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The great thing about the weight loss shake recipes below is that by simply switching out fruit you aren't keen on and replacing it with your favorite fruit flavors, you can create an almost unlimited range of fantastic tasting shakes to keep you on track for your weight loss goals.
They're a fantastic way to get fill up on low calorie, high nutrition sustenance without the worry about extra sugar and fats!
Years ago, it was common to put raw egg whites in the shake for additional protein, but most people are quite hesitant to do that today.

Summer is an especially good time to drink these delicious, refreshing drinks because of the abundance of available fresh fruit, but I enjoy them all year, and you can do the same thanks to frozen fruit from your local store.
Instead, another option is to buy a low-calorie protein powder at your local health-food store and add a scoop to the blender when making your favorite shake.

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