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If you're tossing back shots and wolfing down greasy bar food when you go out, your bar habits may be ruining your waistline!
If you have a habit of munching on sweets or processed foods instead of veggies, take this quiz to see if your diet is really balanced! Rhodiola rosea is known as an adaptogen, which is a substance that improves the body’s response to mental, emotional or physical stress. Add rhodiola rosea to your regimen if you are looking to increase energy, decrease mental fatigue and improve mood and performance. 1Take 200 to 500 mg of rhodiola rosea upon rising to start off your day with more energy and focus.
2Take another 200 to 500 mg of rhodiola rosea at midday to maintain mental focus and physical performance throughout the day. Rhodiola Side Effects: Use the smallest recommend dose of rhodiola that provides a benefit when treating depression, or erectile dysfunction. Please enter your username or email address.You will receive a link to create a new password via email.
Increasing your activity (exercise) will also have an immediate impact on your mental clarity. The above lifestyle changes will help significantly and with the addition of supplements you will significantly improve your mental clarity.
B-Complex- Primarily B-6, folic acid and B-12 are important for neurotransmitter production. Omega-3s- Fish Oil-more specifically DHA is considered the more important nutrient because DHA has been linked to improving memory, as well as many other aspects of mental health. Because we know you love FREE Shipping, we have it on over 4000 items with no minimums.In addition, you are also eligible for FREE Shipping when your order is over $49, under 5 lbs and shipped anywhere in the contiguous United States across all items we carry. Mental Clarity features MycoMedicinal Lion's Mane, Heicium erinaceus the most important mushroom for supporting brain function. When following a raw food diet, you will notice more mental clarity and mental stamina, as well as sharper concentration.
Add rhodiola rosea pure OZpowder to your sport regimen if you are looking to increase energy, decrease mental fatigue and improve mood and sport performance.
Some are further along this path than others, as is evident by certain players’ fortitude and consistency.
Rhodiola does not create a buzz feeling like caffeine or other stimulants, but it is known for sustaining energy for two or three hours, and maybe longer for some users.

This herb helps the body balance stress hormones such as cortisol, which can negatively affect your workout results. For example, during stressful periods or high-intensity training, take rhodiola rosea twice per day for balance. In traditional medicine, rhodiola root was prepared as a tea, and given in treatment of colds, anemia and to enhance fertility and sexual function. Eliminate refined foods like sugar, pasta and other “white foods” can have an immediate impact.
Regretfully too many people just don’t make time for sleep or they have such an active mind that they can’t fall asleep. Let’s take a look at a few that will have an immediate impact and can be used for extended periods of time.
Since you should never take any one B-vitamin by itself I suggest using a B-Complex to get these three nutrients. B-vitamins work together with Magnesium in the process of balancing your neurotransmitters and helping you body adapt to the stress it may be under. Using 1-3 grams of fish oil in your children and 3-6 grams in adults will have a great impact on your memory and mental well-being. As we fill our daily routine with more and more things it will become even more difficult to focus. Japanese research has shown that Lion's Mane produces compounds called eninacines, which are strong stimulators to nerve growth factor synthesis.
Confidence and determination, although combining to consist of a large portion of what is considered to be mental strength, are not the only factors. It may change from time to time or during a season, as we get older or as we become more experienced.
Cortisol breaks down muscle tissue and promotes fat-storage when you want your body to do the opposite. This is particularly useful for progressive weight-training, when you downshift to prevent overproduction of cortisol. My suggestion is to use herbs such as valerian root and passion flower to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.
By increasing your activity you will improve circulation to the brain and help take some of the stress away. Then, put them in order of priority and only work on the task that is at the top of the list.

By balancing your neurotransmitters, your body will have improved mental clarity-just give it a try.
Its ability to improve circulation is probably its best attribute, but it also possesses other health benefits beyond memory and mental clarity. For those of us living in that world I suggest using herbs such as Reishi, holy basil and perhaps ginseng.
Incorporating my suggestions will help your body and mind adjust to these burdens and keep you focused like a laser beam-not a 10 watt bulb.
These compounds stimulate neurons to regrow, which supports normal cognitive function, muscular coordination and response, and neurological repair. The ability to handle external pressure and the physical symptoms of nervous energy such as lethargy and feelings of weakness are also important tools in reaching one’s potential. It is, however, something that can and must be practiced and can be greatly improved, especially as so little time and effort has been put into improving it thus far. Issues like not enough sleep, stress, diet, lack of exercise and too much on you mind are just a few of the more popular causes.
Even though caffeine will help in the short run (occasional use), it will have negative effects if used day after day.
I find it a great way to clear your mind so you can focus on the things that are most important. Mental Clarity also provides other "nerve tonic" mushroom species to complement the activity of Lion's Mane. I joke with people that they “just have too many trains on the track” and that is why their thoughts aren’t clear.
Trying to take on too much at a time will make you have decreased mental clarity and inefficient at your work or school. Whatever the reason may be, natural medicine can offer some quick easy solutions to clearing up your mental fog. We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product.

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