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Perhaps the easiest way to lose weight is by learning what portion sizes are right for you instead of letting restaurants and other sources dictate that for you. For example, did you know that the average restaurant meal is enough to properly feed a family of three? 12 Minutes When I Show You EXACTLY How To Flip Your Body's "Hidden" Fat Loss Switch Into OVERDRIVE.Click Here!This is the end of your fat loss journey, and the beginning of your new lean self.
But if you think that there is any mistake or missing information on this page, please let us know via comments box. We have taken up busy, fast-food focused lives in place of proper weight management and calorie control.
Guilty eaters eat when they are bored or just out of habit, and then feel bad about it afterward.
Assign each meal a day of the week instead of picking what sounds good when dinner rolls around. As the fall approaches (well, in other parts of the country at least) so do the harvest inspired goodies.

Obesity is on the verge of pandemic because of our careless ways and it is said that this new generation of children will be the first ones to live shorter lives than their parents.
How is anyone supposed to lose weight when they are eating enough food for someone three times their size? Apple cider, cinnamon doughnuts, pumpkin lattes, maple sugar candy… Anyway, you catch my drift. With all of that traveling and running around, we are bound to encounter the indiscretion feared by all dieters …the FAST FOOD MEAL! The reason it works is because knowing what your meal is ahead of time helps your mind and tastes to prepare for that particular dish.
Telling yourself over and over that you are having grilled chicken and steamed squash makes it easier to follow through instead of going out for tacos and refried beans. When you make the food, only make enough for yourself and those who are eating dinner with you. Even if you do the proper portioning before your meal, and are not clearing you plate, you still may not be seeing any results.

This is asking for disaster and I guarantee you will walk out of the grocery store with twice as much stuff as you needed, most of it purchased on impulse.
Chances are, the restaurant you go to has some sort of complimentary appetizer that is standard for all tables.
Everyone just kind of pulls from the same dish instead of portioning out a few chips or one roll onto a plate. There is no way to see how much has already been eaten unless you see the whole before it is eaten.

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