothie delicious and very effective fat burning smoothie. All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. If one drinks this every day, not only will you be able to cleans out your body, but you will be a fat burning machine! It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron and Calcium, it is considered to be a complete food.
Coconut Oil gives you energy and helps to regulate your metabolism and regulate your appetite as well. I believe since eggs are a whole food, mixing them with Whey Isolate will make the meal more complete.

If you are concerned about the raw egg, apparently it’s the shell that is the most concerning, so if you wash it before you crack it, that will help a lot!
Prosto poishite v yandex-e, naidete mnozhestvo internet magazinov, kotorye prodajut whey isolate. This smoothie is a perfect treat for breakfast and it will leave you very full, you can also drink this for a power kick an hour before your workout routine. I find modern medicine to be destructive to our natural way of living, all these pills are making people sick.
I think homeopathy is going to expand in the future and I hope prescription companies will fade away.
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