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February 17, 201520 CommentsWe just got back from a wonderful weekend spent at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah!
We had a FANTASTIC time!  I was a little worried about traveling and hiking with all the kids, including the baby, but they seriously did so great.
I also need to say that I’m so sorry to all of you New Englanders who have been bombarded with SNOW!!!  I cannot believe how much snow is goin’ on around there!
I think it’s crazy that New England is having one of the worst winters ever while Utah is having one of the best?  Interesting how that works. Thankfully, my daughter is just as paranoid as me, so between us and Kev we had it covered. The scariest part of the hike was when we had to climb on top of and across a giant rock fin, which was majestic, but FREAKY!  My big boys gave me a small heart attack when I saw them confidently perched on the edge of the cliff!
The fin was wide enough to walk across safely, but it was unnerving to see sheer cliffs on both sides! The next arch we saw was called Partition Arch and it was gorgeous.  We asked a random man take our family picture and sadly he cut off the top of the arch so you can’t see how cool it is!
We thought the pine tree (farthest right) was very cool because the needles were only growing on one side!   The other side was completely bare.  Weird. There were a lot of people there who had climbed up on top of the big arch and were walking across (you can see some of them on the side of the arch waiting to cross in that picture.)  We would have been tempted to try that as well, but we worried we were running out of daylight and wanted to head back.
Kev was “hard core” and carried the baby in the backpack and our 4 year old on his shoulders most of the way!

When we finally got to the arch, it was just breathtaking!  We’d done this hike before (about 4 years ago), but the arch was even more beautiful to me this time! I loved being there and wished we could have stayed longer!  The baby was getting quite tired and fussy, so Kev carried him all the way back down…he slept the whole way. That sounds like a bunch of excuses, I know, but believe me….it just about did me in!
I’m sure my body was thinking WHAT in the HECK is going on!???!  It suffered from some serious whiplash, lol! I looked online for a half marathon training plan, but most of them we’re unnecessarily complicated and included running 4-5 days a week!???!
I know there will be weeks that I don’t get all my workouts in, but I’m going to try really hard to get all my runs in! Filed Under: Body for Life, Exercise, Family Life, Nutrition, Weight Loss PlanMy New Year’s Plan! A 6 month old baby should be provided with a diet that is rich in a variety of nutrients like vitamins and minerals, derived mainly from liquids but a little from solids too. Biggest resource for names : Indian Baby Names, Hindu Baby Names, Popular Indian Names, Indian Boy Names, Indian Girl Names, Indian Names by Rashi.
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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. 30 new pages of recipes, motivatiMy brand new 3 Month Diet & Fitness Plan is now available!
A diet plan for 6 months old baby ensures he gets a balanced diet to support proper development. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
20 new pages of recipes, motivation, info, my personal story and more 💘 I am currently working on a vegetarian version! At this age, the baby is prone to infections as well as diseases like anemia and malnutrition; hence diet chart for 6 month old baby India is the best way out to provide all essential nutrients to keep the immunity system strong. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

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