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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Seven-time Grammy-winner Swift is known for always staying true to herself, whether in the recording studio, on the red carpet or performing on stage, and her extraordinary individuality serves as the inspiration behind the collector’s edition Diet Coke can. The collector’s edition is the latest evolution in Diet Coke’s multi-year partnership with Swift as the centerpiece of the brand’s iconic Stay Extraordinary platform. In-store and point-of-sale advertising inspired by Swift also will support the launch of the new can. Diet Coke recently featured the new packaging design in a Twitter promotion where 13 of the brand’s most loyal followers received a sneak peek of the collector’s edition can before it landed on store shelves.
The collector’s edition Diet Coke Taylor Swift 12-ounce can will be on store shelves for a limited time and appear in market October 1. Hennessy Cognac And Virtuoso Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell Join Forces For 2016 Limited Edition Bottle Of V.S. BevNET Beverage School is an on-demand, video-based learning tool and online community designed for entrepreneurs and newcomers to the food and beverage industry.

Published 8x per year, BevNET Magazine is the leading industry magazine for analysis of trends, innovation, marketing, and product development. The BevNET Podcast is a weekly podcast that explores current trends and news from the food and beverage industries. The limited-time Diet Coke® Taylor Swift can 6-pack will be on beverage aisles nationwide in October and November, and is sure to catch the eye of people who enjoy Diet Coke every day to stay on their “A” game.
Brought to life by San Francisco-based agency Turner Duckworth, the bold design features Swift’s popular quote handwritten in Diet Coke red along with the singer’s logo, which wraps the 12-ounce can. While the look has changed, the taste remains the same and the can will still be easy to recognize as the number two beverage brand and number one zero-calorie brand in the nation. If your scores are higher than two, talk with your physician and ask about a food elimination gluten-free diet as an option.Dr. With an enduring commitment to building sustainable communities, our Company is focused on initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint, support active, healthy living, create a safe, inclusive work environment for our associates, and enhance the economic development of the communities where we operate.
Together with our bottling partners, we rank among the world’s top 10 private employers with more than 700,000 system associates.

Sue Shepherd developed the low fodmap diet in 1999.  According to her website, "She has proven, through her pioneering PhD research, that limiting dietary FODMAPs is an effective treatment for people with symptoms of IBS. The low FODMAP diet has been published in international medical journals and is now accepted and recommended as one of the most effective dietary therapies for IBS."What do you think about the low fodmap diet?  Do you think you will try it?  Leave a comment below!If you'd like more information on the low Fodmap Diet, here are a few books that may interest you. Like I tell people about me and paleo I love paleo, but only to the degree that it fits my lifestyle. I won’t let it stop me from indulging if I want to nor will I let it stop me from eating things of cultural importance or at big events. Good work picking out what does and doesn’t work for you!Reply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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