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Scrivi una nuova recensione su Clean Eating Diet and Cookbook: Your Complete Guide to Starting a Whole Foods Based Diet with 25 Delicious Recipes for Health, Energy and Weight Loss e condividi la tua opinione con altri utenti. While the Rest of the World is Dipping Into the Halloween Candy, Packing on the Pounds, and Pounding Their Immune System with Refined Sugars, You'll Be Looking and Feeling Better Than Ever!! Because you've just purchased my brand new "Flu Fighters" report , I'm inviting you to pick up your copy of my life-changing raw food nutrition program - Eating for Energy - for HALF-PRICE!
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And the reason I say that is because I've worked with thousands of people who said they've wanted to lose weight, have more energy, eradicate disease, and learn how to eat healthier, yet they weren't willing to take the plunge to learn the information and make the necessary changes that will produce these results. That's why I want you to put the excuses aside and get started with Eating for Energy today! So unless you ORDER NOW , you'll just have to settle for paying the regular price for Eating for Energy at some point in the future. Well, I may be getting old (Ia€™m 55 now in a few months I will be 56) and I dona€™t feel this old and Ia€™m certainly not ready to be fitted with a hearing aide yet.
I started your raw food diet plan, went on a detox for 4 weeks, and added certain vitamins and minerals to my daily dietary intake and WOW! Exactly one year ago, in October, my husband and I went to Japan for 3 week holiday and I weighed 172 pounds, the second pictures is of me earlier this month on a trip with my girlfriends in Sydney. Yuri, I just want to say there is so much information and so many web sites on the internet on health and fitness but you are by far THE BEST! Thanks ever so much for changing my life, but not just minea€¦because I cannot stop talking about you and your dietary advice to my friends, who see the results and question me how I achieved this in such a sort time. Liam loses 29 lbs of fat, sleeps better, has no more bloating, and has way more energy, in just 5 weeks! My mind is very CALM and I do not have severe sugar cravings thanks to my new raw chocolate recipe (from your book!). Second, Ia€™ve always suffered from bacterial vaginitis and it has miraculously disappeared.
Third, my energy level has noticeably increased, and finally, I now have 2 to 3 bowel movements a day vs. Learn how you can prevent cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, and obesity by making this one small change to the way you eat. Discover what the startling food consumption trends between 1970 and 2004 have done to your health.
Read unbelievable stories from my own personal clients and how they overcame disastrous eating habits to achieve tremendous success! Learn the miraculous food whose saturated fat burns fat in your body, fuels your energy for exercise, and prevents sickness and infections! Learn how to crank up your metabolism and turn your body into a food-incinerating, fat-melting human blast furnace!
See how spending 5 minutes each morning doing this one easy task will help create tremendous success (in any area of your life).
Be shown how to eat 50% more calories without storing an ounce as fat - It's true - you can actually eat more food while losing more fat using this simple, but often overlooked strategy!
See the scary statistics that reveal the major factor affecting the quality of the foods you eat. Learn about the ONE common denominator in all diseases and how FOUR easy actions can minimize your risk.
Get the ultimate list of food combining principles - 16 techniques to improve your digestive health and your body's ability to absorb the foods you eat!
Find out how to boost your energy levels higher than you ever thought possible - almost instantly! Discover how to increase the nutrient density and energy of nuts and seeds by implementing this same easy technique used by animals. Become aware of how eliminating this ONE group of foods will lessen your risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and reduce all inflammation in your body! Learn a quick test to determine your blood's pH and why this is absolutely critical to your health and vitality.
Realize why some people always seem to gain back the fat they've lost and how to GUARANTEE you keep it off for good. Apply ONE simple technique you can use each morning that will alkalize your body, cleanse your liver, and improve your digestion! Discover the secrets of meal frequency and timing that will amplify your body's natural rate of calorie-burning (There's a lot more to it than just eating small, frequent meals).
Learn the TWO ways in which we develop food allergies and how ONE simple strategy can help you avoid doing so!
Learn the youth-preserving and disease-preventing raw food diet secrets of the longest living people on earth! Discover the ONE fluid that is the most dangerous to put into your body - this will absolutely startle you (especially if you're feeding it to your kids)! Learn how to apply the Eating for Energy Food Spectrum to achieve the healthy body you so desperately crave. Find out why obesity and most diseases do not occur in nature and discover what we're doing to domesticated animals that is making them as sick, fat, and tired as we are!
Additionally, this book helped me to balance and fortify my raw vegan diet and to make sure I am getting enough of everything my body needs.
Condemned by her doctors as a result of having Lyme's Disease and arthritis, Shanti has overcome all the odds thanks to Eating for Energy! I am now 63 years young and, among other problems, I got arthritis and am reluctant to take all the necessary medication.
And, It Gets Even Better For You Because When You Order Today You'll Also Receive The Following 4 Raw Food Resources Worth $395!
As an additional bonus for ordering TODAY, you'll also receive four FREE add-ons which were originally not included in the original ebook and previously only available to a small group of my preferred clients.

However, I wanted to include these add-ons because they are absolutely essential to your success with the Eating for Energy program. As we just mentioned above, exercise is an important component to feeling and looking your best. All your meals are nicely organized showing you exactly what you need to do to build the body you want and attain the energy you need for the best life ever!
Even better, the only appliances you'll need are some knives, (and only for some of the recipes) a food processor (or blender) and a juicer.
Filled with ample amounts of high-quality protein, essential fatty acids and tons of vitamins, minerals, and disease-preventing phytonutrients, these juices and smoothies will ensure you never lack great nutrition, no matter where you are or how much time you have. In the Juice and Smoothie Guide, I'll show you exactly how to make them, how to customize them for your body type and your goals, and provide you with 45 quick and easy smoothie and juicing recipes to keep you nourished, energized, and satisfied for longer than you can imagine.
You'll even learn how to make your own nut milk (a much healthier alternative to dairy) in less than 30 seconds.
Most importantly, I am not a very good cook but have your found recipes both tasty but easy to prepare. It made sense and I wondered why my doctor seems unable to communicate the same basic understanding of the human digestive system. I have starting to eat according to his approach and found that the pounds came off easily while eating as much as I wanted, whenever I wanted, as long as I followed his approach.
I continue going to the gym, and following your book, the weight is starting to come off, my goal is to lose 35 pounds. I'm going to make your decision a lot easier by offering you my 60-day "100% results or your money back" guarantee! You will overcome crippling "bad" food cravings and finally be in control of the foods you put in your body!
You will feel so much better about yourself and have unstoppable confidence to live your life to the max! Featuring one of Toronto's leading Naturopathic Doctors, Makoto Trotter, learn why regular (and supervised) cleansing is absolutely critical to keeping you healthy and vibrant, and how it can also help you lose weight! Recently, I was interviewed by renowned success coach and NY Times Best Selling Author (Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul) regarding the nutrition secrets in Eating for Energy and how they can empower people in all areas of their life - not just health!
Needless to say, these bonuses are jam packed with the jealously guarded raw food secrets to reaching absolute health and vitality and achieving the body you want.
Be one of the next 50 people to order Eating for Energy today and you'll also get personalized emails from me with on-going support as well as my Weekly Research Report updates - absolutely FREE! Each week, and in some cases several times a week, you'll receive personalized emails from me to keep you motivated and on-track with the Eating for Energy principles.
You'll also get my "cutting-edge" weekly research updates where you will learn about the latest scientific studies and research in the field of health nutrition and raw foods!
Global Energy Balance Network, a new nonprofit organization, claims that obesity isn’t due to the types of food people eat, but is primarily a result of people not exercising enough to balance the calories they consume. Nutrition and fitness experts at Advocate Christ Medical Center and Advocate Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn, Ill., express a different opinion. According to my MyFitnessPal, a 135-pound person who runs for 30 minutes at 6 mph (a 10-minute mile) will burn 306 calories.
Nemeth says that exercise is important for overall health and calorie burning, but those who don’t change their diet will not likely see the pounds drop.
Stacie Schutz, a registered dietitian with Advocate Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn, Ill., agrees. Nemeth and Schutz both agree that a healthy diet is crucial to helping impact a person’s weight-loss goals. The calorie in, calorie out equation has been used to justify the rationale that if you stick to the number of calories your body needs in a day, you can eat or drink whatever you want – because all calories are the same.
Kate Eller, health enews contributor, serves as director of public affairs and marketing at Advocate Christ Medical Center. With "diet-dooming" Halloween just around the corner, I want you to have a copy of my ebook so you can finally enjoy the body and health you deserve and not fall prey to the ravages of Halloween. This special 50% DISCOUNT will never again be offered to you (or anyone else) after you leave this page! I want to thank you for purchasing my brand new "Flu Fighters" report - you're obviously an action who takes their health seriously! Halloween is this Sunday and I don't want you to be without the healthiest of heathy eating resources heading into this sugar-filled weekend. Well, I bought you e-book a€?Eating for Energya€? after much hesitation, read it from cover to cover (I was glued to it and still am) so Ia€™d like to share with you the difference it made to my life. I am proud to direct them to your web site to check it out for them selves without hesitation. To wet your appetite, on page 14 you'll learn about one client who eliminated this ONE bad eating habit and created tremendous health!!!
Youa€™ll learn the TWO other factors that have to be in place for optimal health through nutrition. This one secret alone has literally changed peoples' lives, especially those who drink coffee, alcohol, smoke, and eat crappy foods!
Discover the difference between the each and which bring ever-lasting health while the other imminent sickness, disease, and premature death! I love your book, because you showed me the importance of raw food and taught me throughout the book about all the aspects of the relation between food and health.
Since I started reading, I have changed my lifestyle forever with better food choices and exercise routines (from your podcasts).
Yuri Elkaim's Eating for Energy ebook tackles heath promotion from the most basic building blocks of life, namely, diet.
If so, the first thing you can do to change that is, each night, jot down the 6 most important tasks that you want to accomplish the next day.
So often, people don't have any idea as to what they're going to eat and therefore grab whatever is most convenient. To give you the structure and guidance to plan you meals so that you stay on track with your raw food recipes.

The best part is that all of these raw food recipes are 100% plant-based a€“ there's no meat, dairy, or additives. Let's face it, sometimes things just don't go right, and you're stuck without a decent meal. They simply blow the a€?off-the-shelfa€? meal replacements out of the water a€“ and you can make them yourself, cheaply and quickly. Finally, you'll benefit from an in-depth Vitamin and Mineral Chart detailing benefits and food sources of each vitamin and mineral. I apply the information learned almost every day and find that I have been able to improve my energy level throughout the day. I have read many books on health and nutrition over the years but I have found Yuri's book the easiest to understand from the viewpoint of how the body works and how it processes food into life giving nutrition and energy. I feel better, physically and mentally, my blood pressure is getting under control, (I hope to get off my blood pressure meds on my next doctor's appointment). Apart from a fresher, lighter, yummier, less acidic diet, I have been doing a lot of hand and foot reflexology on myself, and the combination of this with the diet, is giving me heaps of benefit. I'm still in a transition phase with food, but I have reclaimed my joy in food, and lost a lot of the frustration I felt about food seeming to harm me. This means that if you don't look and feel absolutely amazing within 60 days of purchasing Eating for Energy, I'll give you all your money back and you can still keep the ebook and all the great information that I'm sending your way. That's how much I know that Eating for Energy will make a profound difference in your life! Our guests were absolutely blown away by the groundbreaking information that was shared on this 65-minute call. This is raw food diet information you won't even find in popular magazines or other websites. As I mentioned before, this is a 50% OFF SPECIAL HALLOWEEN OFFER that ends as soon as you leave this page! How many times have you put off doing something (that you knew was good for you) only to later regret that you didn't do it? Upon purchasing, you will instantly be taken to the download page where you can download the Eating for Energy ebook and all the great bonuses. The organization is funded by the world’s largest nonalcoholic beverage producer, Coca-Cola.
Kate came to Advocate in 2014 after spending eight years with Memorial Hermann Healthcare System in Houston, TX, where she was a marketing director and a physician liaison.
Eating for Energy is so much more than just an "e-book" - it's a complete system for sure-fire success - possibly the most comprehensive nutrition system for greater energy, health, and weight loss ever developed! Healthy diet and lifestyle choices serve to increase one's energy, productivity and prevent disease. You'll have a complete list of 120 delicious, energizing, and nutritious raw food recipes that can be made in less than 10 minutes. They require no cooking and taste absolutely fantastic and they will energize you, and not drain your energy!
You'll learn how to shift your mindset and dietary and lifestyle habits to achieve a stunning body!
Learn why acid leads to disease and how you can alkalize your body for greater energy, vitality, and a longer healthier life! Just to hit this point home - Eating for Energy has never gone on sale in the 2 years that it has been online. As a backup, and just so you have them on file, you'll also receive an email from me with these same download links. The exercise scientist also said there is almost no compelling evidence that poor diet is the cause of obesity. A medium serving of fast food fries has 340 calories and a 12-ounce Coca-Cola has 140 calories, equaling nearly 500 calories. Not only will your body not get the nutrients it needs, your body processes types of food differently.
In her spare time, she enjoys exploring Chicago by foot accompanied by her dog, reading and organizing other people’s clutter. I have found it the most comprehensive and informative guide to eating for energy, nutrition and health. It gives you structure, direction, and allows your subconscious mind to be at ease because it knows what needs to be done. After extensive examinations, MRI and CT scans, visits to ENT specialists and even a Neurologist. Those cheats and missed meals add up quickly, and conspire to destroy your hard-earned progress. So if you've been looking for an excuse or special opportunity to get your copy there is no better time than RIGHT NOW! Since soda has no fiber, it goes through your system so quickly that it increases blood sugar in the liver, which gets turned into fat immediately. I was told nothing can be done about my condition and I would have to be fitted with a hearing aide and just live with the fact that my hearing loss would not get better and put up with the tinnitus for the rest of my life.
IF your body does not readily use those ingested calories, in the form of ATP, then your body stores them for later use.
If you are, then you could keep me on a glucose and saline drip or feed me ribeye for month. Granted my cholesterol is going to be way higher on the one side, but that has nothing to do with calories or being overweight. Maintaining a balanced diet for all around good health is a whole different conversation than just trying to maintain a certain weight.

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