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Have you ever tried to tone your body just by adopting a few simple diet changes?This post tells you how you can shed those pounds with a high protein diet! Read on!Proteins In The BodyProteins are extremely necessary to the normal functioning of the human body. They constitute the backbone of all essential components, including hormones and enzymes (1). They are also a vital part of body organs, particularly muscles, the growth of which burns calories and aids fat loss.Our body breaks down the proteins and amino acids from food inside the liver, where they are converted to precursors that are supplied across all organs. Hence, a high protein diet is crucial to not just for basic functions, but also for cell repair and health rejuvenation as well.Proteins In DietA healthy individual can obtain the required amount of protein from a balanced diet that includes all food groups. As per the daily recommended allowance, an adult male requires 56gm of protein every day, while an adult woman needs 46gm per day. It is advised that more than 10% and less than 30% of your daily calories should be obtained from protein.
A diet exceeding 30% is considered a high protein diet.Diet Sources Of ProteinA high protein diet is an excellent method to lose weight, as it literally encourages the brain to enter a fat loss mode.
Some of the best sources of protein are eggs, milk, cheese, tofu, soy, chicken, lean meat, seafood, lentils, beans, nuts and grains (2).
Experts suggest 3-4 servings of any of these items during the day to obtain plenty of protein (3).High Protein Diet For Weight LossWeight loss with high protein diet is surely a successful mantra. When we talk about a high protein diet for weight loss, one needs to keep in mind certain points.Carbohydrates and fats are also absolutely essential for the normal functioning of our body.
A protein rich diet should include these food groups (carbohydrates and fats) in reduced amounts, preferably in a healthier variety. Do not starve yourself or it could lead to hypoglycemia, health complications and a resultant weight gain.
A balanced diet regimen will result in genuine weight loss that will be long term, unless your food habits change back to what they were before.
Good carbohydrates can be obtained from vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, beans, yogurt and low-fat milk. Some of the healthy fats are sourced from nuts, nut butters, olives, seeds, avocados, fish and extra virgin olive oil.Proteins From Vegetarian SourcesWho says a diet devoid of meat does not meet high protein requirements?

It would be surprising to know for some that plant based proteins are healthier compared to animal based proteins.
This is because animal and plant proteins are digested differently in the human body.It is easy to obtain your daily dose of protein from exclusively vegetarian sources as long as you eat a range of food items. It is recommended that a vegetarian adult male requires 63gm of protein per day while a vegetarian adult female requires 52gm per day (4). Cottage Cheese Image : iStockEach half cup of cottage cheese contains 13gm of proteins.
Since vegetarians are advised to have 2-3 servings of protein a day, soy milk and other soy products will easily fulfil your daily requirements. Peanut Butter Image : iStockTwo spoons of peanut butter and you are set for the day with 8gm of protein. The traditional toast can be flavored with this all time favorite or the peanut butter can be added to protein shakes or smoothies. Lentils And BeansKidney beans, baked beans and dried black beans are particularly good sources of proteins (9). Similarly, a cup a chick peas contains 15gm of protein and is one of the best high protein vegetarian diets. Nuts And SeedsPumpkin seeds, pine nuts, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts, chia seeds are all high in protein at up to 7gm per serving.
HempHemp is the next best product for those allergic to soy based offerings, containing 3gm protein per serving.
This plant derivative provides you with many essential amino acids that the body uses to build muscle. Hemp dairy products and hemp seeds contain fatty acids that greatly improve the immune system.10. Whey ProteinPerhaps the most popular protein supplement, this milk based protein has many health benefits for your body. Whey breaks down incredibly fast and is rich in BCAAs or (branched-chain amino acids), which are essential in increasing your muscle mass and improving blood flow.Whey protein is packaged by many organizations and is usually available in all sorts of flavors, like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. The best way to ensure that you gain muscle mass is by having one glass of whey protein before and after your workout.11.

Quinoa Image : iStockKnown as the king of grains, quinoa is indeed a perfect protein.
It has the highest percentage of protein content found in a plant source at 16 percent per volume! But if you want more protein, you can add asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli and sprouted mung bean stir to your diet.12. Whole Wheat BreadWhole wheat bread is different from other refined breads in the way it is processed (10). Whole wheat bread and pasta varieties are high in proteins along with other beneficial effects on the health. CaseinThe other milk protein apart from whey, casein is also quite essential for muscle gain. Studies conclude that having casein shakes after your workout can help you gain more muscle than people who usually dona€™t have any protein supplement.
This property causes a reduction in food intake when you are on whey, while casein doesna€™t have any such effects. Having whey will reduce your appetite, and between casein and whey, casein is the better choice. However, if you are looking for an effective high protein diet for muscle building, then beef is the ideal food for you.
The demonized saturated fat and cholesterol help boost your testosterone levels, helping increasing your strength and muscle mass in the process.3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids Image : iStockOmega-3 fatty acids help cure inflammation, boost immunity and also help prevent the onset of certain types of cancer.
They are also quite essential for many body functions and help you gain muscle due to the presence of the most essential amino acids. You can consume nuts like camu camu, as these contain all the eight amino acids.Oily fish like Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel and Sardines are also crammed with omega-3 fatty acids.

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