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Gordura localizada e sempre mais dificil de perder, pois geralmente o nosso proprio organismo se encarrega de deixa-las concentradas em determinados lugares como abdomen, coxas e culotes, para que fiquem armazenadas como estoque de energia para que sejam somente gastas em ultimo caso. Com uma boa dieta, saudavel e equilibrada, juntamente com exercicios localizados, voce pode dar fim a essas gordurinhas tao inconvenientes.
Este e o caminho mais rapido para entrar em forma, pois e uma forma eficiente para usar a gordura como combustivel.
Veja algumas dicas de exercicios que voce pode fazer em casa, sem dificuldade nenhuma e assim detonar de uma vez por todas com a gordura localizada de algumas regioes do corpo.
Fazer uma atividade cardio por alguns minutos como caminhar ou correr no local ou subir e descer um lance de escada. On the other hand, men who develop the pot belly cannot boast of a given advantage as the extension in this region can be life threatening. For females with sufficient food, the problem of fat storage in the thighs and butt may still continue. For the lazy people who cannot manage to run, taking long walks along the road, in the parks or in the street can give the thigh very good exercise. Walking or jogging is a very, safe, reliable and an age-old exercise which helps in shedding the extra weight in the midsection. After your body relaxes for a while, the upper body is brought slowly up, pulling in the abdominal muscles. After a minute, you should come back to the original position. This is a simple exercise which can be done by sitting or being in a crawling position, namely, being on all fours. This exercise not only helps you lose belly fat, but also helps strengthen your abdominal muscles. These have also been very effective in toning the stomach, and there are aerobics instructors at all gyms who can help you with workouts tailored for you.
Sessoes de exercicios cardio-respiratorias, intercalando alta e baixa intensidade sao fundamentais para obter o resultado esperado na mobilizacao da gordura.
A gordura vai derreter e voce ainda vai tonificar os musculos, evitando riscos de flacidez. Por exemplo, voce pode dedicar 3 dias da semana para fazer a tonificacao muscular direcionada e nos outros 3 dias, voce se dedica aos exercicios aerobicos (de 40 a 60 minutos). Por exemplo, se voce frequenta academia, voce pode andar na esteira a 70% de sua frequencia cardiaca maxima por 2 minutos, reduzindo a velocidade dos passos por 1 minuto. Fazer um minuto de cardio entre os exercicios, como correr no local, polichinelos ou pula corda.
Sente-se sobre uma cadeira de cozinha, com os pes separados paralelos aos ombros e os pes voltados levemente para fora. Em pe, olhando para a frente, pernas bem abertas como na imagem acima, faca um agachamento profundo como no Sumo.

Levante-se, apertando seus gluteos e coxas ao mesmo tempo que coloca os bracos acima da cabeca, envolvendo o triceps. Deite-se de costas sobre um tapete ou esteira, com as pernas flexionadas e os pes paralelos ao chao.
Desca o quadril ao chao, endireite o braco direito para tras, paralelo ao teto, mantendo o cotovelo alinhado ao ombro. Flexione o corpo em um angulo de 90° graus, bracos estendidos paralelos as pernas e um halter em cada mao. Abaixe a perna esquerda de volta, trazendo os pes juntos; Repita o exercicios com a outra perna e braco. It is easier to accumulate the fat in these specific areas, but it is not so easy to get rid of it. While it has its pros as it gives a lady a good shape below her waist, fatty thighs are not too easy to manipulate. In women, it gets easier when they are lactating as there is an increase in fat releasing activity and decrease of storage capacity. By lying down flat with the back on the ground, put the hands under the head, then pull yourself up as you touch the knees with the forehead. Studies have been done for ages to find out about the degree of harm caused by belly fat.  The results have shown that people with more belly fat have a higher risk of early death.
However, a point of caution is that prior to starting on any of these exercises, it is advisable to consult a proper trainer or a physician, as exercises done without proper guidance could harm the back.
In this exercise, the focus is on pulling in your abdominal muscles towards the back by inhaling deeply. During this contraction, hold your breath for at least ten seconds, and then release.
To perform this exercise, lie flat on the floor or on an exercise mat, with your hands behind your neck. Your abdominal muscles should be contracted and the elbows should touch the opposite knees alternatively. In terms of time as well as money, if you can afford to go to a gym, you will be able to get better results with the help of a trainer as well as the different types of equipment that are available.
Maintain consistency in your exercises in order to get the best results irrespective of whether you choose to workout at a gym or follow the exercises mentioned above for good results.
Trabalhando uma parte do corpo, como o braco por exemplo, com exercicios direcionados, voce vai se surpreender com os resultados. Mas tem que seguir o programa de exercicios direitinho e seguir tambem uma dieta saudavel, rica em fibras. Se voce prefere caminhada ao ar livre, entao intercale corrida com caminhada, aumentando a intensidade conforme sua aptidao fisica aumente, inclusive adicionando ladeiras e morros durante o percurso. Iniciantes devem fazer o circuito apenas uma vez, e adicionar outro circuito depois de tres a quatro semanas.

Com um halter em cada mao, estique ambos bracos acima da cabeca, como se os bracos estivessem abracando a cabeca. Hormones in the sexes drive fat to be deposited around the buttocks, thighs, pelvis, tummy and face. The fat stored in the thighs, butt and stomach of women normally acts as reserve storage when a baby comes along. The moment you begin getting steady enough, try the exercise on mountainous regions to give the thighs even better exercise. The amount of width around the midsection shows how healthy one’s diet and indeed, one’s lifestyle is. The action of cycling is performed lying in this position, all the while bringing your knees to your chest when coming down.
Apart from these routines, there are a number of yoga exercises and aerobics that can help tone the body and reduce belly fat.
Apart from all of this, being stress free and having a healthy lifestyle will complement these exercises and help you lose all that belly fat. One should also remember that the above activities are effective only with a balanced and healthy diet. The amount of time the feet are kept in the mid air and the number of times this exercise is done can be increased gradually as you get comfortable with the exercise. Without moving your feet, your stomach should be twisted first towards the right and then returned to the original position. While being in this position, the left knee should be bent to touch the left elbow and then returned to the original position. They cannot be terminated easily, and may require only weight loss, a sensible diet and a good exercise schedule. Most women easily gain fat more than men as they get older, due to different factors like hormones, child birth, and so on. The contraction should be maintained for around ten seconds before returning to the original position.
This is done towards the opposite direction too, exhaling while twisting and inhaling while returning to the original position.

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