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GM has collaborated on a diet plan to both FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION and the US DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. You will eat only vegetables on this day either raw or boiled.You can start your day with a baked potato with a pat of butter.
You can add a pinch of basil and oregano seasoning to make vegetables taste better.This day will provide necessary nutrients and fibres to your body. You will eat a combination of what you were eating for last two days.Eat only those fruits that you have eaten on day 1. You can eat as much as you want.You will start losing excess fat of your body from this day. Diet of this day will provide necessary proteins for your body.The food items that you will eat on this day are rich in proteins. You can have 6 tomatoes and also you should drink more water on this day.Water will help you in flushing out toxins from your body.
By meal day, I didn’t mean whole but some of them.Like one or half chapatti, and 1 cup of brown rice. Today you eat only vegetables.You can eat them either cooked or raw and there is a restriction on the types or amount you can eat. You can have a baked potato for breakfast on this day, with a pat of butter.This will provide the body with the complex carbohydrates and fiber that will provide energy for the rest of the day. Except for bananas and potatoes, you can eat a mixture of fruit and vegetables on this day in whatever amount you choose. The bananas are beneficial because they will aid to replace the potassium and sodium that the body have lost in the previous three days. If you are pure vegetarian then you can consume 250 gm cheese + 150 ml curd+ 20gm soya chunks in place of beef. On the last day of the plan, you will eat brown rice, fruit juice and can have unlimited vegetables. Also, I have given recipes for fruit and vegetable salad, and low-calorie soup at the end of the page. Based in Hawaii, Jill Corleone is a registered dietitian who has been writing and lecturing on diet and health for more than 10 years.

A healthy Indian breakfast might include unsweetened tea made with 1 cup of nonfat milk with two servings of a starch such as two idlis or two slices of whole- wheat bread with one serving of fruit such as a small banana or orange for 310 calories.
A growing child requires all the basic nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats etc. You can give your child a small bowl of fruit salad or a cup of vegetable soup or a glass of milkshake of your child’s favorite fruit or you can make fruit smoothies.
Start giving him new food but only one at a time and see if your child likes it and is not allergic to it.
Do not give your child things like popcorns or nuts which have chances of choking the food pipe. Instead of breast feeding start giving your child whole milk so that it fulfils the need of fats in his body. Give him different things to it so that he develops taste for all the things and enjoy eating them.
Do not give your child soft drinks, chocolates or any such thing that would make him addictive and harm him as these things contain harmful chemicals. Parents should give their child all sorts of things to eat so that their child learns to eat everything.
Starving and exhausting yourself from exercises or by following a diet plan for only 7 days.
There is no restriction on the quantity you take.Prefer for lime, watermelon, oranges, pomegranates, melons, strawberries and apples on this day. It should be a pure fruit day for you.Furthermore, if you eat only melons on this day then you can lose 3 pounds on this first day.
And along with it, you can drink 4 glasses of milk on the wholeBananas will provide necessary sodium and potassium to your body. The ingredients of soup will be onions, garlic, capsicum, and tomatoes.This soup is nutritious and helps you in weight loss. This day is like day 5 with no tomatoes.You will get necessary fibre and vitamins for your body from the vegetables. It will help you in better understanding what you have to include and what to avoid in this diet plan.

In fact, if you eat melons in large amount it will get your weight loss off to a great start. Her work has been featured on the Huffington Post, Diabetes Self-Management and in the book "Noninvasive Mechanical Ventilation," edited by John R.
If you are not a vegetarian, you might enjoy one egg scrambled with two slices of whole-wheat bread and a cup of unsweetened tea made with 1 cup of nonfat milk for 325 calories. A nonvegetarian Indian meal on a 1,200-calorie diet might include 3 ounces of tandoori chicken with one 6-inch whole-wheat roti and 1 cup of salad greens topped with 2 tablespoons of low-fat dressing for 315 calories. Remember it is an important stage of development, so take extra care of your baby's diet. They should try and make the dishes colorful by adding different colored vegetables as children love to eat colorful things. You can also have soya chunks in your diet for this day.Also, make soup of above ingredients and have it.
The Indian diet is filled with nutritious foods, including grains, legumes, vegetables and dairy. To keep calories under control, each meal should contain around 300 calories, leaving 150 calories for your snacks. You can also make different shapes of chapatti to encourage your child to enjoy while eating. You can lose weight on a 1,200-calorie Indian diet by controlling portions and eating more whole foods. Your diet should consist primarily of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and low-fat dairy, as well as eggs, poultry, seafood and lean meats if you include them in your diet to make sure you meet your vitamin and mineral needs. Hence, parents need to start feeding the baby with other foods to make sure that a balanced diet is achieved.

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