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I do have very tight hips, but I do a lot of hip stretches and haven't been able to get them to improve. The challenge of short arms is to get low enough to grab the bar while keeping your shins perpendicular to the ground. To do this, you have to get your knees wider than your feet as you descend, similar to how you'd squat (though obviously hips should stay up higher).

IMO you should focus on "real" food which is more nutritious and only take whey if you're having trouble eating all your protein (though TBH I take a shake on lifting days simply out of convenience). Someone had mentioned needing to take a step back from the bar in order to get low enough, I suspect this is because his knees were coming forward rather than going out. 1 year and $1500 later, the dudes have gone from like 20% BF down to 15% and gained maybe 5 pounds of muscle.

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