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Belly fat is something everyone complains about, most people out there are finding ways of hiding their tummy by buying different contraptions which they wear along with their clothes to restrain their belly from popping out, but one thing that always bothers them is the fact that just because it can’t be seen from the outside does not mean that it’s not there. Most people don’t know how to reduce this additional burden as it is a comparatively a large muscle area, consisting of the upper, middle and lower abdominal muscles, and when fat accumulates on these areas the normal day to day activities a person has does not strain these area to burn the fat, so, it is often seen that people with otherwise normal body proportions often have a bulging stomach. Here I am going to suggest to you some exercises which will help you to shape up your belly and you will be in a position to wear your old pair of jeans.
First thing first we have to be aware of the fact that this target area in fact is very large in nature and that while exercising we need to you all of the muscles here to get our desired results fast.We can start off by doing abdominal crunches. These are one of the basic exercises which is well known to all, but most who try it often complain that their stomach isn’t shedding enough fat in the right areas, well this is true and one must understand that the conventional crunches focus more on the upper abdominal muscles and lesser emphasis is given to the lower abdominal muscles so one may need to change his or her techniques a little to work these sets of muscles to. To start off I would suggest one to do the conventional crunches, where you generally keep your feet planted firmly on the floor with your knees bent upwards and hands folded behind your head , your legs should be close to each other and as close as possible to your thighs, now you need to rise up, bringing your chin close to your knees, and back straight and in line with your neck.

Now to work your middle and lower abdominal muscles more I would suggest you to do sit ups, these are just like the conventional crunches only difference being that here you need to keep your legs flat on the ground, you will notice how this exercise fells different and how you can feel the burn more on your lower ab-regions . Next thing that you can try are reverse crunches, these work almost all the three parts of your tummy and also your back muscles, here you lie on your back and keep your hands on the ground palms down and beside your body, they will act more of a stabilizers for you, keep your legs stretched out together and off the ground.
Finally the best way to reduce your belly fat and also shape up your entire body would be to run or go for a jog in the morning, just remember to stay straight and take long lunges , if you can keep up a steady routine of running for at least 15 minutes every morning I don’t even think your belly would need any other exercise to keep it in shape. This is a quick guide containing everything you need to know on how to get ripped (reach a 7-10% body fat level). From my experience it comes down to a combination of both but the skill out-weights knowledgeA very soon in the learning curve. This type of workout forces you to work at your maximal level of effort for a short period of time followed by a little bit of rest before you go back into maximum level of effort. The form of HIIT I personally use are basic sprints all-out 6-10 times with 30-45 seconds rest in between.

From what I’ve seen so far in the last 4 yearsA and whileA coaching clients helping them through their journey the breaking point of all diets was the issue of sustainability. It’s a high quality tip I got from a really successful friend of mine on how to measure your success soA that you are always motivated and never fail to achieve your goals. I hope this article helps some of you to get the focus back on what really produces results.

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