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John Abraham Workout Routine and Diet Plan : John Abraham is the only personality of Bollywood who has the distinction of being the super model and one of the most successful actor, producer and entrepreneur. John Abraham, born on 17 December, 1972 is a Bollywood actor, producer and a successful entrepreneur.
Apart from being an actor, John is also a producer and has his own production House named John Abraham Entertainment.
John Abraham is know for his fitness enthusiasm and is always vocal about the importance of Fitness. Before we begin writing about John Abraham Gym Workout Plan, we shall discuss some principles which are followed by John Abraham.
John encourages trying out different activities and not sticking onto a single type of workout regimen.
John  is very much conscious about his time and technique of exercises, the way he carries out his workouts.
If you are over weight then you can also opt for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in which you opt for short duration of high intensity activity and then for some duration you do a steady state activity. John advises to keep munching light snacks in between your meals to keep your metabolism high and to stay energetic.
John’s lunch is typically an Indian Thali which is rich in nutrients, minerals and fiber. John Abraham likes to have carbohydrate and protein in equal amounts 30-40 minutes before his workout.
Supplements like Creatine, Glutamine, BCAAs and multivitamins ( as advised by his doctor and coach ).
But you should always consult with your physician before adding any supplement in your diet. So, this was John Abraham Diet which he followed to get ripped for movies like Force, Shootout at Wadaala, Desi Boyz and Race 2. Abraham started his career as a model and later on switched on to Bollywood and today, he is one of the leading actors in Indian Film Industry. You must have always thought that how this Bollywood hunk maintains his fitness and flexibility.
Here in this article, we will come to know about the top secrets of John Abraham’s muscles and dashing looks. John believes in being a pescatarian, which in nutshell implies that he is a vegetarian who only eats fish. The actor’s workout involves a mixture of cardiovascular training along with body weight exercises.
Before starting your gyming buy a mass gainer including atlesat 15gm protein n 60gm carb wd vitamins n take dem twice a day approx 70gm per single dose for 15 days at least at breakfast n b4 bed time …den start your workout routine In gym .

Den add whey protein after your workout to repair your muscle if u can’t afford dem den u hav a choise take at least 5 egg whites (eccept yolk) wd in 20 mins after exercise. 00I have abs like john abraham I’ve got a thick ripped chest and back ,my arms r not that big I jst needed some advice to get thicker and bulky arms like john abraham…? Daily Body Workout Routine, Fitness and Diet Plan – Webs Workout Daily Workout Routine, Celebs Workout, Diet Plan, Girls Fitness Tips, Body Diet and Gym Workout.
John Abraham further likes to play sports and is often found playing basketball, baseball and even rugby. John Abraham is known to be a fitness freak and is known to create awareness about fitness as well. That’s why, we bring to you the John Abraham Workout Routine along with the diet plan he follows.
These are points are considered important by John Abraham as they have helped him in maintaining his fitness levels. You can opt for yoga sessions, body massage or you can go for steady state cardio like cycling, jogging or hiking. He tries to include wholesome foods, correct balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated, take supplements to get required nutrients but stay away from steroids.
So John being a vegetarian really needed to balance hisdiet when it comes to getting protein, carbs and fats from Veg source only. Well, definitely if you are a man, surely you would want to have a body just like him and for a woman, his body attracts you the most.
Now, don’t stretch your mind too much, we will discuss some of his diet plans and workout schedules.
Protein is his important intake in the diet and besides fish he includes eggs and oatmeal in his diet chart. He does not believe in taking short cuts, rather he performs hard work and believes in staying fit. Whenever someone calls out his name, the first thing that comes into everyonea€™s mind is his killer body. John Abraham is kept in the category of Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan when it comes to fitness. Then he chooses to try something else like Kick Boxing, swimming, cycling, outdoor activities. You got to have patience and keep working working out with correct postures, time and repetitions. Just because you favorite actor is taking a supplement that doesn’t mean you should take it blindly. His daily breakfast comprises of six eggs whites, slices of toast with butter, ten almonds and a glass of fruit juice.

He says that to become active for the kind of work he does, he needs to refuel his body system by continuously munching something. In his afternoon meal, he includes chapatti prepared from wheat flour, spinach, fried vegetables and yellow pulses. He is a person who believes that before and after workouts, fueling your body is adequately required and dinner should be very light for a sound sleep. Strict gym regimen has become a part of his daily life and advices his fans to avoid short cuts in life. Here we bring to you  John Abraham Workout Routine and Diet Plan which he follows to maintain his perfect physique. We have seen various variations of John Abraham in Jism, then the hulk type physique in Force, then the chiseled look in Dostana. But now, he has completely transformed his body into a much bulkier and bodybuilder type look, and is appreciated globally by his fans for this.
As they are under expert’s care and guidance and follows a very strict Regime everyday to get that Pinnacle Physique.
If you want to build a body like him, then more than just exercising, you should need to follow a proper and healthy diet. He also suggests that unnatural intake of unacceptable substances leads to hair loss, loss of libido and high blood pressure.
Since then, John has starred in various successful movies like Dhoom, Babul, Dostana, Force, Garam Masala, Water, Madras Cafe, Housefull, etc. Let’s see how John Abraham Workout Routine can help you out in achieving your desired physique.
So, what makes this Vegetarian celebrity look so look so ripped and perfect, with over 18inch biceps and 8 pack abs?
Huge numbers of young men, when they think about their physique; the first thing that pops into their minds is to have a physique just like John Abraham.
He has played a really good role in the movie a€?desi boysa€™ and has marked his return in the Bollywood film industry. You just need to follow certain routine of workout and diet, you should have enough knowledge to know what is good and bad for you.
If you are a John Abraham fan, then today we will give you a guide celebrity workout routine to how to look like the hot guy.

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