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Patient pre-op post-op: weight loss surgery – plastic surgery – general surgery (cholecystectomy, appendectomy, SMR……). Diet plan for patient who has a highly level in lab results for example: cholesterol , triglyceride, FBS , HBA1C, SGOT,SGPT, lower level in albumin, protein, hemoglobin, hematocrit ,all type of anemia. Diet plan for dialysis patient : control the level of potassium, sodium, phosphorus, protein intake, weight pre-dialysis and post-dialysis. TLC diet: Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) is a program that can help you lower cholesterol. From the dieting aspect, there are two main things that you have to do to get lean and stay lean. If your aim is to lose body fat permanently you have to begin by making use of the right type of diet to lose the fat in the first place. The fact is, there are many different approaches used by different diet plans for getting lean that works, therefore it’s important to choose a diet that you can stick to. People are different, therefore everyone need to use diet plans in accordance with their specific situation and goals.
Used with proper guidelines, very low calorie diets may work safely for overweight and obese people because they have a lot of fat to lose. First of all, any good diet to get lean should make your body lose fat without losing muscle. If you are dropping fat and gaining some muscle in the process, the weight loss may not seem significant but the outcome is good. Also, your diet should allow you to eat foods that you enjoy so that you’ll be better able to comply with the diet long-term.
Although a diet is a temporary change in your eating habits to help you lose weight, it should be satisfying and in some way or another fit your personal eating preferences. You don’t want to use a diet to lose fat that is so inconvenient or harsh to you that you cannot stick with it for long enough to successfully reach your fat loss goals or maintain similar eating habits long term to keep the fat off permanently.
The most important rule for fat loss dieting is you must burn more calories that you are consuming.

This entry was tagged diet, diet plan, fat loss, get lean, lose fat, lose fat without losing muscle. The healthy DASH diet plan was developed to lower blood pressure without medication in research sponsored by the US National Institutes of Health.
If you can’t quite imagine baring all on the beach or flinging yourself wholeheartedly into holiday activities, don’t panic. It’s important to get the fat off, but more importantly you have to do things right to keep the fat off for good. You have to use the right diet plan to lose the fat and stick with the right eating plan to keep the fat off. However, there are certain diet approaches that are generally known to not work well for getting and staying lean. You may want to avoid extremely low calorie diets that create rapid weight loss if your aim is to lose fat the right way and keep it off permanently.
But when you are not very fat, going very low calorie may not be the right diet approach to get lean and stay lean. Lots of people believe that they must give up all delicious foods that they love in order to lose fat.
The best diet that’ll help you keep fat off permanently is one that will make it easy for you to adopt new eating behaviors and keep to them long term. Once you adjust your eating habits to achieve this, you can then manipulate the other components of your diet like micronutrients (carbs, protein and fat), meal timing etc.
They are not the right type of diet to get a lean toned body as some people mistakenly believe. It won’t take long to get more energy and lose the few pounds that may have crept on over the winter.Dietitian Juliette Kellow and fitness expert Peta Bee have devised a simple 14-day plan to help get you back into good habits. Juliette’s daily meal planners are nutritionally well balanced and satisfying, but with only 1,500 calories each, you could lose 1–2lb a week (more if you have a lot to lose).
Water weight loss is definitely not going to be permanent, and loss of muscle can slow down your metabolism, making it harder to stay lean.

However, the factors that requires one to carefully select the right diet plan is user compliance and staying lean long term. Add in Peta’s gentle daily exercise ideas and you should soon regain your va-va-voom in time for the big departure.How the daily eating plan works Juliette has based her eating plan on healthy eating guidelines. There’s nothing extreme or faddy – and it’s easy to stick to.1 Simply follow the daily menu plans, although it’s fine to swap meals around or replace them with other HFG recipes. In this plan, breakfasts provide around 300kcal, lunches 400kcal, dinners 500kcal and snacks around 200kcal. We also allow for a daily milk allowance (see number 3).2 It doesn’t matter when you eat your snack – just have it at a time that suits you best.
If you have only a little weight to lose or are struggling to shift those last few pounds, it’s fine to leave it out altogether.
You may, however, lose a little more than this when you first start out as your body adapts to a new way of eating.3 In addition to your meals and snacks, have 300ml skimmed milk (providing an extra 100kcal) every day for a burst of bone-building calcium as well as protein to keep you fuller for longer. Add it to hot drinks, have it on its own or make a shake with some of the fruit in the menu.4 This plan contains plenty of fruit and veg so you should easily achieve five-a-day – and probably closer to seven, which a recent study found is even more beneficial for health.
Shorter, more intense bursts of physical effort, combined with everyday activities such as housework and gardening, are all that’s needed to improve your overall fitness (but if you’re new to exercise, check with your GP before starting this, or any, programme).
Even after a couple of weeks, you’ll notice that you get less breathless when you exert yourself and that your arms and legs feel more toned.You’ll probably find you want to keep going after the two weeks. So, as you repeat the plan, add an extra minute to the ‘fast’ walking and stair climbing days.

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