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At 206 kilos, it was nearly an impossible task for Adnan Sami to lie down without the aid of pillows.
The situation went worse in 2005 when he developed lymphedema in his knees and for this he had to undergo a surgery that layed him bedridden for three months. The turning point came when his doctors told him that with this much weight he could not survive for more than six months.
Getting excited to see the results, Adnan Sami said, “I started noticing small changes like I could lie down, sleep longer, my sleep apnoea was beginning to disappear slowly, I could stand longer. Speaking regarding his breakfast, lunch and dinner, he started his day with sugarless tea and for lunch just ate salads with one table spoon of fat free toppings. The famous dietician, Rujuta Diwekar, who guided the diva to a healthy body, has a very different take on the weight loss process. There are new types of diet versions introduced every day in the market, which help in reducing weight. Rujuta Diwekar gave a very interesting insight about the nreaking up of food into its various nutrients. She says that when the western world says no to carbs, they give up pastries, pizzas, cupcakes, muffins, etc. When people run after those exotic, imported products then they always run away from their culture and foods that are actually best for them!
This is again a very common misconception people have that the more you run, the more your knees will wear off, making knee replacements inevitable. Many fear that if they take up weight training exercises in a gym, they end up looking macho.
Losing weight may is not a child’s play and requires courage, diligence and hard work.
Let me introduce 12 important foods to add to your daily diet chart which will not only make you full but also curb all those food pangs and cravings. Seems like nowadays everyone is  obsessed with losing weight. The idea is to eat nutritious low calorie foods that will fill up thereby making you eat less, keep your metabolism up throughout the day thereby making you fitter. Super-rich in Proteins, adding Beans in your diet chart will never make you feel deprived, but full.
Fruits juices and sauces might come to your rescue, but nothing can beat the power of a raw fruit. A healthy weight loss will be incomplete without the addition of dried fruits like dates, prunes and raisins. Starting your day with an egg or two for breakfast will shield your body with the offender calories who are keen to enter your body. This mild beverage through the flavonoids it contains will decrease inflammation and reduce your waistline. Do you have any contrary opinion to this post - Do you wish to get heard - You can now directly publish your opinion - or link to another article with a different view at our blogs. DisclaimerAll views , including those expressed in affiliated social media pages of the website, are personal and belong to the contributing author(s) in accordance with our fundamental right to freedom of speech given to us by our constitution under Article 19(1a) . Due to his huge weight whenever he lied down, the extra fat pushed against his lungs thereby causing sleep apnoea. Internally also he felt that his body was unable to bear his weight and may give up any day.

So he opted for a well made diet plan and with the help of this only he lost 40 kilos of weight. According to her, a dietary plan should be culturally fit; this means that the best food for you is the one, which is local, seasonal and home-cooked. We feel that if we choose a food which is low in calories and is fat free, there is no chance of gaining weight. But when we adapt this wisdom from the west, we do away with our poha, upma, idli, dosa and most importantly, our common sense. Eating those foods which are not produced in India, never suit us and we do not know what kind of side effects it can have on our body. Rujuta says in her book that the best exercise is the one that can be done on a regular basis.
She rightly explains (in a fun way), how our own food, including ghee and butter, help us in losing weight. Yes, really! However, it is important to respect our age-old and ancient ‘wisdom of food’ and not fall for the culture which in not ours! Firstly, she stuns all with her fabulous fashion statement, and secondly, with her bold and controversial statements. In addition, all types of beans are composed of two of the most important ingredients that makes you fuller quickly – water and fiber.
A fruit when eaten raw provides you with great amount of nutrition and also curbs your appetite. A healthy addition, to your diet chart – pureed vegetables rich in dietary fibers can decrease the total calorie intake of your body by as much as 360 calories a day, according to the research and study carried out in the Pennsylvania State University. Rich source of minerals and vitamins, these fruits are very effective in cutting down cholesterol and burning unnecessary fats in the body.
I buy 500 grams each of Wheat, Bajri, Juwar, Makka and rice, 250 grams each of beans such as Udad, Choli, Moong, Math, Rajma, Soya bean, Chana, Kidney beans, Peas.
He found it difficult to do daily routine activities like leg stretching and standing straight on his feet. Because when you claim to reduce weight in such a short time, you try very hard on your body with mindless exercises. It is all about eating right things at the right time, there is no need to give up on anything. Rujuta clarifies that if you do not strengthen and stretch the muscles around your thighs, only then running can be harmful for you. As a reaction, we sweat so that our temperature gets balanced and our body gets a chance to cool down. But, what instantly stunned everybody when she entered Bollywood was her tremendous weight loss.
1 cup of bean has 12g of fiber which is almost equal to half of the daily dose of 25g per day. The secret of nut is that since it is full of fiber and the necessary fat(especially omega 3), the dieter feels full and do not feel like eating more or breaking their dieting plan. In the west, a complete Cabbage Soup diet for 7 days quick weight loss programme is hugely in trend, but for long term plans, I guess it is better if you stick to soup along with low cal meals. Make sure you add low-carbohydrate fruits such as watermelon, apple, peach, papaya and cantaloupe in your diet chart so that you do not tax your body with surplus sugar but make the fruits workout to remove the excess fat.

Non vegetarians should also make sure that they have oat in their diet chart so that they stick have adequate intake of whole grain in their diet. I mix all these grains, take them to a grinding mill and get them ground for preparing the multi grain Atta.
In her very popular book, Don’t Lose Out, Work Out, Rujuta Diwekar clarifies that eating such food makes you weak and hinders your ability to work out or gym. Rujuta puts this clearly by quoting an example of genetically identical twins, who have different levels of physical activity have different weights and are prone to different diseases.
Fad diets are not the best for your health – so change to good  eating habits for the long term. And, if in case people succeed to lose weight, it is often difficult to sustain that lost weight for a long time.
This in turn accelerates your ageing process and in the end instead of looking fit and healthy, you start looking old and haggard. Try a bean salad with olive oil, veggies and light seasoning for the perfect snack and to curb your appetite.
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My starting weigh was 240 Pounds And i am proud to say after one month and a half I am now at 220. Now i did not always stick to the diet to a point Like some times i eat Lunch for breakfast and or breakfast for lunch. Also encouraging to hear people say that while the food isn't really tasty it was still worth it in the end. It's like trying to giving up smoking only it's food, il be checking d weight in d morning and I wouldn't be in a rush to try this diet out again :)i»?Ashley Elyse: 6 lbs, get it girl!!!
Enjoyed your video i»?Rayven Collins: Hey just wanted to say thank you for posting this video. Keep up the good work and Im sure by the time summer hits youll be rocking those shorts with confidence.
I work 14 hours plus 6 days a week and excercise was at an extreme low because I never had the energy.
Girl it's so hard for black women to loose body fat because it's apart of our genetic makeup to store more of it. But you have to listen to me the less time you have in your day the more strict you have to be in your diet. But if you are constantly doing activity you need to put energy back into your body or your body will store it on its own . Another I want to point out is that the more muscle that is on your sceleton the easier it is to break down energy so opt for some weight training instead of cardio.

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