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They both then trekked to the peak of Machu Piccu, despite Ashley almost having an asthma attack halfway up the mountain.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Within 12 months of developing anorexia, Grainne had lost almost a third of her bodyweight and had plummeted to less than six stone'The weight was falling off me, but I felt fat compared to the girls I saw on these sites. Grainne (pictured while in recovery) said: 'I was obsessed with what my online family thought of me and pleasing them - until I realised what I was doing to my real family. But Grainne is now on the road to recovery and is recently went on holiday with school friends (pictured while away).

Grainne's mother Anne said: 'Grainne (pictured during her recovery) is now living life to the full, looking forward to working hard and getting the grades to get her place alongside all her friends in university next year. While her diet today may sound plan extreme, Stephanie was once a very normal, eer-driven young woman, who, while she made attempts to keep healthy, was ultimately worn out. As an incentive for the next weigh-in, Powell told Ashley that if she hit 175lbs he would pay for husband Jason to have skin removal surgery as well her, which motivated her to lose more and weigh 174lbs (12.4 stone) at the nine month weigh-in. I deleted my secret blog and started another one about healthy living - eating well and exercise.'Slowly, I started to be able to join my friends and live a normal life. Tim has provided you with all the tools; right now its up to a person to put them in order to work.

I ry my juicer everywhere.Stephanie Jeffs, 43, from Hertford, used a raw juice diet to cure her polycystic ovaries, and help her lose 126lbs in weight. This is how we coped.'For her younger siblings, it was extremely distressing watching their full of life, vivacious fashion-mad sister turn into a vacant shell, who clung to me like a child, who cried constantly and who talked about wanting to die.
The former city worker adopted the diet as a way to cleanse out her overworked body after a lifestyle of drinks parties, late nights and high stress left her overweight and run down.The SCD works for both women and men.

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