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July 6, 2015 7 Comments Once your toddler crosses his first birthday, the general consensus is that he should be able to eat everything that the rest of the family eats. April 27, 2015 37 Comments Is your baby 1 year old or already into toddlerhood this food chart for 1 year old baby will be perfect.
March 9, 2015 6 Comments Your 11 month old baby would have fairly had the taste of almost all the foods and shows interest in exploring new tastes an textures.

This is his first stepĀ into the real world, and you want to make it as pleasant for him as you can! This 11 months baby food chart is customized in a such way to be treat to the growing versatile palate of the baby.
You will be more confident of your toddler’s feeding needs and his likes and dislikes.

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