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Fad diet is a term given to a set of diet programs that are used for short-term weight loss. Of course, considering that the diet plan helps to reduce up to 2 pounds in a day, one may be tempted to follow it for a week. Breakfast - The first meal of the day in a 1 day diet plan supplies proteins in ample amounts. Lunch - Unlike breakfast or snack, you can now include vegetables and meat in your afternoon meal. Dinner - With dinner time approaching, you may wonder, "Can poultry products be included in this meal?" Yes of course but make sure they are lean cuts of meat, which means you got to eat skinless chicken (serving size should be approximately 3 ounces). Metabolism Diet: This diet involves low-calorie intake, and can influence weight loss in a healthy way. 3 Day Diet: A very low-calorie diet, the 3 day diet is one the best fad diets that work fast to lose weight. The Lemonade Diet: This is one of the fad diets that really work to eliminate unwanted pounds.
One should consult a dietitian or a nutritionist before following any of the aforementioned fad diets that work. Us Weekly really likes to do celebrity diet stories and we really like to look at celebrity diets and other health and wellness practices and see if they’re medically sensible and realistic. One key to success of any diet and exercise plan, or any other habit you’re trying to change for that matter, is accountability.
AboutWe are a wife & husband team of physicians who have trained and taught at some of the top medical schools in the country including Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Washington University in St. Our mission is both a journalistic and educational one: by reporting on common diseases affecting uncommon people, and including the medical facts behind the headlines, we provide a dynamic collection of Teachable Moments in Medicine™ to increase health awareness and medical knowledge. We give you the medical facts behind Hollywood's health headlines plus information that empowers you to achieve your health and wellness goals. With the cyclical nature of diet trends changing constantly, how do we know what works and what doesn’t?
When searching for a diet, it’s important to keep in mind your own specific health issues and concerns. The first rule for choosing a diet is one you probably already know deep down: there are no quick fixes.
Weight Watchers is probably the most universally popular points-based diet program out there. If the intention is to eat to lose weight, it’s almost a given that you want quick results.
The solution to this little hiccup is to stick to tried and tested diet plans, which many dieticians too endorse. Originally developed for people with weak hearts, the South Beach Diet can help you lose as much as 13 pounds in two weeks. Often considered only a temporary solution, the grapefruit diet is also one known to be super effective, and most diligent users witness an approximately 10 pound drop in the first two weeks. The Scarsdale diet is an extreme diet which can’t be followed for more than two weeks, but allows for weight loss between seven to 12 pounds in that duration.
Cabbage, known for its fat burning properties, can certainly bring the necessary change in weight. Your lunch of 1 day diet plan consists of 3 half stalks of celery, tuna fish (1 can) and one cup of black coffee. During this diet, the person is asked to eat certain foods that boost metabolism (the process in which food is converted into energy). Besides losing weight, people also experienced increased energy, sense of well-being, and improved memory. Fad diets provide short-term benefits such as quick weight loss, but this diet approach is absolutely not suitable for long-term use.
The dietitian may customize a fad diet plan that suits the dieter's health and needs in a better way.
Populated by grapefruit, paprika and molasses, it can be hard to separate the grist from the chaff (a little gluten-free joke for you).
Any diet that purports to help you lose 10 pounds in a week is at best ineffective and at worst dangerous. Sure, the old low-cal and low-fat diets sound boring, but they’re tried-and-true methods that usually work. Some of the more popular, recognizable low-carb diets include Atkins and the South Beach Diet. While eggs, meats and other dairy products are allowed in what the Atkin’s Diet calls its “induction phase,” vegetables, fruits and salad leaves are highly limited to the equivalent of about three cups of vegetables each day.
An example of a detoxing, moderate, healthy diet that works would include whole fruits, steamed vegetables, lean protein such as white fish, and whole grains.

Simplifying complicated calorie counting to small, easy-to-add numbers, points-based diets are easy diets that work.
Many different brands have the Weight Watchers points displayed on their products, allowing you variety and equilibrium when it comes to grocery shopping. While gluten-free diets were once the preserve of individuals with coeliac disease, it is also considered by some to be an alternative weight-loss diet. However, most healthy diets that work are essentially subsets of low-calorie, low-carb, detox, or points-based systems. In the process, many of us tend to push the limits of our endurance, and end up trying a variety of permutations and combinations in our diet. While the fancy (and silly) names of these pre-laid out diets may be a turn off for the more pragmatist amongst us, their viability is less circumspect.
A big con of this diet is that you can only eat a certain number of food combinations, though the pro is that you do not need to cut down on red meat and other high fat substances. The diet will limit the scope of your taste buds to lean proteins and low-carbohydrate foods, with a breakfast consisting of a cup of coffee, half a grapefruit and a single protein bread slice.
This diet plan should be followed for a period of 7 days, and surprisingly one can lose as much as 10 pounds in a week.
The 1 day diet plan cuts your calorie intake substantially, yet one does not experience any hunger pangs and moreover feels satisfied after meals. Experts warn that following this diet plan for more than twice a week can take a toll on your overall well-being and family life.
As caffeine helps to reduce weight by suppressing appetite, you can also consume a cup of black coffee that contains only artificial sweeteners and nothing else.
This fruit is rich in fat-burning enzymes and low in calories, which makes it ideal to include in a weight loss diet plan. However, people looking to quickly lose weight will be disappointed, as this diet is created to slow down weight loss gradually. The combination of foods recommended for 3 days stimulates the body to burn more fat in a short time. The healing properties of grapes provide plenty of health benefits and can cure various ailments.
These weight loss diets continued for longer periods can cause severe health complications. Some of the commercial diets, such as Jenny Craig® and Weight Watchers®,  make you accountable to a personal coach or a peer group of other dieters.  Another method is to be accountable to yourself by using a food journal or diet diary. While the Atkins craze hit its peak popularity a decade ago, the Paleo Diet and mainstream vegan eating plans are on the rise. Of course, many people don’t have success with traditional diets, which means a little more research and diet sleuthing is involved. The point of this phase is to induce ketosis, a condition which forces the body to burn up excess fat, thereby causing weight loss. Oz and celebrity newsletters such as Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP all tout the benefits of detox diets. Weight Watchers assigns a number label to each type of food or meal based not on the quantity of calories (although that is taken into account) but on the overall quality: calories, fat, and fiber are all factors that go into any given point. You can also use online calculators and books to figure out how many points individual items are or estimate the points of homemade meals. This however, comes with two major problems; the first being that it may not work, and the second that it may have harmful effects on one’s health in the long run. Thus, if you’re really serious about losing weight without compromising on health, a steady and trusted plan is the best way forward.
The first two weeks involve eating lean proteins like fish and fowl, unsaturated fats and cutting out the carbohydrates, which will be reintroduced after the first two weeks. The crux of this diet is that excess fat will be metabolized quickly by the body without much effort, but it doesn’t allow you to eat snacks and other tit-bits between meals. During your meals, which will be chalked out to the T and need to be strictly followed, you will be disallowed oil and many other substances. The cabbage diet is a test of endurance and willpower, as one has to consume 2 bowls of cabbage soup everyday along with other foods in small amounts. Although a low-calorie diet, it certainly does not starve your body and you won't experience any dip in energy levels. This fat diet that works to detoxify the body is a bit difficult to follow, as one has to consume only grapes and water. These fast food cravings will eventually vanish within a few days of implementing the diet.
Also, the dieter regains his original weight once he starts following his normal regular diet.
Journaling has important psychological benefits and is also a cornerstone cognitive-behavioral therapy.

While many believe low-carb diets eschew fruits and vegetables altogether, this is definitely not true. Purported to remove the toxins that build up in the body through poor eating habits and modern living, detox diets are a good way to neutralize your New Year’s excesses, but are essentially a short-term solution to a long-term problem. When done properly, these diets can be beneficial for weight loss and even health in general. Each dieter is assigned a points total based on their height, weight and level of physical activity. However, other starches such as quinoa, amaranth, millet and even humble rice and corn are allowed. Here is a list of the best and quickest working diet plans doing the rounds in weight loss circles. While you eat to lose weight in this diet, the first two weeks may be a tough time, considering you’ll be consuming lesser carbohydrates, vitamins and fibers; but it will balance out subsequently in the long run. Oh, and the name comes from the fact that eating a grapefruit (or drinking grapefruit juice) is mandatory with every meal, since it aids in burning fat and allows you to eat as much as you want, but only during meals.
The diet’s emphasis is on limiting calorie intake to less than 1000 calories, thus justifying many extreme cuts. This is a 7 day diet plan in which a person has to compulsorily drink a minimum of 4 glasses of water everyday.
As carbohydrates intake is considerably reduced in the Atkins diet, the body has to depend only upon fat to fulfill its energy needs. Eating 3 to 4 scoops of ice cream everyday along with fruits, salads and homemade vegetable soup can only benefit in losing weight. Instead, switching over to a diet that is nutritious but low in calories as well as enjoyable can provide sustained weight loss. Each of these diets allow certain types of fruits and vegetables to be eaten, particularly asparagus, cucumbers, mushrooms as well as most berries. While this is usually temporary, those with already high-cholesterol or who are at risk for it should seek another diet. But extreme, restrictive diets such as liquid diets or long-term “juice cleanses” can be harmful to the body and even leave you heavier than you were before. As you lose weight, your daily ration of points is reduced until you reach your optimum weight.
Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Gwyneth Paltrow have endorsed the gluten-free diet as a way to lose weight, have clearer skin, and feel more energized. The biggest advantage of this plan is that you don’t have to cut down on your number of meals, thus ensuring that there are no long term side-effects.
According to a recent report, a diet plan that cuts down food consumption to 1500 calories per day is capable enough to decrease weight. Unlike many traditional diets, low-carb ones allow you to eat traditionally rich, “off-limits” foods such as cheese, cream, and red meat. They force the body into “starvation mode” and can cause you to binge-eat when the restriction get to be too much. While a few years ago searching for gluten-free foods was frustrating and challenging, this spur in popularity have caused even mainstream grocery stores to carry gluten-free pastas and pastries. However, once the guidelines are properly followed, this diet is a trustworthy way to lose weight and stay healthy. So a better way to lose weight is to follow a customized diet plan that gives long-lasting results.
The object of the diet is to limit your carbohydrate intake, so while calories should be taken into consideration, you don’t really need to watch them. Weight lost from these kinds of diets is usually water weight—and that won’t last long. Staying gluten-free may cause weight loss simply because of its emphasis on whole grains, unprocessed foods, and the de-facto elimination of most junk and fast foods. The diet recommends to eat right and healthy food, and restricts consumption of carbohydrates to not more than 20 grams per day.
These might be diets that work fast in the short run, but you’ll be paying for it later. So it may not be gluten that causes you to gain weight, but this rather strict diet makes it difficult to indulge in most guilty pleasures. Dr Atkins believes that cutting down carbohydrates intake sufficiently is the key to decrease weight. While eating tons of cheese and steak is technically low-carb friendly, it certainly isn’t healthy, so a common-sense approach should be taken.

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