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Garymar asks “where are the supplements?” Perhaps this was tongue in cheek, but it’s a fair question.
That said, I notice the Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid features a multivitamin plus vitamin D. On the other hand, they consider beef, rice, and potatoes foods to “Eat Sparingly,” and wheat as foundational, so I’m not sure they’re a good model.
Kirk thought our diet is unbalanced toward fat, and so a symbol indicating balance was inappropriate. I am a reader who never quite caught on to how much of every macronutrient I should be eating in order to be PHD compliant.
Upon reading the book, I could not picture how much “400-600 carb calories” were, or “200 protein calories”. On a high fat diet, the quantity of fat looks small compared to the quantity of vegetables. Our thanks to those who stuck up for the symbol, including Pam (“I like the yin-yang symbol a lot! Erp suggested a snake (carrying the apple as in Genesis) or a worm coming out of the apple to represent forbidden foods.
Nitpicky comment: wouldn’t it be more intuitive to have meats in the red section and plants in the green?
Next question: If we’re moving Safe Starches to the left and Meats to the right, would this be interpreted as a “farewell to Paleo”?
MarkES (“a simple visual of food proportions when people look at their own plates”) and Erik (“I also agree with some of the other posters that there are too many words”) wanted less information. Just a quick visual comparison between your chart and the competition leaves me with the impression that yours has too many words … will people read them? A possible defect of including representative foods in text is that someone might mistakenly infer that un-named foods are forbidden. Those are fine foods, but I don’t want the apple-plate to contain a laundry list of foods.
Some of these might require a bit of text overlapping it’s container, or maybe some would fit better diagonal?
My question was a little tongue in cheek, but the supplementation does seem a distinctive part of this regimen.
High carbohydrates increase serotonin levels temporarily because insulin triggers removal of competing amino acids from the blood which enables tryptophan to enter the brain more easily. Elevation of serotonin tends to downregulate serotonin receptors so the mood improvement is not lasting. Overall, I think there are more risks than benefits to promoting tryptophan levels (either through 5-HTP supplementation, tryptophan intake, or high-carb dieting). I know this is a late response, but I wanted to share my vision of a food diagram *just as fair warning, I come from a slightly lower starch train of thought).
For me, the best thing about your plate is that it uses the symbol already associated with PHD…and it makes sense within the context of your food philosophy. Many fruits are pretty minimal in vitamins and minerals, save for vitamin C which I supplement. I was also pleased to find you are presenting at the Weston A Price Foundation Conference in Dallas, TX this November.
Since I now want to work on losing some weight I needed to look at my intake of fat in a more accurate manner, so I finally decided to over come my aversion to Fitday and logged in.
I would try to work very small quantities of starches in and take heavy doses of probiotics and fermented vegetables. Could you expand on what you think mind be happening in the lower gut that might make starch difficult to digest for some people, or could you refer me to some reading material on this topic?
Yes, I likely have dysbiosis in my gut after all those years of antibiotics for chronic sinus infections and high dose corticosteriods for asthma and allergies. It has me wondering if I have a strain of bacteria in my lower gut that is under control right now, but if I start eating starches, the bacteria will start producing some sort of endotoxin or neurotoxin. Well, the gut pathogens will be producing endotoxins, probably other toxins too, and these often produce neurological symptoms.
I would suggest getting carb calories from rice syrup or another glucose source that is easily digestible and doesn’t reach the colon. Then after ~6 months you could try testing small amounts of safe starches to see if the situation has improved. Another possibility is enzyme and chelation therapy to help remove biofilms, which tend to get established with antibiotic treatments, but I’m not sure if that would be more likely to help or hurt. I do agree with others that proposed to place veggies on the green side, I think visually it make more sense. Since “Gilbert Syndrome” is a genetic disease of the liver is it ok to eat like you tell in the book or do you think there might be problems with that amounts of fat? The thing is that since I almost stopped eating saturated fats because of the advice of my doctor i feel really bad, lacking energy and i have more trouble with my stomach.

I was thinking more like 30% carbs 15% protein 55% fats, almost all saturated and monounsaturated, when I said more carbs and less protein. I think as far as quantity of fats vs quantity of carbs you have to experiment a little to see what works best for you. I read that the supplementation of high doses Vitamin K in infants can lead to hemolysis because of their not fully developed Glucuronidierungs-Mechanism (sorry, I don’t know the english word for it). Come to the Perfect Health RetreatCome join us for a week at the beach learning how to achieve a lifetime of great health!
Buy our bookPerfect Health Diet: Regain Health and Lose Weight by Eating the Way You Were Meant to Eat is a great way to understand the dietary and nutritional practices that lead to optimal health. AOBiome Skin ProbioticsWe recommend AOBiome's AO+ Mist skin probiotics, which help convert odorous ammonia to beneficial nitrates, and microbiome-friendly cleansing products.
Keep in mind that even the vendors of the supplements made from real food have their interest in making money. Another funny thing is that people are willing to take toxic prescription or over-the-counter drugs for years but at the same time they are afraid of magnesium stearate, folic acid or vitamin C as ascorbic acid powder. Making a dilemma where vitamins extracted from real food stand against the chemically synthesized vitamins is not relevant in my opinion. You should understand that vitamin supplement made of real food is made of the same food you can buy in the grocery store.
If you buy B-complex made from real food then you actually get a highly processed food and concentrated in a capsule or tablet.
In real food vitamin supplements you actually buying highly processed food to the point where they put a few tens or hundreds of milligrams of food extracts into one supplement capsule and claim that this amount is effective and contains enough vitamins for 180lbs (80 kg) human being. This was actually still OK if they would state the exact amount of vitamins coming from plant sources.
I mean they put on the label that there are vitamins coming from fruit and vegetable but not exactly what amount of those vitamins comes from plants and how much from yeast extract or if the rest of the vitamins is synthetically produced. So everyone who spreads the message of ineffectiveness of synthetic vitamins is doing a very bad service to all those people who can not afford spend a lot of money on the most expensive supplements.
It is the reverse order; first apple juice is extracted and you can buy it as apple juice in a grocery store.
Well, if you want to use apple fiber as prebiotic without the need of eating a lot of apples then processed apple fiber is way better and more convenient. That does not mean you should avoid fresh apples but it is not convenient to force yourself to eat apples two or three times daily just because it is real food and you want to get the fiber into your body. Real food is the best way in an ideal world but unfortunately we do not live in the ideal world. Intestinal bacteria should do that job and produce enough of B-vitamins for us; but problems like SIBO, bad digestion, antibiotics, junk food, drinking chlorinated and fluorinated tap water significantly and negatively affect this process! So my opinion is that supplements are far better when there is some chronic health problem we want to address and supplements may help us to find and possibly eliminate the culprit much faster. The ultimate goal is to bring the body back to its natural balance but why not with help of man-made bioidentical molecules – vitamins? I do not promote or bash any brand of supplements; most of them have some good products and worse products at least according the data they put on the labels. Even the price is nowhere near the best factor for you how to decide which product is better. I have listed the products I think are good for the price for Amazon customers and for the customers outside the USA the best choice is iHerb with very low shipping rates.
Supplements are meant to supplement the diet with some vitamins or other nutrients we may lack in our diet or have the higher demand for due to whatever reason. If you have a lot of money and can afford spend hundreds or thousands on the best natural products out there then it is your choice.
They should know that even B-complex which will cost them 5 dollars per month is effective and still much better scenario than suffering due to some deficiency. For example if folic acid synthesized in a laboratory is proved to work for anemia and is metabolized by the body to its active form then how could anybody say that it is better to be deficient rather than take this cheap supplement? You can not believe anybody on the internet because you never know if the people recommending you some product are not financially interested in selling that product or promoting that particular brand.
2) Martha Dolores Bibbins-Martineza, Blanca Enciso-Chavez, Soley Berenice Nava Galiciaa, Dalia Castillo Hernandez. However, foods and macronutrients are different things; fat can come from plants (coconut oil, olive oil) as well as animals. Because the plant foods we recommend have 100 to 600 calories per pound, while the animal foods and fats have 600 to 3,500 calories per pound, a diet that obtains most calories from animal foods can still get most of its matter from plant foods. I did not think it was meant to convey equal amounts of each food group as much as the *concept* of balance (and change) over all.
One was to merge the “Do Not Eat” foods into the apple by putting them in the apple’s shadow. This is interesting because it actually has 3 plates, showing a 3-part strategy for constructing a meal.

Another aspect we hadn’t thought of: in Chinese theory, most plant foods are considered “yin” (thus belonging on the left) and meat, fish and eggs as “yang” (on the right). Especially if we take up erp’s suggestion to devote the stem to the chocolate food group! I don’t think we can put all information in the apple, and there will usually be some companion text that provides deeper explanations. I’m not sure a glance at the PHD food plate would help them make sense of what to eat, in practical terms. I had hoped the text made clear what desirable “Real Foods” and forbidden “Toxin-Rich Foods” were. Jaminet, I’ve been following the Perfect Health Diet for several months but recently my therapist warned me that such a low macro nutrient ratio of carbohydrates could have an adverse effect on my serotonin levels, especially for those who are prone to depression. If you compare rice with apples, rice does pretty well for manganese and selenium, apples for vitamin C, otherwise both are pretty minimal.
I really enjoyed the book especially the parts about how food is transformed by digestion in a similar manner in Omnivores, Herbivores and Carnivores. Are those root vegetables good enough choice of “safe starch” or do you have another suggestion for me to try?
Vegetables provide a good fiber source and because you’re eating fermented vegetables, you should have beneficial species to digest those.
You might eat a bit less fat, less protein, and more carbs, and also supplement for more glutathione (eg NAC).
But in terms of types of fat, you absolutely have to minimize vegetable oils and get fats as saturated and monounsaturated fats. If they’re not grains or legumes, and they don’t have a large amount of calories (eg some of the grain substitutes like quinoa), then go ahead and eat! So you are buying much more processed product than you would if you bought raw fruit or vegetable and eat it.
This is particularly important information for natural B-vitamin supplements because brewer’s yeast is an easy way how to get cheap source of natural B-vitamins which can be sold to customers for much more. I am not against the naturally sourced vitamin supplements but I know that even synthetically produced vitamins work.
I doubt that there is any producer of apple fiber who would just extract the fiber from apple pulps and throw away the whole fine apple.
Then the producer of apple juice sells or even gives for free that apple pomace (what left of the juiced apples). You avoid a lot of sugar which is present in the apples and it is much easier to mix the apple fiber in yogurt rather than chewing a pound or two of apples 3 times a day. If you have psoriasis then you probably know already that diet alone is usually not enough to improve your skin. Whether it comes from a plant, bacteria, yeast or if it is a bioidentical molecule synthesized in the laboratory.
However, there is a lot of people asking on the internet what to do if they need good, safe and effective B-complex or vitamin C supplement but they can not afford spend 70 dollars per month on just one supplement. The roots of the tree represent meats and fat, which should be the base and supporting structure of our diets. I found the practical information about Ketogenic dieting for brain disorders, solid tumor cancers, blood sugar issues, and bacterial infections that cause chronic conditions, particularly interesting. Once you have a working population of beneficial flora you should be able to add more starches. I do have epilepsy, but I have been off all medications for over two years without seizures. But I would regularly make homemade fermented vegetables of most of the types of vegetables you eat frequently. The only thing i didn?t quite understand is if you recommend in my case eating lean meat supplemented with saturated fats or if i should go for the fatter meats. The producer of apple fiber will process the apple pomace and sell it to you as the apple fiber. But after a month, I started waking up in the morning with numb, pins-and-needles in both hands.
I guess you could change that to please the trichromats, but other than that don’t change a thing! And if I remember correctly, the ever lovable luminary Emily Deans once remarked that chocolate was a vegetable, so that takes care of that! A sun in the sky reminds us to go outside and get regular Vitamin D production, while a swing hanging from a branch represents play (exercise and destressing). The sensation started with the little finger and side of the hand and after a few days included the ring and middle fingers.

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