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Movement physical work or sport is very healthy and keeps your body, mind and soul in harmony.
Dealing with stress on a day to day basis can bring out the worst in most people but thankfully we have the tools and the ability to decrease our levels of stress in a variety of ways.
The healthiest way to reduce levels of stress and increase relaxation is in some form of physical exertion.
But exercise does not only include pumping iron or jogging miles, it can be gentle, rhythmic, and quiet as in Tai Chi and Yoga.
Both Yoga and Tai Chi originated and were practiced in the eastern regions of our world centuries ago and both involve freeing the body of tension and promoting flexibility.
By developing a slow and rhythmic routine, lean muscle mass can be developed by using isometric tension.
Scheduling 20 minute sessions every other day can reap positives rewards quickly and in time, daily sessions will keep tension from building and the bring about the release of stress faster. Tai Chi and Yoga require very little for a beginner however it is advisable to attend a session with a reputable instructor for proper technique in movement and form.
There are many community centres that offer programs from beginners to a more advanced levels.
Improving the mind, body balance has become an important part of our health and well-being. This entry was posted in Yoga Fitness and tagged increase relaxation, session, well-being by Belinda. My first attempt at working out to lose weight had me jogging in the park for about an hour.
However, I soon grew dismayed that while I was losing some weight, my thighs appeared to be getting bigger!
Cardio exercise will burn calories for sure, so one would think running, which is a great form of cardio, would melt the fat off your body.
You see, there are a lot of variables to take into consideration such as the length of time spent running, the intensity (whether you are activating slow twitch or fast twitch muscles), your current body fat and muscle composition, the ability for you to build muscles, your muscle memory, your perception, the effects running have on your appetite, etc. Obviously, I can’t cover all the varying factors in this one article, so I will just focus on the big ones. Running hard for a long period of time (2+ hours) and covering upwards of 8+ miles of ground (especially if done every day) is not necessary to lose fat.
One factor many people erroneously belive is progressive overload from running will cause muscle gains and make their legs bigger.

Does this mean that you should continue to do 3 miles of running forever to lose the fat from your legs? If you try to run the 3 miles faster, you leave the aerobic zone and enter the anaerobic zone. Next, let’s look at the component of your diet and the effect running has on your appetite. A lot of runners have this cardinal rule that fueling up on carbs is necessary before and after a long run. The second problem with carbohydrates is that they have been proven to be addictive and increase your appetite, generally for more carbs and sugar. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration and obviously I can’t cover them all in this blog post, but hopefully this article will give you insight into understanding why some people can melt inches from their legs while running while others gain just looking twice at a track. I agree that carbs can lead to weight gain but your information is a little skewered towards high GI carbs and simple carbs (eg.
I’ve run several marathons and ran for a long time until I stopped running for a few years. By reducing tension and increasing oxygen levels we can not only help our mental health but our physical health as well. Both provide the benefits of a healthy workout but at a pace that people of any age can participate in. They include mindful and practiced breathing techniques as well as meditation for mind and body control. This form of progressive resistance increases core strength and muscle mass but it also alleviates tension throughout with its gentle stretching.
Though gentleness is the key to success, you should have the permission of your primary care physician before you tackle any new exercise. There are also many DVDs available that can provide the basics depending on your level of fitness.
In the stressful times of today, reducing our stress must be one of our top priorities for a healthy body and a longer life.
Share it!Estimated Reading Time: 1 minutesHealth is Wealth, I think no body has any kind of doubt about this Proverb.
After some time, I wasn’t feeling as challenged so I began running faster and longer. What you’ll find is that there are a lot of people who swear that running is the only thing that will actually make their legs smaller, while another set will have exactly the opposite effect, like me.

And we already covered what will happen when you try to run longer (eventually you will adapt to that and have to keep increasing the length of your runs to burn the same amount of calories, which is not sustainable or if done at a high intensity will build up your leg muscles).
The most common reaction to us getting more efficient at running is to push ourselves harder. The thought process is that they will require a lot of energy to complete their workout, which carbohydrates provide. In fact, by not introducing carbs before you train, you force the body to turn to fat for fuel. Fighting real feelings of hunger and craving is a losing battle, and most women will end up caving eventually.
Actually your body trims down from the bottom up, starting with thinner ankles mid calve, calves, knee, above the knee, thigh.
Since my legs weren’t trimming down, I started to look into whether running caused legs to get bigger.
Even ectomorphs will find their upper bodies responding quickly to this form of cardio, but the magic question is will running effectively target and get rid of the stubborn fat most women hold on to in their legs? Not only will the muscles become engorged with blood and the lactic acid fluid released in your legs make them swell and appear bigger, but once the torn muscles heal from all the tears and strain, they will grow.
Exercise, Jogging, Morning Walk, Health diet, Tension Free atmosphere are some factors for Health life. Keep running at 3 miles and instead of burning 400 calories, you’re burning 200, resulting in legs that will stay the same and may start to even gain fat if you continue to eat as you were when burning 400 calories. Eating low GI and complex carbs will provide a slower burn and thus provide steady energy throughout the day. Foods like wholegrains, brown rice, and vegetables provide essential carbs for the body and also release energy gradually rather than in one big hit. The inches on your legs will increase though if you are running 3 miles for one week and then start doing 4 miles the following week, provided you are doing so at a very fast pace and engaging your fast twitch muscles.

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