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Palabras de referencias: Bajar videos de youtube, descargar videos de youtube, como bajar videos, guardar videos de youtube. What if I told you that you could get all the fat burning benefits of an hour long cardio session in just 4 minutes?  What’s the downside?  You have to exercise harder and more intensely than you ever have before.  Still with me?  Then I’d like to introduce you to the Tabata protocol. The science behind cardio interval training is that by exercising in short segments that alternate high intensity with a rest period in-between, you can dramatically improve your cardiovascular fitness and fat-burning capabilities in a fraction of the time. Understanding exercise-induced growth hormone, what it is, what it does and most importantly, how you can produce more of the most powerful fat-burning, muscle-toning, fitness-improving substance known to science is key! High intensity burst cardio will engage your super fast muscle fibers and promote the production of human growth hormone (HGH).

This hormone is injected by Hollywood for all the right reasons- younger looking skin, more muscle tone and unlimited high-energy. So, if you are on the elliptical, work your way to increasing body temp first (this is warm-up). But I am here to tell you that you do not need to pay for those expensive injections to benefit from HGH. Then on that first 60 second interval, add some resistance either by adding 2 levels or if you are on the treadmill add 2 towards an incline and go all out, working towards an out-of-breath feeling.
Exercising in shorts bursts followed by periods of recovery promotes the production of HGH and burns excess body fat.

Body temp should be rising and as you continue your high intensity training, you want to eventually feel an adrenal response (slightly painful). The release of epinephrine (adrenaline) that boosts the body in stressful situations and norepinephrine, which maintains normal blood circulation, both play vital roles in HGH release.
Exercise must achieve the out-of-breath, slightly painful level of intensity that produces an epinephrine response before HGH is released.

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