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Dukan Diet is a weight loss plan consisting of 4 phases to help you reach your weight loss goals and keep your True Weight for life.
In addition to curbing your appetite with lean proteins, the Dukan Diet also uses Oat Bran to stabilize hunger and reduce cravings in all its phases. Once you’ve signed up for coaching, you’re asked to answer 80 questions that personalize your program and give you insight into what triggers your weight loss, weight gain, plateaus and slip-ups. After completing the Attack Phase you move on to the Cruise Phase until you reach your True Weight goal. During the Cruise phase you can reintroduce some vegetables and other low-carb food as you begin to alternate between Pure Protein days like you have on the Attack Phase and Protein and Vegetables days that are a slightly less restrictive.
Dukan Diet Weight Loss Coaching is the only truly personalized, interactive, daily online weight-loss program.
If you are interested in trying out Dukan Diet, I have a special offer code for My Own Balance readers! The Dukan Diet Phases were developed by French nutritionist and medical doctor Pierre Dukan over ten years ago and have gained incredible popularity since its creation. Protein days in the cruise phase are limited to meat, fish, eggs and fat-free dairy products.
On protein-and-vegetable days, the protein options are accompanied by sides or salads made from a variety of vegetables; options include spinach, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, kale, chard, eggplant, cucumber, tomatoes, beans, pepper, turnips and leeks. This is simply a serving of fat free yogurt with added sweetener and a teaspoon of reduced fat, no added sugar, and cocoa powder (tolerated item). In the Cruise Phase you are allowed one tablespoon a day on a Pure Protein (PP) day and two tablespoons a day on a Protein and Vegetable (PV) day.

You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Instead of counting calories, the Dukan diet focuses on eating lean protein (think low carb diet), plentiful amounts of water, daily walking and allows unrestricted amounts of 100 healthy foods.
Oat bran, which is full of fiber, slows down sugar absorption, helps lower cholesterol, creates a feeling of fullness and absorbs and removes 5 percent of daily calorie intake. Coaches tailor their approach to each individual’s Dukan Diet profile and lifestyle, which is essential to long-term success. Everyday I strive to find balance in my life through fitness, healthy eating, occasional indulgences and generally enjoying all life has to offer.
The Cruise Phase is the second stage of the Dukan Diet Plan and is the amazing diet which will lead you straight to your target weight.
Options include chicken, turkey, low-fat red meats, low-fat ham, and fish, such as tilapia, crustaceans and shellfish.
This sudden change in your eating habits triggers fast and encouraging weight loss, which works to motivate you for the rest of the diet. If you’ve managed to stick to the Attack Phase, you will be now pleased to re-introduce vegetables into your diet which will allow a lot more flexibility and variety in terms of recipes and flavors.
Once you get into the rhythm of PP days and PV days, your body really starts to burn the calories.
If you are honest about any cheats, your coach will reevaluate the program for you and compensate with clear instructions on how to continue without throwing in the towel.

Dukan refined this weight loss plan while working with more than 40,000 of his patients in general practice. If you can’t find it, any textured low fat curd cheese like farm cheese is a good substitute for the rice pudding recipe. To keep from getting bored, try to vary your diet and make classic recipes adapted to the Dukan Diet such as chicken stir fry, steak and steamed vegetables.
Don’t forget exercise during this important phase that takes you straight to your “True Weight”.   Sugar free mints and candy are also helpful. Dukan has helped thousands of people to successfully reach and keep their True Weight for life. Compared to the Attack Phase, the Cruise Phase requires you to walk a little longer everyday and a 30-minute walk is what Dr Dukan prescribes to all dieters as the minimum amount of daily exercise required. Just remember, it’s not forever and the better you stick to the plan, the shorter it will be because you will get to your “wanted weight”.

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