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So I’m going to explain to you the difference between eating healthy and dieting, so we can just end this conversation and never open it up again. The word diet really means everything that you eat and drink, anything that enters your body through your mouth to give you energy.
A healthy eating plan is a complete program that improves your health and life style according to your food. 1)   Eating healthy is going to teach you how to lose weight slowly in an effort to keep the weight off permanently.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Most of the time, clean eating involved fruits, vegetables and whole grain, and seem to be really popular with girls trying to lose weight (And girls posting pictures of their well defined abs). I found a really good diagram, courtesy of eMeals, of the difference between paleo and clean eating. In any case, switching over from a typical Singaporean diet (greasy beehoon for breakfast, oily Nasi Lemak for lunch and mooncakes for dessert) to more clean eating is surely a huge improvement in itself. Here we go, first of all lately we’ve grown into relying on quick fixes to get us ready for an important event, for example prom, weddings, high school reunion, graduation and many more. Overtime we as humans, off course changed the importance of this word to a multi-billion dollar industry aimed at quick fixes, which feeds our insecurities.

Eating healthy doesn’t focus on restricting or totally eliminating foods, however it tells your body how to consume its energy correctly, by eating the right food. A diet will only focus on losing weight quickly in a very short period of time, which usually slaps you back in the face by gaining the weight back, sometimes the double.
Yes it will take time till you reach your goal, and it will require you to change your life style, you will have to work out, but by the end, when your results are out they won’t be gained back the moment you break your eating cycle. Eating healthy is always the better choice, dieting is just a form of torture that helps you for a while, but in a matter of time it will slap you right in the face. The most crucial aspect is the focus on fresh whole foods and elimination of processed food. It’s not overly difficult to follow because you get to eat something from all major food groups. For example, If you’re sitting somewhere with your friends and your friend orders a salad, the first thing you or someone else will say is probably “are you on a diet?” and if I was there I would answer you back and say “no, she’s just eating healthy instead of stuffing her face with unhealthy food.” Another example would be, if someone goes to the gym, runs, jogs, walks or any form of exercise you can possibly think of, the first thing someone is going to say is “why are you trying to lose weight?
So if someone is trying to lose weight before graduation that person will probably try going on a chemical diet, or only water diet, or any of those other diets that cuts out all the food we normally eating except a couple.
The goal of any diet is basically to restrict our intake of food and beverages in an effort to lose weight.
One of the easiest ways to spot a flawed diet is when one only eats one type of food or eliminates certain foods. Some even have videos so you can watch them lift weights in the gym or perform CrossFit routines.

Subsequently, it seems the paleo diet is more restrictive than clean eating in its avoidance of grains, legumes and dairy. For example the cabbage soup diet, or grapefruit diet, which by the way, only makes people gain back the weight with extra pounds the moment they break the eating cycle. I believe most moms can barely find time to take a shower, let alone add an extra 60 minutes at the gym.
In reality, if we just stick to a healthy eating plan (eating healthy) we can completely forget about those quick diets that only ruin our bodies.  By eating healthy, you will no longer have those moments of terror when an invitation comes on Facebook “Please RSVP” or when you see an old boyfriend on the street. However regardless of what a diet restricts, they all share a common theme: either to eliminate something from your eating routine, or to cut back on how much food you consume. Then again, trying to change food habits when youa€™re exhausted seems like a real chore compared to zapping speghattios. Exercise vs diet should not even be a debate, the truth is that you need to combine both exercise AND diet to succeed and obtain weight loss.

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