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There is no doubt that we live in a world of manipulation, false promises and exaggerated claims. The reasons these programs become so popular is because they are presented and marketed very well.
In my opinion, these photos are selling false or exaggerated promises of what 90 days, etc., of their program can achieve.
I decided to take my own transformation photos to see what was possible with just a few easy tweaks. As you can see, I'm no bodybuilder, but I had enough muscle on me to catch some shadows from the all-important overhead lighting. Just a few weeks ago I took another series of photos in an attempt to be a little more deceptive. Forget about the quick transformations and focus on a life of healthy eating, well-managed stress levels, quality sleep and plenty of movement. We all spend too much time sucking in our guts, trying to look the way we think society thinks we should. Since there are hundreds and thousands of other bloggers writing about weight loss, I was surprised I managed to bag 2 more weight loss blog awards (in addition to the ones I’d already won here and here) over the course of the past few weeks.
First up, I ranked #8 on Diet-to-Go’s list of Top 100 Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers.
This entry was posted in Diet-to-Go, Fitness, Health, Health Listed, Jade In the Press, Self-help, Weight Loss, Wellness and tagged Blog awards, Diet, Diet-to-Go, Featured, Fitness, Health, Health Listed, Jade In the Press, Publicity, Self-help, Thrills, Weight loss, Weight loss blogger, Weight loss blogs, Wellness by Jade. And I’m not the only one: Olympians use them to push through the pain, athletes use them to stay on their game and gym rats use them to push through another pushup. Almost everybody who successfully loses weight or heals an illness has one thing in common.
But there are big limitations, because there isn’t just one thing that helps someone get healthy or lose weight on a Paleo diet. For example, the first time I tried to bake a cake when I was a kid, it was a dramatic failure.
That’s why I put together this list of the top 10 reasons that folks fail to feel better or lose weight on a Paleo Diet. Word of Warning: Parts of this list will sound harsh or just hard, but you can only avoid these mistakes if you know about them. You absolutely CANNOT view eating Paleo as a burden or only as a means of achieving a goal. And you probably don’t want to hear this, because changing the way you think can be tough.
Typically, someone starts a Paleo diet for a number of reasons: they want to lose weight, to heal an autoimmune condition, to get rid of gut issues, or something similar. When life gets hard, you’re not going to be able to muster up enough willpower to keep going. The first thing you usually do is remove all the bread, pasta, cereal, cookies, sodas, and other junk that you were eating.
In addition, eating too little food tells your body that it needs to hold on to fat and get rid of muscle.
It’s only through this process that you learn whether or not you can actually handle dairy, whether legumes cause you intestinal distress, and whether a little processed sugar here and there will send you over the edge or not. If you want to be healthy, lean, anda€¦wella€¦happy, then it’s imperative that you find some ways to get your stress levels under control.
From the perspective of your body, psychological stress is not very different than eating junk food. Louise can actually tell if she’s stressed because it almost immediately starts to cause her digestive problems. And most of all, meditate every day – this is probably the best bit of advice that very few people actually act on.
Whatever you do, find a way to relax and calm your mind, and the rest of your body will follow suit. We don’t know exactly how much our ancestors walked, but most research points to a minimum of around 5 miles per day, and likely more in many parts of the world. If you want to take just one tip from this list, then I’d probably start with this one.
When Louise and I first started eating a Paleo diet, we’d spend most of our time figuring out the best ways to recreate cookies, lasagna, and bread.

Eventually, though, we got tired of spending so much time and energy trying to re-create foods we used to eat.
If you want to eat Paleo cookies and cakes every once in a while, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Plus, your diet is probably composed more of nut flours, honey, and chocolate than veggies, seafood, and meats. There’s a lot of debate about whether or not your body should be burning fat or carbohydrates as its main fuel. The healthiest human bodies have a great ability to switch back and forth between burning fats (or ketones) and carbs (glycogen). Another thing that will stress and inflame your body, though, is exercise – particular intense exercise. In that study, researchers looked at 1,685 participants to determine the best predictors of weight loss. Participants who recorded almost every meal they ate lost almost 3 times as much weight as participants who recorded very little of the food they ate. Get someone to diet with you, and then check in every day with them to see how you’re each doing. In the end, it really doesn’t matter how you get accountability, so long as you get it. If you’re looking for one-on-one help in losing weight, then please sign up for a free 30-minute call here to see if our weight-loss coaching is right for you.
Even if you’re doing it all 95% right, that last 5% could still be stalling your progress and keeping you fat or sick.
Also, if you want to enhance your Paleo diet even more, click here to get our book 15 Common Paleo Pitfalls for free! We are Louise and Jeremy, and we believe in eating Real Food, treating the cause of an illness rather than medicating the symptoms, and in the power of YOU to take control of your own health.
Once you have your diet and exercise plan in place, the key then is to find ways to motivate you to continue on your path.
When you get down to this weight, you won’t worry about looking down at the scales to see how much you weigh.
Motivational pictures, quotes and reminders are especially effective when placed in your bathroom, bedroom and kitchen!
Diet Motivation PicturesOne successful approach to losing weight and getting in shape is using pictures and motivational sayings. How to Use Pictures to Become ThinDiet Pictures Can Help You Lose Weight and Get You Into Shape Diet Pictures can be a way to motivate yourself and help you stay on your diet. Thyroid Eyebrow Hair Loss PicturesThyroid Eyebrow Hair Loss Pictures Thyroid Symptoms: Fatigue, Weight Gain, Hair Loss (eyebrows) Many people today suffer from thyroid problems without even realizing it. Colon Cancer Pictures and InformationColon cancer is cancer of the large intestine or colon which is located at the lower section of the digestive system and should not be interchanged with rectal or anal cancer.
There is absolutely no limit to how high you could climb on the ladder of success, except the limit that you consciously place in your subconscious mind. For me, weight loss is not about crash dieting, fads, teatoxing, or some strange concoction you consume daily that magically expels fats.
All I have to do is read a few inspiring words and I’m raring to go to the gym… or go for a run… or get out on the sand volleyball court.
A lot of people want to lose weight but some of them do it for the sake of fitting in to society’s concept of beauty, not for the improvement of their health.
I used too few eggs (I didn’t have enough), I left the cake in the oven too long, and I tried to ice the cake before it had cooled. I made several mistakes, and any one of those mistakes was enough to mess up my cake at least a little bit (or a lot). None of us are perfect, and it can get really stressful trying to eat 100% correctly all the time. The stress that goes on in your brain directly affects your gut bacteria, your immune system, and the inflammation levels in your body. Unplug from your phone, computer, TV, and other electronics for an extended period of time. Going to the gym is great, but nothing makes a bigger difference than simply walking enough.
I lived and worked in New York City for many years, and almost everybody I knew slept way too little.

And you can guess which of those foods is healthier and more likely to help you feel and look better. In fact, walking more frequently is a great way to get back some of your metabolic flexibility. You might be eating bad food, getting too stressed out, sleeping too little, or even have a gut pathogen.
In other words, just recording what you eat, will make you MUCH more likely to lose weight (on a Paleo diet or otherwise). Tell everybody that you know that you’re eating only unprocessed foods for the next 60 days. This will help be a constant reminder to do what you need to do – eat healthy foods and exercise!
Someone with bulimia might binge generalized weakness, fatigue, abdominal pain, loss be present including dry skin and hair loss.
I've been a personal trainer for more than 11 years, and clients and friends are always telling me about the next amazing diet or exercise program. Before I claim it's all bullshit, I want to make it clear that there are definitely some very impressive, genuine physical transformations out there. I was feeling particularly bloated on the day, so I asked my girlfriend to take a before shot.
Be inspired, but don't be disappointed if you don't see yourself the way you see those models. For about 7592470672016 reasons (with health issues and societal pressure topping the list), weight loss is a GLOBAL HOT TOPIC. Suddenly, you feel even worse, you make another bad decision, and you’re spiraling out of control. And currently, the only good way to learn is to do a strict elimination period of at least 30 (and preferably 60) days.
First, you give your body a chance to fully recover, which you don’t get if one day a week is still a cheat day. If nothing else, eliminate all grains, all legumes, all processed sugar, all seed oils, and all dairy. After all, it’s mostly your brain that control how much stress hormones (like cortisol) are produced in your body.
Get a device that measures your steps (Fitbit Charge, Withings Pulse, or something similar), and then walk as much as you can every single day. And if you’re hoping to lose fat, not sleeping enough could be your biggest obstacle. You just need to move the foods you would have eaten to meal-time, instead of between meals.
Intense exercises like running, cycling, and others, though, put a lot of stress on your body. Or join our Pure Paleo Reset and make a commitment that way to being very strict for at least the next 30 days.
What I do take issue with are the transformations that are manipulated with Photoshop, professional lighting, postures to degrade or enhance their look, pro tans, sucking in or pushing out a bloated belly or flexing muscles vs.
I then shaved my head, face and chest and prepared for the after shot, which was about an hour after I took the before shot.
Being tricked into eating low-calorie diets and doing endless cardio is a recipe for fat gain, especially in the long term. And more importantly, after this period, you can start reintroducing various foods (legumes, dairy, etc.) to see how your body reacts. It won’t make up for a poor diet or severe health issues, but if nothing else, it will make you feel a lot better. And more importantly, if you’re already unhealthy in any way, then you need to cut back even more. I did a few push ups and chin ups, tweaked my bedroom lighting, sucked in, tightened my abs and BOOM! Once you get everything else in your body working properly, then your body will once again be able to handle intense exercise.

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