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We must understand that each and every kind of food has its benefits if consumed in the right proportion. First you need to understand what your dietary requirements are according to your age, sex and body build. Balanced diet should include foods and drinks that provide all the essential nutrients in the right proportion which means over or under indulgence of any type of nutrient will disturb the balance. Your consideration for choosing foods must be to include those which are in high nutrient density thereby unhealthy fat and more than necessary calorie intake are avoided.
Such foods are that of vegetables, fruits, fat free dairy products, lean meat, fish and whole grains. Before going ahead with your balanced diet meals plans it is essential to do some self checks.
This will also tell you if you are in proper health and shape or you fall in the underweight or overweight category. You can search on various websites regarding nutrient content of foods and accordingly build an easy meal taking care of your preferences as well.
To make it simpler just include foods from four most important categories namely lean protein, low starch vegetables, healthy fat and also starch. Lean protein include skinless chicken, egg whites, turkey, salmon, sardines and so on while carrots, cabbage, sprouts are some examples of low starch vegetables. Always drink enough water and along with balanced diet meals also consider regular exercise. Corporal Kelly Carter is the Army’s Physical Trainer and she’s going to whip you into shape this summer!

Carbohydrates fuel our bodies; look for good quality carbohydrates that are low on the glycemic index. Instead of snacking on high sugar treats such as biscuits and muesli bars go for rye crackers, celery, carrot sticks, yoghurt, nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Eat 6 small healthy meals a day and you will feel less likely to snack on convenient foods and won’t be tempted to eat big portions at meals. Eat slowly, too many of us eat on the run or stuff the food down so we can keep moving and carry on with our jobs.
Log what you eat over 4-6 weeks and how you sleep, feel and what physical activity you are doing.
For a variety of our health endeavors like staying fit, trying to maintain healthy weight, maintaining lean muscles and keeping diseases at bay it is essential that we choose balanced diet for our meals.
Balanced means maintaining equilibrium which in case of diet pertains to neither indulging too much or too less in particular types of foods.
A body needs essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals which come from a variety of foods and drinks. You can always consult an expert or a nutritionist to understand your personal specific needs and accordingly set balanced diet meal plans.
This means you must understand your specific health needs, your food preferences and aversions and your overall health condition. Therefore, initial meal planning has to be done in a way so that you reach your ideal weight and proper health condition if you are not already. While selecting sauces and seasoning select those that are healthier by checking the nutrient content.

Avocado, seeds, nuts, canola oil, flaxseed oil and peanut oil are excellent healthy fat providers and all whole grain products have starch content. All these will assist you to lead a healthy life by improving your quality of life manifold. Sharon Palmer, author of “The Plant-Powered Diet” and “Plant-Powered for Life,” says it can be difficult to maintain a vegan diet while traveling, especially in places where you don't speak the language. Try hummus or cottage cheese instead, these provide an alternative yummy base and are much better for you.
These chopped up and placed in a small sealed bag or container will stay fresh and crispy for your day. Ensure that there is a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in your meals throughout the day. There are wide varieties of foods and drinks that can cover every nutrient that are required. When you feel overwhelmed by work, family, or a busy social calendar, it's too easy to skip out on the gym. And if you're not sure what constitutes a clean and healthy diet, read through the clean-eating rules we swear by.
If your regular diet is filled with processed foods, you'll feel a difference after just one day of natural, good-for-you foods.

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