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If youa€™re a husband or boyfriend regularly asked a€?Does my bum look big in thisa€™, you could be forgiven for thinking a womana€™s biggest body hang-up concerned her derriere.But new research suggests that when it comes to their appearance, it is the state of their midriff which preoccupies women the most. Out of the 2,011 women surveyed, a total of 69 per cent were concerned about having or developing a a€?muffin topa€™ waistline , with thighs named by 48 per cent of women, bottom(36 per cent), hips (32 per cent) and arms (28 per cent) making up the rest of the top five worry zones. The women, aged over 16 and surveyed online, were asked to choose from a selection of body parts those that they felt insecure about, and could choose as many as they liked. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
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Clinton was known more as McDonald’s hamburger president than that of US President as he used to be McDonalds hamburger freak. Nearly three-quarters of women surveyed about the parts of their body they felt insecure about identified a wobbly stomach, as a major body bugbear.

Bill Clinton has lost 24 pounds as a promise to his daughter Chelsea in order to look better and be healthier for her wedding. Nowadays, ha has changed his diet that eliminated dairy and cholesterol and lost his lot of extra weight.
Bill Clinton who is famous for his appetite for junk food can now be seen eating healthy diet based on his diet plan. I drink a protein supplement every morning--no dairy--I drink almond milk mixed in with fruit and a protein powder so I get the protein for the day. Sculpting the area may prove tricky and involve strenuous workouts and strict diets.a€™But the study found women become more at ease with their bodies the older they get. Clinton may in fact be a near-vegan, that means no cheese, no burgers, not even a glass of milk with his cookies (if he does in fact still eat those).
If increasingly people start to eat healthier and follow Clinton's diet plan, this could potentially impact earnings at the junk food companies.
Try to re read the article and you will note he only started eating fruits and vegetables, probably raw.

Although 66 per cent of those aged over 65 admitted to being concerned about their abdomens, when asked about other body hang-ups, less than 20 per cent of women in that age group said they were worried about issues such as cellulite, excess weight and excess hair. Ensure milkshakes in a can will kill your craving for meat almost as good as eating a bowl of hot pinto beans. When the survey group as a whole were asked about those issues, (56 per cent) said they concerned to some extent about cellulite, 72 per cent admitted to worries over carrying excess weight and more than half (55 per cent) were concerned about excess hair.
Plus there is nothing wrong in gulping down an occasional centrum or one a day pill every night for metals and bromines.

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