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Dottie, a 16lb, five-year-old spayed female Boston Terrier, was boarding at VetCare Harris Animal Hospital in Tampa, Florida.
To examine the possibility that her weight loss was due to a caloric expenditure that exceeded caloric intake, Dottie was fitted with a PetPace smart collar to better quantify her activity levels and caloric expenditure.
Dottie’s daily activity chart showed frequent, high bursts of activity while boarding, even during the night hours, when the hospital was closed.
The PetPace collar also measured the intensity of Dottie’s activity, in addition to the amount of time spent active. Dottie’s PetPace collar was equipped with a new feature that provides an Overall Activity Score – allowing easy comparison to previous time periods, and also benchmarking against other pets and across breeds. All Dottie’s other monitored and calculated parameters were stable and within normal limits, including pulse rate indices, respiratory rates indices, and HRV (Heart Rate Variability). Another, still experimental, parameter measured by PetPace is VVTI (Vaso-Vagal Tonus Index) vs.
PetPace also provides an estimate of caloric expenditure based on the patient signalment (age, weight, neuter status, etc.) and activity data. Following these findings, caregivers at the hospital increased Dottie’s food ration and she started gaining weight.
Pets who are very active, like working dogs or very playful dogs, may need increased food intake to meet their needs.

Detailed analysis of activity data is helpful in controlling weight of dogs and also in overall health assessment. Her caregivers at the hospital noticed a gradual weight loss during her stay, despite her good health.
This specific information was very helpful, since caregivers could not otherwise know about her activity patterns during the night hours.
The chart below shows the relative amount of time spent in each activity level for the time period examined. The score is based on a proprietary scale representing the combined calculated values of activity intensities, activity frequency and duration. This information helps pet owners and caregivers set and track activity goals and feeding regimens. Quantifying activity and analyzing various parameters, including intensity, duration, frequency and consistency, can provide actionable insights to pet owners and medical staff who are attempting to help their pets gain, lose or maintain their weight.
Quantifying activity information together with caloric expenditure helps make this process more accurate, visible, and easily sharable with relevant individuals. The ability to see the activity data in the context of other physiological indicators is a unique feature of the PetPace collar, separating it from all other dog activity trackers. Activity data should be interpreted in the context of other health indicators and medical condition.

Asaf Dagan, DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Canine and Feline practice), and PetPace’s Chief Veterinarian, noted, “Activity data analytics are instrumental for weight control programs by making the process more accurate, objective and data driven. Brian Shaw from Tampa, FL, the owner of VetCare Harris Animal Hospital added, “Using PetPace collars in the hospital helps us evaluate our patients’ needs and wellbeing. Dottie had no known medical problems, ate well twice daily, and was an extremely active dog. Potentially a general marker of health and well-being, this metric was also normal for Dottie.
In this case, the fact that all other parameters and indicators were normal and consistent helped the medical staff determine that the weight loss was caused by high activity levels and insufficient caloric intake. However, this data has implications that reach far beyond trendy exercise tracking devices.

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