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There has been much psychological research into how birth order affects personal adjustment and family status, but the notion that it has strong and consistent effects on psychological outcomes is not supported. Jj James-Lange theory the theory that different feeling states stem from the feedback from the viscera and voluntary musculature to the brain: that is, the physiological response precedes rather than follows the feeling.
Big Five personality model a model of the primary dimensions of individual differences in personality. For example, a group of children with diagnosed visual disabilities may be given a visual test to assess its validity as a means of evaluating the presence of visual disabilities. The dimensions are usually labeled extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness (denoting the tendency to act in a cooperative, unselfish manner), conscientiousness (denoting the tendency to be responsible and hardworking), and openness to experience (denoting a willingness to participate in new aesthetic, cultural, or intellectual experiences), though the labels vary somewhat among researchers.
This is the focus of differential psychology, for which the term individual differences psychology increasingly is used. In humans, it covers a wide range of behaviors, including volunteerism and martyrdom, but the degree to which such behaviors are legitimately without Alzheimer’s disease egotistic motivation is subject to mU much debate.

The criterion is fixed, that is, each person’s score is measured against the same criterion and is not influenced by the performance of others.
In animal behavior it is difficult to understand how altruism could evolve since natural selection operates on individuals. However, organisms displaying altruism can benefit if they help their relatives (see kin selection) or if an altruistic act is subsequently reciprocated (reciprocal altruism), altruistic adj.
Although jargon is often unavoidable in dealing with technical or specialist subjects, inappropriate or unnecessary use can alienate outsiders, who find it unintelligible. Glucoreceptors are a putative mechanism for detecting levels of circulating glucose and conveying this information to brain areas. In psycholinguistics research, the term typically refers to a within-word consecutive character sequence (e.

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