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Maximizing your weight loss on the HCG diet is essential when you are trying to lose a significant amount of weight.
Remember that you can always repeat the diet if needed, but if you manage to lose the most weight every time that you try the diet then you hopefully won’t have to repeat it very many times, and you’ll accomplish your weight loss goals more quickly. When you purchase the HCG diet from Nu Image Medical we include an up-to-date protocol that covers everything that you’ll need to know for the diet. Although there are several requirements of the protocol such as avoiding cosmetics with lotion, avoiding certain over the counter medications and more, the main requirement to follow is the diet requirements for what you can and cannot eat. If you follow the food requirements for the diet and carefully count your portions, you’ll be much more likely to have success during Phase 2 and you’ll lose the most weight possible. For example, if you eat 2 oranges, 2 1 cup servings of cabbage, and 2 3.5 ounce portions of chicken breast and one Grissini breadstick for one of the days of the diet, just as the protocol allows for, you’ll probably end up at around 500 calories or so. Be sure that you choose a medically supervised HCG diet because there are several diets out there that won’t necessarily work for you.
Other diet providers that sell the diet without medical supervision are doing so at the risk of their patients’ health, and they often are not able to answer questions about the diet or offer any form of educated advice about it as well. Avoid those retailers at all cost and purchase the diet from an established licensed provider with real medical professionals on staff. Cheating is the biggest cause of weight loss issue while on the HCG diet, and although it is difficult to avoid cheating while on the diet, it is necessary in order to guarantee that you’ll lose the most weight possible. This might mean getting rid of all the junk food in your home and pantry or locking it up until the diet is over.
Try as many HCG diet recipes as you can before you start the diet itself so that you can come up with a list of favorites.
One way to help ensure that you have success with the diet is to make it as fun and pleasant as possible, even though it is just three weeks long, and if you are eating at least a few of your favorite foods then you’ll be less likely to want to eat junk or something else to satisfy your taste buds. Another crucial requirement for losing weight on the diet is to follow the injection protocol properly.
You will want to start injecting the hormone during the first three gorging days as well as during Phase 2 of the diet on every single day of the diet.
Be sure to ask your medical provider questions as well if you are unclear about any aspect of the diet or run into a plateau or other health problem.
For more information about the details of the HCG diet or to ask any questions at all, or to find out about the diet’s requirements, click here to speak to a medical provider at Nu Image. We live by rules in every part of our life – finances, marriage, work and government, to name of few. Since we are expected to not spend more than we make, most of us live on some type of budget. The only difference between overeating and overspending is no one repos your car or takes your house. When juicing for weight loss a lot of people email me and call me all the time asking how to do it. Aside from the fact that juiced fruits and vegetables have very low calories and no fat, they are loaded with a variety of high quality vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes that help your body function at its best. The reason juicing helped me was largely because I was consuming a whole lot of empty calories and I felt unsatisfied all of the time. Desperate for answers and tired of the mundane complacency I had an wise old man tell me that if juicing worked to help him rid his body from cancer, what would it do for me?
What started out as 1 green drink per day escalated to 2 and then the Alpha Reset (5 day juice cleanse) that has transformed thousands of people all over the planet. When Juicing for maximum weight loss, it is important to avoid a lot of fruit in your recipes. FREE FAT LOSS REPORT!Learn the secrets to melting away 12 to 23 pounds of fat in just 21 days!We hate spam. About Diet DominationAt Diet Domination our mission is to provide up to date diet & nutrition articles from around the web, so that you may choose a diet that not only suits you, but you can easily dominate.
Please note that some of the links on our site are partner advertisements or affiliate links and as such, Diet Domination may earn a small proportion in commission from any sales as a result these links. Instead of eating three square meals every day, consider spreading out large meals into mini ones.
You do not need to eliminate carbohydrates from your diet if you want to shed the extra weight. Apart from being the worst time to eat carbs, dinner is also the worst time to stuff your face with food. Colas, soft drinks, energy drinks, artisanal coffee, and even some fruit juices are loaded with so many calories they are practically liquid sugar! Whenever you try a round of the HCG diet you want to lose the most weight possible of course, and although the diet can be a bit challenging, if you follow the requirements of the protocol properly and maintain your injections, you’ll see the maximum results possible. You’ll need to familiarize yourself as much as possible with it prior to starting the diet, and you may want to take a few hours to read it over at least twice because there are a few details to learn.
You won’t even necessarily need to count every calorie as long as you are following the food and portion requirements. Just be sure to truly stick to HCG approved foods only during Phase 2 of the diet and you’ll see the maximum results.
A medically supervised diet will have the medical professionals and advisors available to help you through the diet if you run into any rough spots or if you have any questions at all about the requirements. Some providers don’t have any protocol at all, leaving you to wonder what to do on the diet and basically selling you a low quality or possibly contaminated hormone product without giving you specific advice on how to use it.
At Nu Image Medical our HCG diet protocol has been professionally developed by licensed medical doctors and it is based on the original Simeons protocol which is by far the most proven and safe protocol for weight loss. You’ll need to do whatever you can to avoid cheating while on the diet, at least temporarily. You might have to completely avoid restaurants or other environments that will tempt you to eat unhealthy food, and you will need to cook at home for Phase 2 and the majority of Phase 3. That will make it a lot easier to avoid cheating while you are on the diet, as it will make the food on the diet a lot more enjoyable.
At Nu Image Medical we supply you with as much hormone as you need for the three week or six week HCG diet in careful dosages, and we also provide you with a detailed injection protocol and schedule to follow. Missing just one day can throw off your weight loss and cause hormone changes that can make it more difficult for you to lose weight.
Like your spending, indulging in the extras should be an occasional treat – not a daily habit.
I have gotten to a point in my life and eating habits where I know what foods and how much of them works for me and what doesn’t! The same way some people can do pretty well with their budget if they just avoid some stores (like Bloomingdales!), some people can manage their weight just fine with restricting foods in other ways. In a state of being un-satisfied I did what anyone would do in my situation and I ate more. Healthy but not at the level of performance I wanted to be in I decided to take a chance and boy am I glad I did. Let’s talk about how you can go from average to awesome in the next 60 days before summer comes. Sometimes people use too much fruit on the Alpha Reset and they wonder why they aren’t losing any weight.

There's nothing worse than 'being on a diet', so we don't advocate anything that would put your health in danger.
But to make the most impact on body fat, weight and muscle mass, you need to lay down weight loss strategies that are proven to work! Because there is no strenuous activity to burn off all the extra calories after dinner, the calories you consumed will be stored as fat while you sleep! Your quality of nutrition will ensure optimal performance and help you avoid overtraining – regardless of your running status (novice or professional).Any exercise can place a lot of stress on the body, so it is important to focus on nutrition in order to optimize your recovery. Our patients have had incredible results with our protocol and you will too if you follow it correctly.
For some reason we think those kind of rules are bad, unhealthy, limiting, no fun, unfair, damaging and inconvenient. Instead of thinking about what you are missing out on right NOW, you must think about what you would miss out on LATER if you don’t stick to your plan.
A friend of mine who lost a lot of weight years ago said it was simple, just don’t put the food in your mouth! People need to create new habits that become part of their routine so that doing all of these things becomes second nature. The fact that I need to eat a very restrictive and selective diet is also a contributing factor to HOW I know what works for me – And I am okay with that. September 1, 2014Back Exercises You Can Do at HomeCome on, you know where the back machines are in your gym right?
So much more in fact that it didn’t matter how long I would work out in the gym my body remained the same.
The fact that I have stomach issues, food intolerances & allergies is almost a blessing in disguise to me! You want to boost your diet with low-calorie, high fiber foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains. Getting enough water also helps lubricate the tendons and muscles so they stay flexible and strong. So reserve heavy meals during the mornings and always eat lightly at night to maintain your slender physique. Adding a dash of lemon extract to a glass of chilled water is a great way to quench thirst and burn off more calories.
Some do this because they want to lose a few pounds to look better in jeans, while others believe that those extra pounds hinder their performance.
You can literally work off the hole you got yourself into just like we work off financial debt – by working hard, going on a budget, and sticking to it until the debt is gone. Eating carbs in the morning guarantees that they will be burned off during the day for fuel instead of being stored as body fat.
So,every time you are tempted, remember the repercussions for doing what is wrong and remember the reward for doing what is right. August 5, 2014The Importance of Dietary Supplements and Military TraininAs a soldier, you know the amount of military training, drills, and workouts you do consistently to stay in shape mentally and physically.
If you want lose some extra fat, think about adding in quality carbs and protein and “crowding out” the kind of processed and sugary foods that just don’t do you much good when you’re running. Focus on what you are working toward – and don’t you dare let anything get in your way! Even if you are not actively deployed, you understand the importance of being ever vigilant and maintaining heightened performance requirements. Macronutrient Ratios: Fat, Protein and CarbsAside from calories, one of the most important nutrition tips that runners should consider is their macronutrient ratios. The extra work we have to do in the gym, and the sacrifices we have to make out of the gym are all part of the process to reach our goal. Eating the right amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrates is important in order to maintain leanness, sustain high energy levels, and facilitate rapid recovery from exercise.
April 15, 2014Military’s Secret WeaponSuper Army Mega Endurance Formula – The Secret Weapon of Service Men If you’re a military air traffic controller, drone operator, army ranger, marine or navy SEAL who executes tactical operations or endures service-related obstacles, you’re looking for more than a pre-workout product. April 5, 2014Soldiers, Athletes, and Winning the War on PTSDWhen You’re Living the Stuff that Movies are Made Of In this Article: Staying Healthy in the 3-Stages of Deployment Great Soldiers are Great Athletes What’s on the Inside? Avoid eating processed foods such as refined sugars, deli meats, industrial vegetable cooking oils, carbonated beverages, and other forms of food that do not occur naturally.
Exercise and perspiration drains the body of important electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. In this series, you’ll get a glimpse of what it takes to go from recreational athlete to elite athlete. We are continually learning more about sports nutrition and how it relates to sports performance. You can sign up to our newsletter below to get the latest nutrition tips for runners and other training tips.Want even more great Military Training and Fitness Tips? Military Grade Nutritionals-Dietary Supplements for Extreme ConditionsBe sure your TEAM gets the best information too! The Arnold Sports Festival More than a Freak ShowRecent Press Release: Believe it or not, not everybody who attended the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, OH this past weekend wants to be a meathead, monster, mutant, or guerilla when they hit the gym. They are wary of the measures some guys take to get those bulging biceps and shrink-wrapped abs.
January 5, 2014Should I Use Plyometrics and Vertical Jumps in my Military Workout?In this Article: First: The Warning for Plyometric Exercise Why Should you Do Plyometric Training?
October 16, 2013The Top 13 Reasons Why You Need to Start Doing Bodyweight Exercises1)  Dual purpose workouts- It’s easy to mix strength training exercises with cardio exercises. 2)  Efficient workouts –Reduce the time spent loading barbells, adjusting machines and driving to a gym. October 14, 2013The Top 18 Funniest Fitness MemesFitness Tips: Workout Wisdom and Motivation The internet is full of hilarious memes and the fitness industry is no exception. September 26, 2013Four Natural Supplements For Boosting EnduranceNatural Energy and Endurance Boosters: Compliments of Mother Nature Endurance Supplements can play a KEY role in helping you reach your fitness goals.
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Earlier this month, a Huffington Post contest was held to see which food or spice readers thought would be the next kale. September 24, 2013Nutraceutical Supplements That Would Make Any Service Member Say “Hoorah”Nutraceuticals that live up to the challenges of today’s military Serving in today’s military is a multi-faceted and complex role. With our troops alternating between daily physical and emotional overexertion, the classic so-called bodybuilding supplements just don’t cut it. September 23, 2013Experiencing the Full Benefits of Taking Navy Seal SupplementsOur navy seal supplements are a natural way to experience enhanced endurance, more energy and a clear mind. Our team at Active Life Global Solutions carefully designed our navy seal formula to beat the rigors of everyday life and still achieve new personal triumphs in fitness and training.
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July 25, 2013What is so Special About a BCAA Supplement with Vitamin B?What are BCAA Supplements? And at any stage of the cell regeneration, what you eat and the dietary supplements you take (or don’t take) can affect the strength and integrity of your bones.
Nothing wrong with that; however, there are real heroes all around us if you know where to look.
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June 13, 20137 Weight Loss Tips You Can Start Using TodayLosing Weight Easily Starts with 7 Easy Steps When you’re getting ready for military bootcamp or a sports event, the motivation for getting in great shape is easy to find.
VIDEOWhat It Takes to Join an Elite Military Force Army Rangers-Training Ranger School is one of the toughest training courses for which a Soldier can volunteer. Army Rangers are experts in leading Soldiers on difficult missions— and to do this they need rigorous training. Taking Your Workout Goals One Step Further Before you even think about putting together a workout plan, you need to sit down and set some workout goals. May 19, 2013Bodyweight Exercises and Chemistry?What exactly does Science have to do with Bodyweight Exercises? Well, a really cool way to show you the best exercises for increasing stamina, shedding fat, and building muscle. In this video, soldiers answer your questions about Army Basic Training: Do you have to keep your head shaved?
May 10, 2013How to Avoid Fatigue While Working a 9-5Unfortunately, many of us spend most of our days working behind a desk in the cubicle, and this could do destruction to our bodies.
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Only then do they really fully appreciate the amount of physical and mental strength you’ve got to have. They are found in the places you expect to find them – on the battle field, in a burning building, wearing a uniform, wearing fatigues and combat boots, carrying a badge and a gun.
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Sample Respiratory Training Device [video] What if there was a way to increase the “strength” of your respiratory muscles? March 8, 2013Will Water Training Increase Sports Performance and Lung Function?The Therapy and Sports Training Connection In this Article: The Therapy and Sports Training Connection Why do Water Training?
Body weight exercises mixed with calisthenics can give you a good solid workout to build muscle and endurance.
March 5, 2013The Hidden Ab Muscle That Will Get You a Six Pack!As a military fitness trainer and inventor of the Strength Stack 52 fitness workout cards, you might think I am a big advocate of sit-ups.  Actually, I despise sit-ups and rarely ever do them, but many people ask how I maintain my 6-pack abs at the age of 36 without being on a diet. March 1, 2013Military Weight Loss, Diets, and Heart HealthHow to Beat Fat and Improve Heart Health In this Article: Are Low-Carb Diets good for Military Weight Loss?
Going Mediterranean and Military Weight Loss Diets Next Step for Choosing Military Weight Loss Diets? 2)   Your Brain Doesn’t Know you’re Thirsty…and Other Myths 3)   Dangers of Overhydration How Much Water do you Really Need? February 10, 2013Military Leadership: Will a Big Personality Get you Killed?Military Leadership Traits: Learned or Inherent? January 27, 2013Altitude Training: Benefits, Risks, and Challenges for Military and Sports TrainingIs Blood-Doping the Only Way to Get Oxygen-Rich Blood? January 13, 2013Preventing Jet Lag in Military OperationsHow to Prevent Jet Lag and Stay Healthy when Crossing Time Zones In this Article: 1. January 11, 2013Special Benefits of Vitamin D for Women and Military TrainingThe Benefits of Calcium and Vitamin D Could Help you Finish Military Bootcamp In this Article: 1. Everyone’s busy nowadays, were lucky if we can find time to cook a healthy dinner for ourselves.
December 28, 2012What’s in the Best Vitamins for Men Training for Military?Generic Vitamins are for Weekend Warriors – Soldiers Need Not Apply! Now, as you can imagine we are big fans of the dietary supplements created by Military Grade Nutritionals.
December 26, 2012How to Prevent Stress Fractures to complete Military Physical and Sports TrainingDon’t Let Bone Stress End Your Military Physical Training In this Article: 1. December 21, 2012The Plateau Busting Mini Workout Theory Put to the TestWhat About Mini Workouts to Break Through your Plateau and Jump Start Military Training Results? October 28, 2012Sports Training meets Military Training at JBLM: Proof that Soldiers are Athletes!Elite Sports Training for Military? Mental Workouts for Military Training It seems like the value of sports training is also recognized by our military. October 26, 2012Training for the Navy Seals: Swimming Intervals and Open Water TrainingYou Gotta Swim! Overview of 4Types of Speed Training Programs Sports training  involves various conditioning methods like a speed training program, endurance training, or strength training. Staying Healthy During Shift Work with the Best Dietary Supplements Being a soldier is not a 9-5 job.
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