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While cardio exercise is also important to health, weight training is the winning strategy for changing your appearance.
To begin weight training, use a weight that will allow you to complete the repetitions necessary but will be difficult to lift for the last part of the training routine. Also, the 8 and the 5 should certainly be difficult, but you should be able to get through them without a problem. These sets are great for really straining your muscles, tearing individual sarcomeres (muscle cells), thus stimulating hyperplasia and hypertrophy. For those new to weight training, the initial weight might be used for the first month and more weight added the second month. When adding more weight you need just enough to balance the increased strength you built with the previous weight limit. Adding more and more weight will lead to stronger (and larger) muscles but bulk may not be your goal. A warm up period is required before beginning your exercise routine as warm muscles are more flexible and less likely to be injured.
Anon lost 7 pounds in two months – don’t forget that muscle weighs more than fat!

The exercises help boost your metabolic rate and increase your endurance during physical activities. Remember, proper diet and sufficient proteins are of paramount importance in increasing muscle mass. This should be weight that you would normally do earlier in a conventional maintenance set. You may do this by adding more weight, adding more repetitions or changing to a different body position. During the third month you may choose to use a different type of resistance or increase repetitions. Adding more repetitions to your exercise without more weight will strengthen muscles without bulking up. A simple cardio exercise and a few light repetitions is enough to prepare for your exercise session.
Focus on posture, don't hold your breath and focus on slow controlled body movements using the range of motion necessary for the exercise.
The goal is to use your limit of strength to accomplish the repetitions necessary with nothing left over.

For the most effective and fast weight loss it's best to vary the routine by adding more weight for some exercises and more reps for others. If you choose to work out several days in a row, target a different group of muscles each day to allow previously worked muscle groups to recover and change.
Combined with a healthy diet and good weight loss supplement, weight training will transform your body.
The results from weight training are due to taxing a muscle group and then allowing time for rest before stressing those same muscles again. While your muscles gain strength and become sleek and defined your self-confidence makes a giant leap as you see and feel the results of your efforts.
It makes sense that stronger muscles would center your body for balance and allow controlled movement that is streamlined and more graceful.

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