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For women who are interested in weight loss, Intermittent fasting may seem like a great choice, but many people want to know, should women fast? Intermittent fasting is also known as alternate-day fasting, although there are certainly some variations on this diet.
As expected, the participants lost weight due to this study, but what researchers really found interesting were some specific changes. When you reach 50, your body also starts to develop some chronic diseases like high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Intermittent sounds complicated, but in reality it is the simplest way I have found to lose body fat very quickly. This a practice highly extended in many religions but actually science has discovered how lose weight and improve health with this diet. Many people have many questions about how to start practicing Intermittent Fasting, the changes in their bodies and how exactly intermittent fasting works.
In future videos I will explain more deep how Intermittent Fasting Works and how to Lose Weight with this. Try to reel in a Marlin without being prepared for battle, and it will take you for a swim and then stab you in the heart. You're probably aware that your body runs on a regular circadian rhythm that coincides with when you sleep and wake. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition performed a study recently that enrolled 16 obese men and women on a 10-week program.

The subjects were all still obese after just 10 weeks, but they had shown improvement in cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, and systolic blood pressure.
What makes it especially important for women who are trying to lose weight is that women have a much higher fat proportion in their bodies. One of the biggest changes that women over 50 experience is that they have a slower metabolism and they start to put on weight. Intermittent fasting has been shown to decrease both cholesterol and blood pressure, even without a great deal of weight loss. Anyone with a specific health condition or who tends to be hypoglycemic should consult with a doctor. I can sit here and let everyone know that intermittent fasting is the best choice for quick weight loss for everyone, but I won’t do that. Always remember that regardless of what anybody tells you, your diet and training depend on only two things.
This is a video that can help you to understand all proccess  with the intermittent fasting, you will learn 5 amazing Rules with IF, the most easy way to start AND HOW TO DO correctly to get the best results and benefits for your body. There have been a few key studies about intermittent fasting which can help to shed some light on this interesting new dietary trend.
What made this an interesting find was that most people have to lose more weight than these study participants before seeing the same changes. When trying to lose weight, the body primarily burns through carbohydrate stores with the first 6 hours and then starts to burn fat.

If you've started to notice your numbers rising at the doctor's office each year, you may be able to bring them back down with fasting, even without losing much weight.
However, this new dietary trend has specific benefits for women who naturally store more fat in their bodies and may have trouble getting rid of these fat stores. The rest of the time, they received dietary counseling, but were not given a specific guideline to follow during this time.
Women who are following a healthy diet and exercise plan may be struggling with stubborn fat, but fasting is a realistic solution to this. Studies have shown that this fasting pattern helps to regulate appetite and people who follow it regularly do not experience the same cravings that others do.
Now let me explain to you why this works and other important steps to incorporate to maximize you fat loss. If you're over 50 and trying to adjust to your slower metabolism, intermittent fasting can help you to avoid eating too much on a daily basis.

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