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Hollywood Celebrities, famous athletes, singers weight loss secrets, diet and workout routines. In this article we will cover all related issues of Chia seeds, its health benefits, its disadvantages, its effect on weigh loss and how to use it in your daily diet plan as a supplementary food. Its rich in calcium and miraculously you can gain more calcium from Chia seeds as compared with the calcium level in pure milk, its calcium rich properties make it a useful remedy both for your skin and bones as well. It has more potassium and phosphorus than bananas and wheat, so it’s a perfect natural remedy for growing kids. You may surprise to know that Chia seeds are rich in antioxidant properties and it has more antioxidants than red grapes and broccoli. There are two most common types of Chia seeds are available in the market, black chia seeds and white chia seeds but black chia seeds contain more health properties as compared with white seeds.
Chia seeds crops are mostly harvested in Mexico and North America and old people are using these seeds in home remedies from centuries; they mostly use it for inflammation and heart burn.
Jay Sean is a popular British born Indian rapper and singer, she mostly sings English songs but you may notice classical Indian musical instruments and tunes in his every song. A you know Jay Sean is handsome and cool looking guy and he ha a thousands of female fans around the world. Jay Sean go to gym twice in a day and spend at least 3 to 4 hours daily in his home gym, his workout plan in his gym is as follows. Alessandra Ambrosio is the most beautiful and highest paid model of Victoria Secrets and she just crossed 30 this year but still looks so young and slim just like 18 years old college girl. Alessandra Ambrosio do not join any gym and also do not hire any professional trainer, she keeps her body fit by participating in various out door games like Volleyball, swimming and roller balding.
Height makes a natural attraction in both gender man and women but women are more conscious about their height and they also overcome their this problem by using high heel shoes, men rarely taking interests in high heel wears.
First of all make sure that the heel you selected is freely fit in your feet and it does not hurt you in any way. Select a high heel according to your height; you can match your height with heel length in shoe shop heel chart. You can also give out your own personal experience about how you feel comfortable in high heels, we will appreciate your participate in comments below. In 1950’s Sally Hansen started a beauty salon for women fashion and modern styles makeup in United States, her husband was a chemist and both of them start experiments on developing amazing style nail polishes and they successfully produced an awesome nail polish. In this short article we will teach you about how to apply Sally Hansen crackle nail polish in an advanced way. Make sure that you don not have any fungus or skin disease before applying crackle nail polish. First of all apply a base polish on your nails, you can select any ordinary polish of your favorite color for this style, also make sure that you nail polish should not be water proof.
Your base polish must be thin coated and light in color if you want to apply a dark color crackle nail polish on it, in case if you selected a ark color for base than crackle polish must be light in color. Kindly feel free to share your own crackle nail polish design ideas with the rest of community. Angelina Jolie diet tips are very simple and all her fans can count her favorite dishes and food recipes on their finger tips, she is the most versatile actress of Hollywood film industry, she never gave a birth to her own baby but she adopted a dozen of little cute kids from all races and religions from all around the world. Angelina Jolie is a black belt holder and most in her action movies she do not required and stunt lady to perform her action roles, at the age of 35 she is still very active like a teenager.
Now lets discuss a little bit her diet and exercises, she believes that low eating and natural living is a key factor of long life.
She preferred to use low fat diet in her every meal, she takes a heavy breakfast every morning and drink at least 2 glasses of pure milk early in the morning and after a walk of 15 minutes she eat some bread with cheese and boiled eggs.
Potluck recipes are mostly used on special events where a lot of people or family friends gathered to enjoy their time at one place. In this article we will give you some awesome tips about some easy to cook potluck recipes, by taking these potluck recopies into parties you can entertain your family and friends in a more perfect way.
All these potluck ideas are based on healthy recipes which are low in fat and full of proteins, the use of these recipes will definitely give you an instant energy at a party chill time. Our recent era is called the era of technology and artificial intelligence; besides artificial intelligence in our every day technology we are also facing artificial life style in our daily routine.
Numbness problems are direct associated with our brain and it only occurs when our brain stop receiving signal from a specific organ. Epilepsy is a mental disease and an epilepsy attack can also cause numbness in body organs. An infection at cervical region may also cause of numbness in limbs, mostly lower body parts got numb in this disorder.

If you have any problem as we stated above than you must consult your family doctor for a complete treatment. Sonakshi Sinha’s recently declared herself a dashing cat woman because she got a lot of appreciations during her cat walk on Lakme fashion week which was held in Mumbai last month. You may also surprise to see her before and after weight loss pictures, in this share we also add Sonakshi Sinha fat to slim photos, and these pictures are a clear proof of her amazing weight loss.
She does not like to eat any thing from outside even during her film shootings, she like to eat few of dry fruits like peanuts, kaju, almonds, etc with a lot of fresh water and some time she like to drink lime soda. Sonakshi like to take dinner with her family members and she also like her mother made foods, she avoids the high saturated and rich carbohydrates foods such as French fries, chicken, etc. She likes to join her gym twice in a day, mostly early in the morning and after taking her dinner. Ronnie Coleman nutrition plan is a specially prepared diet plan under the supervision of his health advisor and doctors. Ron is famous for his al chicken diet and in his several video and online interviews he admit that chicken diet is his favorite and this diet plays an important role in the growth of his strong muscles. His breakfast is consisting on a very heavy meal; he likes to use protein rich foods and dairy products including butter, creamed milk, roasted chicken, etc. We heard from various sources that his lunch is consist on fast foods only, he is mad about KFC zinger double chicken burger and he normally eat 4 to 5 king size chicken burgers during his lunch time. His doctor recommends him to use 4 cup of grits with baked potatoes during his dinner and from the last 7 years he is strictly following the food instructions of his private doctor.
I suggest you to watch Ronnie workout routine videos on Youtube for a better understanding, because in his videos he giving practical examples about some great exercises and you can only follow up his workout in a better sense by watching Ronnie training videos.
Gisele Bundchen is a stunning a charm looking Brazilian model who is the honored ambassador of United Nations for the world environment program too.
Gisele Bundchen currently living in United States and she also got a big house in Canada too. She believes that calcium is very important for her skin beauty that’s why she regularly use blue berries and orange juice in her daily breakfast, Gisele Bundchen lunch is very simple she drinks at least 3 glass of water with water melons or grapes.
As you know her diet plan is very simple but this is not enough for such a top rated model, Gisele Bundchen has a portable gym which travel along her and when ever she got a free time after finishing up her fashion shows she must spend half an hour in her private portable gym. Andy Murray and his fiancée Kim Sears will likely marry in October 2015, his mum Judy Murray has confirmed.
Judy might have ruled out dancing on the big day – but it seems Andy has already has a few moves up his sleeves.
Andy, 27, and artist Kim, 26, announced their engagement in November after nine years together. The couple met at the US Open in 2005, although their romance did not become public knowledge until 2006, when Andy ran to kiss Kim after winning his first senior title. Kim took to social media recently to announce her plans to return to the diet, which is how to got back into shape after North was born in 2013.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Kim Facebook fans jusr play some photoshop tricks on her face and make her smile most attractive.
Oz has a great contribution in the development of HCG diet plan his great contribution is based on the research work on Chia seeds health benefits and side effects related to its nutrition. There is no doubt that the use of Chia seeds for cancer patients in daily diet is very beneficial, it works great in colon cancer, breast cancer and also very useful for Type 2 Diabetes patients. Black chia seeds are also very useful for obese and fat people; they can use these seeds in their daily diet to burn extra fats from their body. He also use some Punjabi words in his every song, this is the reason he is also very popular in Indians and Punjabi people all over the world. Alessandra Ambrosio basically belongs to Brazil but now she moved to United States but still she mostly spend her time in Paris and central European countries because of her showbiz activities. She is an energetic and very active model and makes a record of performing in 12 fashion shows in the same day.
This blog share is all about high heels, in this article you will learn about how to select a high heel, how to prepare your self for a heel, how to walk by wearing high heal shoe, etc.
Now Sally Hansen is a big brand name and 70% of U.S women like to use Sally Hansen cosmetics to enhance their beauty and style. By following these easy tips you can safely apply any crackle polish on your nails without any damage or bad effect. She is a wife of famous Hollywood star Brad Pit and their couple is counted as an ideal celebrity couple.

She is a fashion icon for al Canadian and American women and her way of walking and smiling3is much appreciated by her fans. She said that she do not take lunch and also do shout for a lunch break at film shootings because she don’t take lunch normally but sometimes she like to take a glass of some fresh juice at lunch time. These events are mostly related to Eid festivals, Christmas and Halloween events in Christian families, Diwali and Rangoli Holly events in Hindu families, weekends etc. Human life style is completely changed in recent era and people are going far away from natural life style. When your hands or foot fall asleep it’s mean that your nervous system is failed to connect your hand or feet tissue signals to your brain. Yoga exercises and a well balanced diet plan can also be very useful to recover from this ailment. She is a daughter of Shatru Bollywood film star and due her father influence in Indian film industry in 2009 she decided to adopt fashion and acting as a profession but her weight in 2009 was around 90 kg and she was not suitable person at that time to give entry in Bollywood film industry, but now she s a successful fashion model girl and young girls in India are mad to copy her styles and way of walking. She just loss 30 kg weight in the period of 8 months and now her slim body is a role model for all overweight and fat women who want to loss weight seriously. Big Ron is the winner of various national and international bodybuilding competitions, he also on the world bodybuilder title for 5 times and he is also the champion of dozens of local events held in United States. Besides chicken and beef, Ronnie Coleman also includes all seasonal foods in his diet, he believes that every season put some unique effects on human body and it is very important for human beings to adopt their foods and living according to the season. She starts her fashion career at a very young age, at the age of 15 she participated in EU cat walk show and now she is a mother of two kids but still on the top list of highest paid model. Gisele Bundchen is thirty plus but still she looks so smart and young just because of her body fitness, she hired a team of professional make up, gym trainers and diet planners who plays an important role in her fitness. Her dinner is specially cooked by her Mexican cook that is mostly consist on beef rice and fried fish. Botox is the most widely used method to remove or reduce forehead wrinkles in United States and Canada, this treatment is based on injections and mostly doctors recommend upto two injections twice in a year to get rid of these unwanted wrinkles on face. You can show a complete video about Chia seeds represented by Doctor Oz on his official website under video category or you can subscribe to Dr Oz monthly newsletter about further development in the research work of Chia seeds miraculous uses. In his recent interview he admitted that he is far away from western recipes because he got more taste in local Indian recipes.
Alessandra Ambrosio diet secrets are not secrets anymore because she revealed her complete diet plan in various interviews. Alessandra Ambrosio believes that foods rich in protein and minerals are very essential for such a energetic activities.
Sally Hansen nail polish is most popular among their all cosmetic products and crackle nail polish is their hot selling item in the cosmetic industry. Angelina Jolie crossed 30 but still she is looking very young and slim, actually she knows how to maintain her body in a well shape. You must follow Angelina Jolie diet plan to reduce your belly and loss weight with natural foods, you can also read weight loss success story of Angelina for more inspiration and encouragement. Various people from various religions organize parties and most of them required easy potluck ideas to celebrate their special events in more fun way. This gap from nature brings various disasters in our lives and humans are suffering from various vital diseases.
This post is will give you detailed information about Ronnie Coleman workout and his diet secrets. In winter season Ronnie Coleman like to eat a lot of fresh water fish which are specially imported from Arizona fresh water rivers and in summer season bananas and pineapple become his favorite foods and sometimes he eat upto 12 dozen bananas in a single day.
Victoria Secrets is the world top leading company in fashion designing and she is the backbone of their every successful fashion show and other modeling events. Jay Sean said that in his breakfast he mostly eats only yogurt with some butter slices and in his lunch time he eat a lot of Punjabi recipes, his dinner is incomplete with chicken baryani and roasted chicken pieces.
Alessandra Ambrosio breakfast is consist on 4 to 5 butter slices and 3 glasses of different fresh juices, she don’t like to take fizzy drinks at all.
Numbness in limbs is becoming the most common disorder for the people who are living a modern life and far away from manual works. She do not eat any thing at lunch time but her dinner table is full of Thai, Chinese and Brazilian recipes.

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