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Premise: Obese people attempt to shed body weight over the span of one year with the help of a personal trainer.
The reality show, which is currently in the middle of its fourth season, has been renewed for a 13-episode Season 5. The reality show, which follows individuals' journeys to lose weight over the span of one year, is up 9 percent in adults ages 18-49 from last season.

In addition to the new two-hour episodes, the show will also air three special editions next summer called Extreme Weight Loss: Love Can't Weight.
If he can, he'll be rewarded with a family trip to Disney World for his daughter's second birthday. In these specials, trainers Chris and Heidi Powell will help three couples get in shape for their upcoming weddings, both physically and emotionally.

His training regimen includes a 100-mile bike ride and climbing to the top of the tallest building in North America.

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