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This week in Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition 2012, we saw Michael transform from an ugly ducking into a babe magnet.
Having just had his major success with the triathlon, Mike worked his buns off on the final phase. Staci has been overweight since she was a kid – and she’s tried every type of diet imaginable without success. That would have defeated even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast, but Staci was willing to give it one more try … with the help of Chris Powell, “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition’s” firm but kind trainer.
She started at 435 pounds and asked Chris Powell for help becoming the woman she feels inside. Chris was purposely trying to make her uncomfortable so that she would learn to appreciate her luxuries. Chris gave her the option to choose her own goal and Nyla said she would try to lose 70 pounds. He does start out a little bit grumpy, but the more weight he loses, the better he feels.Things were a little different in this episode. It really helped him gain self confidence with the ladies because before we know it, he has a serious girlfriend!

His girlfriend was a major support for him, waking up and going to the gym with him in the wee hours of the morning. She was a hard working mom of two with a husband who had suffered a stroke and had just taken on everyone else’s issues without doing anything for herself.I was impressed at the way she took on the challenge from day one, growling and fighting during that first workout. She was 27 years old but felt in her 30′s because of the excess weight and low self esteem. During this time, Nyla fell into some monetary hardships and could not continue to follow Chris Powell’s diet plan. Instead of being clueless as to how much weight the person is losing throughout the transformation, this time we the audience got to see how much they were losing at smaller intervals along the way.
At the end of his weight loss journey, he hoped that he would have the self confidence to find the girl of his dreams. He started spending more time with friends and less working out and his second weigh in was a disappointment. Chris Powell gave her a lot of credit for his success, saying without her he wouldn’t have made it. After that she flew through her first 90 days and hit her goal, then her next 90 days and hit that goal, too.

Now she’s getting into shape, shedding pounds and learning to change her lifestyle to become healthier. I liked that much better than the previous episodes where we didn’t see the numbers on the scale until they were at the big 3-month, 6-month, 9-month and final weigh-ins.
At home she would crank the air conditioning down to 16 degrees so she could be comfortable. I still think that not showing the scale to the participant can be helpful for them in reaching their goal, but as a viewer, I enjoyed getting to see more of their progress.About halfway through the year, James has a medical issue that was pretty scary, not only because of the health scare itself, but also because it put him off track. But in the end, he makes it through and ends up losing over 300 lbs when all is said and done. Chris let Mike stew in his room for a few hours before coming back and telling him not to quit.
The fright of losing this amazing opportunity put the drive back in Mike and he gave 110% of effort.

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