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The 5:2 diet has been the latest media-driven diet in the last 12 months with diet books in the top 10 best sellers. Overall the 5:2 diet has been tried by many people I have met over the last few months and most have had positive results. As with all diets for weight loss, the initial weight loss can be quick but it’s sustaining the weight loss which is the hardest bit for many. While on fast days, if you are already skipping breakfast or lunch, you will find it easier to deal with eating 2 meals a day over 3.
Therefore, not a good day if you are doing a lot of driving , have a client lunch or a 2 hour session in the gym!

The research suggests drinking tea and coffee as normal over the day but I would suggest drinking no more than 2 to 3 a day as they can upset your blood sugar and deplete energising nutrients such as B vitamins and Vitamin C. So in the process of any dietary changes it’s understanding which foods or bad habits you have which result in piling on the weight to be successful at managing your weight long term. However it’s still important to be mindful about what you are eating on your regular days, as I do not suggest you work your way through more than 2000kcal plus a day to make up for your fast days. So if too many processed foods are appearing on your 5 days you need to start cutting down on these to get on top of your weight management. Ideally, if you wake up starving hungry, then you need to have your first meal at breakfast to help regulate your blood sugar and help you concentrate throughout the morning.

The protein is the main food group for feeling full, while the carbohydrate helps boost the good mood hormone serotonin essential on any dietary plan! She has a degree in Nutrition as well as a Diploma from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition.

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