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Love Food offers meal plans that will help you achieve your health goals without sacrificing on taste.
The plan can be customized based on individual requirements-we picked the 5 day program with 3 meals and 2 snacks (there is an option for 2 meals plus 1 snack). The food was packed with flavor and imaginative-we were sent dishes that included Indian style hammour to grass fed beef filet. All the meals had a high standard and were completely derived from nature and made from scratch, no processed food, no GMOs or preservatives were added.
Overall, it is the ideal plan for those who are looking for a convenient solution to eating healthy at home but are too busy, too lazy or too tired to cook their own meals at home. The fact is we have a growing movement for healthy meal delivery services in Dubai and across the UAE. Detox Delight – A cool box arrives from this German outfit’s Dubai branch with a 24-hour meal and juice plan (pictured here). Kcal Extra – Priding itself on healthy fast food, Kcal which has six cafes in Dubai, also offers weekly and monthly meal delivery plans across the emirate based on a daily calorie limit.
Daintree – A Dubai-based healthy food delivery service where all meals use organic produce and are free from gluten, dairy, GMO, soy, corn, hydrogenated fat and refined sugar. Health Factory – Meal plans are based on natural, healthy ingredients that provide essential vitamins and minerals. Live’ly – Meal programmes are based on a weekly changing menu published on its website.
Simply Healthy Foods – Healthy meal plans are formulated based on dietary requirements and are calorie counted.
Balance Cafe – You may know this one as a cafe in Oasis Centre, but Balance also offers monthly meal delivery programmes prepared by a chef in conjunction with an Ayurvedic consultant. 77 Veggie Boutique – Dubai’s first all veggie, organic cafe which opened last year also offers healthy meal plans. As an alternative, if you relish cooking but can’t spare the time for grocery shopping, we have a couple of options where ingredients are delivered to your door with recipes – Cookabox and Dinner Time.
Hello Foodiva, This is Lovely Ranganath here ?? Would love to be included in your list the next time round.

Nutrislim believes that lifestyle changes rather than extreme diets and demanding exercise can lead to an improvement in wellbeing. Nutrislim the nutritionally balanced gourmet diet food, you’ve tried the rest, now try the best. The Nutrislim System offers a completely easy, safe and satisfying weight loss program tailored to your individual needs. Nutrislim promotes a healthy and variable rate of weight loss depending on factors such as age, gender and current weight.
We picked Vitality, a plan ideal for those who are watching their waistline without compromising on taste. Breakfast was always exciting and energizing-waffles, eggs and granola, we loved the variety.
All the dishes were fully prepared and everything was packed in reusable glass containers that we returned on a daily basis.
They don’t have menus as the dishes depend on the fresh produce they receive daily so they don’t plan everything in advance. I firmly believe healthy eating is a long-term vision, and given our ancestors’ diet, should encompass a variety of cooking techniques with a balance of food groups – all in moderation of course. Dubai. Prices start from AED2,450 for a 20 day (5 week) programme, but you can also order single dishes from its regular menu. All dishes are free of animal fats and butter, whilst desserts are prepared with natural fruit sugar, fructose.
I have used them for the last 2 weeks and been very impressed so far with the variety and quality of the ingredients etc.
Doing your own grocery shopping and preparing food at home is of course the ideal way, but for time-starved individuals that’s not always an option so these services come to rescue, albeit at a price. It’s great to know that there are so many healthy food delivery companies in the UAE. With the UAE’s high rate of diabetes, I hope services like these will help encourage healthy eating. I’m always looking for healthy alternatives and came across Just Salad the other day.

Healthtrendz is an initiative of the Dubai World Trade Centre’s in-house catering arm which has always had an indisputable reputation for providing service of the highest standards and delivering a world-class culinary experience to its clients. Best quality food, Serious about the results and great service oh and one of the cheapest too! Join our community to be the first to know.  Register to our newsletter, thousands of readers have signed up already!
When Love Food reached out to us to experience their healthy meal plan designed to help maximise health and wellness but never compromise on the taste we were excited to try it out. The food is delivered early in the morning and is full of nutrition and made with carefully-sourced wholesome, organic ingredients that are free of added sugar and contain low GI.
And yes that can still apply when dining out regularly, and in my case restaurant reviewing.
The Thai asparagus, mange tout and pineapple salad with coconut lime chilli dressing for lunch, and the veggie curry with some flaxseed crackers for dinner are wonderfully wholesome, filling and bursting with flavour.
Although I am not fussy with food and I like trying out new dishes and new styles of cooking, after enrolling in a meal programme, I realised that I do crave for the type of food I have grown up eating – Indian food! I do of course understand adjusting one’s eating habits if suffering from severe intolerances or allergies, and I can also respect ethical views.
Some of these support stringent diets, others offer more balanced meals – and many provide short and long-term programmes for both. And that’s where Simply Healthy Foods worked great for me – occasionally I did dig into a fish curry and a chicken tikka!
It’s one of these services whose delivery rocked up on my doorstep, and along with your feedback on my social media channels, that prompted me to research this market and share a few more options.
However, the brekkie snack of mango chia seed pudding with granola is too milky (soy surprisingly) for my liking.
I replace it with slices of watermelon and Greek fetta (the latter not really detoxifying I know!).

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