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At the end of a 5 year study, researchers concluded that participants who followed the Mediterranean diet reduced their heart disease risk by 30%. What’s great about the Mediterranean diet is that the food choices and meal options are full of flavorful choices, which allows dieters to enjoy their food, feel satisfied, and be more likely to stick to this way of eating.
While this diet seems great for preventing heart disease, it doesn’t always lead to weight loss.
However, those that stick to pure forms of the Mediterranean diet involving moderation, portion control and dominant in fresh fruits and vegetables are usually slender.

Those wishing to lose weight with this diet will have to practice moderation and portion control when it comes to calorie dense foods like pasta, bread, desserts, and wine.
The New Sonoma Diet is a popular American version of the Mediterranean diet that focuses on improved cardiovascular health as well as weight loss.
I think this paints a bit too idealized view of the health habits of at least of Greece, where I lived for two years 30 years ago. If you’ve ever traveled to this region of the world, you know that obesity is somewhat of a problem there too.

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