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I think I insulted my friend the trainer this morning after he excitedly showed me a new diet book he recently read. For some of us this is a regular routine, I call it the yo-yo diet cycle of hell and I know it well. However, to prevent the massive amounts of spam I was receiving I have turned off comments on any post older than 5 days old. These types of books bug me so bad… sadly, people keep buying and more of these books will continue to be published. As someone who has been blogging for over 5 years and is about to go full time, I have learned you never EVER post a link to to amazon without using your affiliate. Rolling my eyes is my reaction when the people I work with constantly jump on and off diet bandwagons. He was on Celebrity Fit Club, but more recently he was doing a series with WGN news here in Chicago where they took a few civilians and a couple of their staffers and had them on this diet and also train at the same time. If I had tried to follow that meal plan 64lbs ago I would have been at Burger King by dinner.

When I was on Weight Watchers and finally trying to lose my last 10 pounds, I only received 19 points, which is about the equivalent to about 950 calories, so what is the difference? He was on the Tyra show a couple years back with one of his other weight loss books in a competition against someone who had a raw food diet and they each had two contestants (I think there was another diet expert as well) and the raw food woman told him she thought his diet was crap and a big argument ensued- I have never cared for him or his diet books. I have no doubt that there are people that could read a book like this, follow the plan, lose some weight and go on to live a happy, thin life.
The sad part is, that the idea behind the diet (eating clean) is a good one… but not well executed in teaching others how to do so.
But while I was following WW I was learning how to navigate my environment with food that I wanted to eat. I don’t think WW is for everyone but it is the plan that helped me LEARN how to eat a little less and move a little more.
I never thought I'd have to do this but it's gotten way out of hand and comment management has become simply too time consuming to manage. As you can see I didn’t really advertise the link but if someone clicks on the book to learn more, then goes to amazon and decides to buy a new laptop tomorrow I make a commission.

Not too mention I had the weekly points to fall back on so if I wanted a snack before bed I didn’t feel like I failed the diet.
Starving yourself for a few days, even a few weeks, may hold, but it won’t last a lifetime. I know how I need to eat and approach food for me where I don’t fall back into the cycle.
Actually, you would be better off, because then at least you’ll not be so surprised and put off by the after-diet rebound.

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