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Everyone has a certain number of caloric requirements as well as certain number of grams of fats, carbohydrates and protein along with other nutrients. Your entire plan should not revolve only around proteins but you should have a greater percentage of your diet in protein.
This leaflet aims to help you lose weight steadily and safely by following a balanced diet.
A modest weight loss of 5-10% will reduce your risk of developing diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.
The fact that we have more overweight people on the planet now than ever before is a major reason.

One has to make sure that the right diet is in order to not only lose weight but do so in a healthy manner.
Now this may sound a little bit too much but research has shown that it is better to eat in smaller portions more often as it does not wake up your digestive system all of a sudden from a lull and you have a more active metabolism.
For example, you want to make sure that you have carbohydrates in your breakfast as you will need more energy in the start of the day.
Also, there is a lot more awareness of the importance of health issues related with being overweight that contribute to it. You will ideally make a plan that incorporates all nutrients but the total calories that you will consume will be less than that you require per day.

Similarly, eat fruits as a snack during the day at times when you have to perform tasks as they will not only give you a filling feeling but will also provide you with much needed energy. Though never give up fats or carbohydrates altogether because doing so can have adverse effects on your health and will also cause cravings for fatty foods. Make sure that you have a simple dinner so that your system slows down and allows you a good night’s sleep.

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